Your guide to apartment cleaning

We've helped many customers clean their apartment in the past year.

Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Ways to Prep for an Apartment Cleaner
  1. 1. Clean a bit beforehand

    Make sure piles of books and magazines and dirty laundry are put in their respective spaces, not sitting all over your countertops or bedroom floor.

  2. 2. File away important documents

    Tuck away any loose papers inside a desk drawer or other safe area where they won't be disturbed.

  3. 3. Lock up jewelry and valuables

    Until you get to know your apartment cleaner well, it's a smart idea to conceal anything you'd hate to lose.

  4. 4. Keep pets corralled

    Even if your pets are friendly around strangers, your apartment cleaner might not be so receptive to animals.

  5. 5. Determine any areas of focus

    Let your cleaner know if you have a specific nook or cranny that needs special attention.

  6. 6. Decide if you want to stay home

    You might want to walk the cleaner through your home, or perhaps you don't want to feel like you're getting in the way.

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