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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Remodel a Kitchen
  1. 1. Create enough electrical outlets to support heavy appliances while also making sure there are enough free electrical outlets for plugging in smaller things like blenders and can openers.

  2. 2. Make sure archways and doorways won't be obstructed when refrigerators, pantries, oven doors, or dishwashers are open.

  3. 3. Remember to properly ventilate the kitchen to avoid fire hazards and to keep smells from lingering in the house.

  4. 4. Have your contractor place your dishwasher close enough to the sink for easy transferring, but not in a way that will obstruct you from standing at the sink while the dishwasher is open.

  5. 5. Increase storage in small kitchens by installing things like pantry pullouts, magnetic spice racks or lazy Susans in your pot closet (for easy access to all pots and pans).

  6. 6. Remember that a fully functional kitchen should be laid out so that the sink, the cooking area and the refrigerator are all in an efficient location in relation to one another.

  7. 7. Designate a space in your kitchen for the trash. Leave space between counters to fit a trash bin or install pull-out drawers to keep your trash bins out of sight.

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