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Planning ahead

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7 Steps to Creating a Logo
  1. 1. Keep it simple

    A good logo is bold, easily recognizable and memorable. Avoid anything too complex so you can reproduce the logo at any scale and on any medium.

  2. 2. Make it appropriate

    Your logo should automatically reflect the nature of your business. Don't use childish fonts and cartoons in a logo for your law firm, and don't use boring, muted colors for a toy shop, for example.

  3. 3. Design in black and white

    Ask your logo designer to create a monochromatic version of the logo to ensure it looks good in its simplest form. Add color once you are happy with the basic design.

  4. 4. Use form to convey your brand name

    The Shell Oil Company uses a shell logo, while Nike has a swoosh symbolizing the wings of a Greek goddess. Using symbols can convey a name without any words, making a logo instantly recognizable.

  5. 5. Choose colors with care

    Different colors convey evoke different emotional responses. Red implies passion, blue indicates professionalism, and green has links with nature and organic goods.

  6. 6. Make sketches

    Old drawings are an invaluable resource for your logo designer, creating a jumping off point for new brainstorming and design meetings. Previous drafts can show the aesthetic you like.

  7. 7. Be original

    Your logo must stand out from the crowd. Imitating another successful logo is not going to achieve that aim, so ask your logo designer to push the envelope.

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