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How much does it cost to get a logo designed?

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The average cost for a logo designer is $165. You are likely to spend between $85 and $315 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Businesses, schools, nonprofits, government agencies, public service organizations and people wanting a personal brand can seek professional logo design services. Clients can hire a designer at any stage—they may be uncertain what design they want, know exactly what kind of design they want, or have some ideas in mind but need help honing them. Designers can create one logo in multiple formats (horizontal, vertical, etc.) to suit different sites and social media channels, they can create a variety of designs for clients to select from, or they can create multiple logos for one client who needs branding for more than one venture. Logos may be text-only, text and image, or image-only. Several factors affect the cost of logo design.


A marketing or design agency with celebrity or well-recognized clientele may have a higher rates than a new or lesser-known business.

Hourly rate

Many designers and design firms charge by the hour for their services. Time on the clock includes consulting with the client, determining brand objectives, designing the logo, fine-tuning the design with the client, final file output and other tasks. Depending on a client’s needs and how clear their vision is, working with a designer on an hourly basis may be strategic in terms of cost for people who just need help with refinement and graphic design production.

Set rate

Some designers charge a set rate for logo design once they ascertain the scope of a client’s needs and goals. The set rate would account for the projected number of hours spent on the project, a specific number of designs or concepts, the complexity of branding involved and other elements. The larger the scope of the logo design project, the higher the overall cost.


Some designers offer bundled packages for logo design services. Clients pay more overall for the bundle but less per item than if each service was purchased individually. Packages provide customers savings and give designers expanded business, creating a financial perk for both parties. Here are some logo design packages from Spark Logo Design in Astoria, New York:

  • Lite: $200 for three logo concepts, three rounds of revision, and a variety of format and color end designs

  • Pro: $350 for 10 logo concepts, unlimited rounds of revision, and a variety of format and color end designs

  • Premium: $550 for everything included in the Pro package, plus business card design, letterhead design, social media graphics and an email signature

  • Elite: $850 for everything in the Premium package, plus custom brand guidelines, which outline a strategy for creating a consistent branding in the client’s business


For an additional fee, clients may be able to add additional services onto their logo design project to carry the branding to other formats. For example, Spark Logo Design offers the following add-ons:

  • Business card design added onto a Lite or Pro package: +$100

  • Social media graphics added onto a Lite or Pro package: +$100

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