Your guide to hiring a motivational speaker

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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
How to Hire a Motiviational Spreaker
  1. 1. Set purpose

    Determine the focus of your presentation. Trained motivational speakers often specialize in certain subjects. Seek a speaker who covers the topic you want to address.

  2. 2. Timing

    Determine the scheduled time slot and ask the speaker to tailor the speech accordingly. Morning presentations are energizing, while after-dinner presentations are more relaxed and humorous.

  3. 3. Requirements

    Discuss requirements with the speaker. Cover all of the essential topics, keeping in mind how you intend to motivate and educate the listeners. Ensure the speaker knows how long the time slot is.

  4. 4. Materials

    Many presentations involve handouts or workbooks, and listeners may need pens and notebooks. Clarify who pays for and prepares these materials.

  5. 5. Audio-visual

    Is the speaker bringing equipment for running a slideshow or PowerPoint presentation? Are there any pieces of equipment you must pay for or hire in advance?

  6. 6. Fees

    Finalize the fee, and get the agreement in writing. Ensure it covers everything, so there are no unexpected charges.

  7. 7. Preparation

    Provide the speaker with a list of potential questions. Organize audio-visual equipment. Ensure the venue has a computer, projector, microphone, and other equipment your speaker requires.

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Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Be sure to arrange to have extra copies of any handouts just in case.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Ask to see video of a prior presentation to evaluate the speaker.

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