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7 Signs of Computer Viruses
  1. 1. Slow startup

    Viruses or malware drain available resources or add additional startup programs, significantly slowing your computer’s startup process.

  2. 2. Laboring hard drive

    Listen carefully to hear if your hard drive is working even when you aren't running any programs, as this indicates malware operating in the background.

  3. 3. Computer freezes

    A computer locking up may be the result of a virus. Freezing also results from the computer overheating, errors in legitimate third-party software, or a lack of disk space.

  4. 4. Website redirection

    Malicious activity on your computer may direct you to a website you have never seen before. Malware may also prevent websites loading, even when there is no problem with your Internet.

  5. 5. Pop-ups

    Small windows advertising products, or announcing warnings that your computer is at risk, are common signs that a computer virus is on your system or attempting to gain access. Never click on these links.

  6. 6. Denied access to disk drives

    Click on the “My computer” icon on your desktop. If some of your drives are not visible, malware may be denying you access. Some malware also prevents computers from reading from a USB drive.

  7. 7. No access to peripherals

    If your networked printer is on and connected yet your files fail to print, there may be a virus on your computer or network.

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Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Update your antivirus software and schedule scans to identify threats.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Never visit sites you do not trust, and scan files before downloading.

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