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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How do you check for bed bugs?

If you are concerned you have a bed bug infestation, look for physical signs of their presence. Bed bugs love to hide in small, dark spaces and typically come out to feed (generally on human blood) after dark — although they will come out in daylight if hungry enough. The Environmental Protection Agency states that indications of an infestation can include seeing shed exoskeletons of bed bugs, rusty spots on your bedding (which are either bug droppings or bloodstains), live bed bugs, bed bug egg casings, a sweet and musty odor (if the infestation is severe), and evidence of bites on your skin.

To spot bed bugs, look in and along mattress seams and bedding, in curtain and furniture folds, inside cracks or crevices in the walls, behind picture frames and mirrors, under loose wallpaper seams, on recently used luggage or backpacks, inside electronics, and inside clothing or cluttered areas such as closets. If you see signs of bed bugs, be careful not to disturb them too much as you don’t want them scattering to other parts of your house.

How long does a bed bug treatment last?

Bed bug extermination can last forever as long as the treatment killed all the bed bugs (and their eggs) and if new bed bugs are not transported into the location. Factors that can affect the outcome are how severe the infestation is and whether all bed bug sources were properly identified and treated. When working with a pest control professional, the EPA recommends you check and call references; ask if they offer both chemical and non-chemical treatment options, if they recommend both encasements and interceptors, and if they offer two or more service visits and follow-up. Bed bugs are tiny (adults are roughly the size of an apple seed) and can hide anywhere a credit card can slide into. They squeeze into cracks in walls, behind electrical outlet sockets, in bedding, and in other dark places. Learn how to prepare your home for a bed bug treatment for the best outcomes. Michigan State University shares some examples of possible reasons that a bed bug extermination is not 100 percent effective:

  • Not all sources (aka hiding places) of the bed bugs were identified during initial inspection.
  • Not all sources of bed bugs were treated.
  • The insecticides used were not effective or, in the case of heat treatment, there was insufficient contact time.
  • Infested items such as bedding or other materials were reintroduced into a cleaned area.

What are the signs of having bed bugs?

There are several signs that can indicate you have bed bugs. The first is actually seeing the little pests skittering through your house. They tend to feed at night (generally where their hosts — people or sometimes animals — are sleeping), but can come out in the day if they’re hungry enough. Adult bed bugs are rusty red in color, as thin as a credit card and the size of an apple seed. Sometimes they can be mistaken for carpet beetles or small cockroaches, so if you’re confused you can use this helpful guide by the EPA for identification. Although they are harder to see, spotting the eggs themselves is a surefire sign. Another common symptom of having bed bugs is finding the exoskeletons of the nymphs near your bedding and other bed bug-friendly locations. The more exoskeletons you find, the larger the infestation likely is, because as they mate and proliferate more and more juveniles are born and cycle through moltings. Rust-colored spots — which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains are blood-filled fecal dropping that the bugs excrete on bedding and furniture — are another sign that bed bugs are living in your home. In addition, a sweet, musty odor can be an indicator of bed bugs.

How much does it cost to kill bed bugs?

The cost of bed bug extermination depends primarily on how widespread the pest infestation is and how many rooms need to be treated. Other factors that can affect bed bug extermination costs are the amount of clutter in the location, additional furniture that needs to be treated, and construction of the home. Pest management professionals often have rates for room treatments, which can vary based on these factors. As an example, a pest management company treating a 10-by-15-foot room with light infestation might charge clients about $250, while the same size room with a heavy infestation and large amounts of clutter might cost the clients $300-$400. Clutter and heavier bed bug populations mean more product and longer labor time for the workers. Rates will vary from company to company, and from region to region, but the national average bed bug extermination cost is $320-$400. Bed bug heat treatments are an alternative way to exterminate these pests. Heat treatments are typically charged per square foot and tend to cost more than chemical or non-chemical spray solutions. Although effective, they are not usually recommended for occupied spaces, as the extreme temperatures can damage televisions, window dressings and other home furnishings.

How do you get bed bugs and how do you get rid of them?

The increase in bed bug infestations in the U.S. is a result of increased travel, lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices, explains the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s easy to mistake bed bugs for carpet beetles or similar-looking bugs, so infestations are often not noticed when they first occur. Prevention tips include keeping areas free of clutter, regularly washing sheets and mattress covers in hot water (and don’t forget to wash the laundry bag, too), and vacuuming regularly and safely disposing of the sealed vacuum bag. Not everyone has reactions to bed bug bites, which also may be mistaken for the bites of other pests such as mosquitoes, so timely bed bug extermination depends on identification of bed bug activity. If you notice physical signs of an infestation, contact a bed bug extermination professional as soon as possible to learn about chemical and non-chemical (such as heat) treatment options. An integrated pest management plan may incorporate one or more methods.

Can you see a bed bug?

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, but depending on where they are in their life cycle they can be hard to see. Adult bed bugs are the easiest to spot. According to the EPA, they are roughly the size of an apple seed and the height of a credit card. Adults are flat and oval-shaped, have six legs, and are rusty red in color. Bed bug larvae, also referred to as nymphs, are white-yellow or translucent in color and are much harder to spot due to their small size. The nymphs go through five stages of life, shedding an exoskeleton at each stage. Throughout these stages the nymphs grow in size from approximately 1.5 millimeters to approximately 4.5 millimeters. Bed bug eggs can be the most challenging to see as they are roughly 1 millimeter — about the size of a pinhead — and are white or clear. Bed bugs tend to be more active at night, as this is when they feed.

Reviews for New York bed bug exterminators
Thumbtack Customer
Still bed bugs in the room
J and Son ExterminatingJ and Son Exterminating
Rex G.
Great work, Josh and his team did a complete cleanup of bed bug. Very fast and very friendly. Recommend them to anyone who is suffering from bed bugs :D
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Glen P.
great service...take care of bed bugs very quick. They came on time and josh is very friendly and skilled. Best bed bug exterminator in NY. Thank you josh and his team for great work.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Ray B.
I was having bed bug problem from a very long time.So, one day I called these guys.They were very responsive.The guy Gene was very helpful.They were very professional.Would recommend these guys to everyone with bed bug problems.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Claudia B.
Very discreet and it has been a couple of months now with no bed bugs. I highly recommend Odin Pest Control. They did bed bug heat extermination and its Eco friendly and very effective. Loved what they did. Thanks Josh and his team !!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Stoddard E.
Odin Pest Control did a great job with helping to rid my house of bed bugs. Everyone that I spoke to or came to my home was friendly and answered all my questions. I would recommend them to anyone who is having bed bug issues.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Latanya P.
We called Odin Pest Control when we found a bed bugs. They came out promptly and handled the extermination of our problem quickly and efficiently. They followed up to make sure we weren't having any further issues. Best of all, their price was fair and NO MORE bed bugs!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Bertram F.
Josh is the man! I just moved into a new apartment and found some molted skin from some sort of bug and was concerned that it was a bed bug. I called Josh and he already had appointments scheduled and was unable to make it out to my place today but he told me to text him a few pictures and he would give me his professional opinion. I sent him a few pictures and he responded immediately and fortunately I do not have bed bugs. Josh is an honest professional and would absolutely get my business if I ever get bed bugs. Thanks man!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Herman S.
Highly recommended. They were knowledgeable, professional, friendly and solved our Bed Bug problem. We were completely satisfied with this company.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Barry D.
Great service. I am very scared of Bed Bugs and Odin pest take care of them swiftly. Team was very skillful and complete work really quick. Best Bud Bug Extermination i ever have!!!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Elizabeth J.
Odin Pest Control has been extremely helpful and informative in ridding us of our bed bug problem. We were looking for an exterminator and found great reviews on Thumbtack as well. They are very knowledgeable and patient when explaining how to prepare for the treatments and how to handle follow up. I highly recommend them if you are having Bed Bug issues.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Louis S.
After our first treatment, yes we did have a surge of increased bed bug problem. Gene came out to do our second treatment and promised me we would not see anymore roach. Viola ! ! ! Done ! He was right. We are very happy with Odin Pest Control and look forward to maintenance visits to keep the bed bugs out of the house.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Jason S.
This company is GREAT. Have used them for 3 years and they are on time, friendly and most importantly, my house is bed bug free. Like many other Las Vegans, I have had bed bug issues moving into new homes in the past, and Steve and his crew have taken care of them every time. They are less expensive than other monthly services in town
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Robert M.
Had two visits by this company in one of the houses I am letting. The pest technician was very thorough explaining how were the bed bugs introduced, where and why were they hiding, as he found 2 nests during the inspection. The results - bed bugs are gone for more than 3 months now, tenants are happy, so there you go guys 5 stars from me!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Mark P.
Odin Pest Control services was very good. The first time they came out to exterminate they where on time, very friendly and helpful answered me and my room mates questions. The next time they came again on time and very friendly. I would recommend them to anyone is having bed bugs problem. Best bed bug extermination service in New York. Keep it up guys :D
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Barry M.
Gene and his team are awesome!! I finally got a good night sleep after the nightmare(Damn those Bed Bugs).. Cant thank you enough!!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
John I.
Bed bugs are no joke. I thought mine were really bad but Josh came out and he was extremely honest with me. He told me he has seen worse and gave me his professional recommendation. Odin Pest Control is best bed bug exterminator service, EXPERTS in these nasty crawling bugs. They came in and got rid of every single one of them. Thank you so much Josh. You and your company have made my life normal and itch free again. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Jefferey B.
These guys are the best. Gene and his team did a great job and very fast. All bed bugs are gonna and 5 thumbs up for Odin Pest Control.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Thumbtack Customer
Jerry just came to my apartment today to inspect for bed bugs and I cannot tell you how much of a help he was. Not only did he did the inspection for free, but he was extremely nice, very professional, really funny, gave me advice on how to prevent future bed bug infestations, and explained everything perfectly. I cannot recommend this guy enough. A truly honest man. Thanks Jerry!
Terminators Pest ManagementTerminators Pest Management
Liza S.
If you're looking for reliability I can't recommend ODIN Pest Control enough. They were fair in their fees and were dedicated to helping us rid the Bed Bugs problem entirely.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Ray O.
I almost had a heart attack when I saw that first bed bug. We got them from our neighboring apartment complex. I was quick to call Odin Pest Control and sort it out, and it has been atleast 4 weeks now, no bugs in sight. I am happy
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Richard K.
Great service guys. Very quick eradication and the inspector did a very good job looking for the bed bugs. Great result at a very good price. I will recommend you.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Gow M.
These guys are very professional, extremely nice and thoughtful. I thought Ii had bedbugs and called Odin Pest right away and they came to my house the same day. Then what happened?– They performed a very thorough inspection and provided me with visible proof of my suspicions. We did in fact have a bed bug infestation. The service was very swift and we are still bed bug free. I highly recommend them for their timeliness and courtesy.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Thumbtack Customer
BED BUG FREE! Gene and his associate Leslie were superstars! We had a few "Big Shot" companies fail to remove these parasites from our lives. We decided to give this company a shot after reading their glowing reviews and speaking to the owner (Gene) and his support staff. Gene made us feel comfortable and that we were in good hands through his knowledge of bed bugs, their treatment methods, along with his concern and interest in addressing every detail of our treatment and post treatment care. Gene customized a treatment plan for us that started with a K-9 Bed Bug Dog inspection, a whole home heat remediation using specialized heating equipment to cook out the bed bugs, and use of Eco-friendly insect control products for residual effect, followed by 2 follow-up treatments, a solid warranty, and a final K9 Bed Bug Dog inspection to confirm that the bed bugs are gone for good. Gene's attention to detail and responsiveness to every possible scenario was remarkable. The communication was flawless (might I add discretion was exercised in every step of the way). This company is a boutique style firm that's owner operated. They don't delegate to technicians and perform and supervise the work by themselves. Their investment into their clients success and well being is seen in every step of the way and their use of some seriously high tech equipment reflects their commitment for the log haul. Watching them operate is a testament to craftsmanship and professionalism. They nailed it! Thank you boys - Your dedication and patience got us our life back ~ Michele, Tom, and Emily.
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
Virginia W.
A great job and great guys! The service was excellent and the house is finally bed bugs free, after many bad experiences with some fake pest control companies... To recommend to everyone!!! Thanks a lot!!!
ODIN Pest ControlODIN Pest Control
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