How much does garbage disposal installation cost?

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The average cost for a garbage disposal installer is $95. You are likely to spend between $60 and $140 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Professionals can install garbage disposals in homes for the first time or replace existing disposals. Homeowners can either purchase the garbage disposal themselves and provide it to the pro for installation, or they can purchase the disposal from the pro who does the installation. Costs depend on the type of garbage disposal, its features, labor, any necessary electrical modifications and accessories.

Type of garbage disposal

Two kinds of garbage disposals are available: continuous feed and batch feed. Continuous feed disposals are less expensive and more common. This one is easy to operate: users just run water, flip a switch and feed the disposal as much garbage as they’d like. With this type, however, bottle and can caps, silverware and even fingers sometimes get accidentally ground. Batch feed disposals more expensive but less common. They are safer to use but not recommended for households that generate a lot of waste. Instead of a switch, the batch feed garbage disposal is activated by putting a stopper in the drain.

Garbage disposals can be made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum is less expensive but more prone to leaking and corrosion. People who have a septic system will need a compatible garbage disposal unit.

Capacity, noise other features

While garbage disposals aren’t particularly expensive, you get what you pay for. In general, the higher the price, the less noisy the garbage disposal, the greater the horsepower and the higher the capacity. Higher-priced disposals are also less likely to clog and usually require less water to use. Some more expensive models can recognize potential jams and automatically reverse the blades to prevent damage or provide overload protection in cases where the unit might overheat.


Most installers charge an hourly rate and can set up a garbage disposal in a couple hours. Replacing an old garbage disposal with a new unit takes additional time to remove the old one. However, with replacement, all of the necessary plumbing and electrical wiring is already in place, so that saves on electrician and plumber costs.

Electrical and plumbing

Garbage disposal need electrical power and a switch to turn it on. If power is not readily accessible via an outlet, a switch is not conveniently located or a new circuit is required, an electrician will need to set up the wiring. Parts for this task are cheap, but hourly labor is relatively expensive. However, the job shouldn’t take very long. In addition, a plumber may need to address issues need before a garbage disposal installation, and they also usually charge by the hour.


Professional installers can add some interesting garbage disposal features for an additional cost. For example, the dishwasher can be connected to the garbage disposal so that dirty dishwater goes into the disposal. Added baffles can prevent silverware from entering the garbage disposal. Push-button operation avoids the need for an electrical switch in the wall. All of these upgrades are relatively inexpensive.

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