How much will your garage addition or remodel cost?

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Garage Addition Contractors on Thumbtack cost$80 - $100

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$50
  • Most common low price:$80
  • Most common high price:$100
  • Highest price:$2500

How much does a garage remodel cost?

On average, a garage remodel costs $1,000-$2,469 in the U.S. However, national average costs can reach as high as $15,500-$25,300  How much you'll pay to remodel your close depends on multiple factors, especially the size and complexity of the remodel.

Garage remodel cost:

National average cost


High-end cost

$15,500- $25,300

Whether you need more storage space or want to transform your garage into a relaxing living space, the cost to remodel your garage will depend on how much contractors charge in your area. To find out, contact garage remodeling contractors near you and ask for free quotes.

Garage remodel cost factors.

The overall cost of your remodel depends on several factors. In general, the more complex and time-consuming your project, the higher the final price tag will be. However, some specific elements of your garage remodel may drive the price in one direction or the other.

Garage size.

For a garage remodel, size definitely matters. When you first reach out to a contractor, let them know your remodel’s size early in the conversation. The bigger the project, the higher the cost. For example, it may cost $6,500 to $10,500 to remodel a standard two-car garage.

This is due in part to the space’s square footage of the space and other factors. If you have multiple garage doors and interior walls as part of your garage renovation, the costs tend to rise compared to the cost of renovating a small garage. In some larger projects, you may need more than one garage door opener, and these tend to be one of the more expensive items on the renovation list.

With more extensive remodels, it’s easy to overlook crucial project details like fresh floor coating or moving or replacing old storage cabinets. Refinishing the floor is often necessary for bigger projects due to the damage it may sustain while moving walls or other structural elements like support posts.

Some of the largest renovation projects involve turning part of your garage into a living space. In addition to improving the area where the vehicles are kept, transforming your garage involves installing insulation, new storage spaces, installing and finishing a new ceiling and other details that enhance the new space. 

Of course, the type of flooring you choose can drive the cost up or down. Talk with your contractor to get a better understanding of your options. While a large garage renovation that includes living space or a complete garage makeover may increase your home’s value, the increase may not always offset the initial cost.

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The finishes you choose often have the most significant impact on garage renovation costs. While you may want to opt for a more traditional garage door finish, you can pick ones that incorporate higher-end details — but for a higher price. The good news is the install should cost around the same regardless of the garage door finish. But as you consider other finishing details, ask your contractor how they could affect the final price tag.

For example, the garage flooring you choose may run you more if you decide to add an epoxy floor on top of a concrete substrate. Other garage floor coatings like polyuria may have a similar effect on the price tag. If the garage needs to be leveled, pouring a concrete floor may also increase the cost.

The finishes for an apartment above or adjacent to the garage will also have a drastic effect on how much you end up paying. While you may be able to handle some finishes on your own, others — such as parquet flooring or specialized wainscoting — may require a professional’s work and therefore increase your costs. 

Number of contractors and their rates.

The more contractors you have on a project, the more variables you introduce into the pricing process. This is not always a bad thing, however. Often, a single contractor may slap a hefty price tag on the project, knowing that they are saving you the hassle of finding and vetting others. It’s worth the time and energy savings to spend a little more on a single contractor in some cases.

It’s best to get an idea of how much each contractor charges before you start the process. You don’t want to get halfway through only to realize that the next contractor’s rates will push the project outside the bounds of your budget. Be sure to get free estimates before committing to any one contractor.

Costs in your local area.

Similar to other construction disciplines, garage remodeling costs vary greatly depending on where you live. In some areas, contractors may charge more to do the same kind of remodel that costs less in a neighboring town.

How to keep your garage remodel on budget.

To keep your project’s costs from extending beyond your budget, you want to get accurate, detailed quotes from pros beforehand. When vetting them, pay attention to the most recent posts in the review sections of their profiles. If customers complain about costs having to be adjusted partway through the project, this may be a warning you should heed.

Once you locate the right pros capable of making your one-car or multi-car garage ideas come to fruition, you can adjust your materials to save money. Like a home remodeling project, a garage renovation’s price can drop if you choose to install less expensive materials. For example, when doing the ceiling over a finished space, you can opt for drywall instead of costlier wood paneling or acoustic tiles. 

Similarly, the materials you use for your storage space can help you save money in the numbers. A wood composite or artificial material may run significantly less than solid wood doors and boxes. 

Regardless of the final material you choose for your door, get one that can handle strenuous daily operation. In some cases, inferior materials may compromise the strength of your garage door.

How to hire a garage remodeling contractor.

As a homeowner, you have the right to receive a high-quality final product at a reasonable price. Choosing the right professional can get you the best of both worlds — but you must select the right pros and ask the right questions.

Should you hire a general contractor?

Due to structural and safety-related issues, a garage remodeling project may not be something you want to do on your own. Depending on the type of project, you may need to outsource significant portions of the project to professionals, such as the electrical and plumbing work.

 In many cases, hiring a general contractor can help move the project along smoothly and provide you with better results. A general contractor will have access to licensed and certified plumbers, electricians and HVAC pros who can work on your project.

Should you hire an interior designer?

If the renovation project involves maintaining the same structure and footprint of your current garage, you may not need to hire an interior designer. However, any significant changes may necessitate an interior designer — at least to make sure all your ideas are feasible and safe. An interior designer knows applicable codes and standard plumbing and HVAC practices that could affect the final result’s layout.

And, they can help you organize and decorate your garage to match your style or vision. For example, if you plan to renovate your garage into a storage area, home theater, entertainment area or even a gym, an interior designer can help you think through the layout, furnishings, materials, colors and more.

What questions should you ask contractors?

Ask the contractors you’re considering plenty of questions about how each project element will affect the cost. Ask for an itemized breakdown of each facet of the project. And make sure the numbers add up. If the prices don’t make sense and you can’t get an adequate explanation, you may be better off moving on to someone else. 

Also, ask about how unexpected issues are handled. For example, if a structural problem requires studs to be shored up or replaced, how will that be billed? Will there be a different rate than normal work?

You should also ask questions about each contractor’s qualifications and licenses. A true professional will have no problem presenting their credentials.

What details about your home or garage should you give them?

Be sure to provide the following details:

  • The size of the garage remodel
  • What you want for insulation and where you want it
  • How the garage attaches to your home
  • The number of garage doors you have and how many you’ll be replacing
  • The kind of door opening system you have or want to be installed
  • The kind of floor system you currently have and what you’d like installed
  • Anything that may involve additional professionals, such as potential plumbing or electrical work

Find a garage remodeling contractor near you

Remodeling your garage may add significant value to your home and make your garage a safer, more beautiful place to live or work. If you’re ready to start looking for the best pros for your job, you can find one near you on Thumbtack.

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How much value does a new garage add?

A new garage may add significant value to your home, but it’s difficult to say exactly how much. This is because in some areas, garages have more value than in others. A new garage may add to your home’s aesthetic appeal or detract from it. Talk to a real estate professional in your area for home remodeling ideas that can add value to your home.

Do I need to drywall my garage?

No, you do not need to install drywall in your garage. Unfinished or concrete walls are often sufficient.

Is it worth it to insulate a garage?

If there is living space above or adjacent to the garage, it may be worth insulating the shared walls or ceiling/floor areas. Like in basements, these areas can often let cool air in or out if not properly insulated, significantly impacting your heating and cooling costs.

How do we know these prices?

Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, conduct our own research and then we share those prices with you. The prices reflected in the article above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time. Contact a professional near you to receive a personalized cost estimate for your project.


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