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Professional cleaners can spruce up dirty offices on an ongoing basis or during a one-time visit. Regardless of square footage or business type, Pros can handle most cleaning jobs, regardless of square footage or business type. Frequency, facilities and specifics of the job all affect the cost of office cleaning.

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Most professional cleaners will do a walk-through before providing an estimate. In order to provide a good service, most cleaners need to see the space, including the floors, break rooms, gym, and they need to determine how dirty the office is to start with.

Square footage

In general, the larger the office space, the more expensive cleaning it will be. Cleaning companies consider labor, cleaning products and time when calculating what it will take to clean a specific square footage.

One-time cleaning

Dirtiness is the main cost factor for a one-time cleaning. Most one-time customers of We’ll Do It Cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia, are smaller companies or startups that are just moving into a space and want to start fresh. We’ll Do It Cleaning charges $150–$200 for a one-time cleaning of a 2,000- to 3,000-square-foot office space.

Ongoing service

After a walk-through, most cleaning companies offer a set price. We’ll Do It Cleaning’s set rates include the cost of labor and cleaning supplies as well as overhead costs such as insurance, worker’s compensation, payroll taxes and company vehicles. In addition, more frequent cleanings are offered at lower rates. So a large office can cost the same to clean as a space half its size that is cleaned twice as often. Here are some pricing examples of ongoing cleaning from We’ll Do It Cleaning:

  • One time per week (at $75 per visit) for a 2,000- to 2,500-square-foot space with 10 offices and one large, multistall bathroom: $300 per month

  • Twice per week (at $75 per visit) for a 6,300-square-foot office with 10 offices, two bathrooms and a live kitchen: $600 per month

  • Six times per week (at $175 per visit) for a 17,000-square-foot office with a live cafeteria, elevator and four bathrooms with five or six stalls in each: $4,200 per month


Window cleaning services generally increase the overall cost of cleaning. Not all companies provide this service. Some companies that clean windows charge by the window, and others roll the cost into the total cleaning fee.

Bathrooms and kitchen

The greater the number of bathrooms, the higher the cost. Bathrooms and kitchens are high-traffic areas that require an extra level of sanitation and attention to detail.

Hourly rate

Some cleaning services offer add-on services at an hourly rate. For example, We’ll Do It Cleaning offers porter services (daytime cleaning) for offices having events or other unusually high levels of activity that require having a cleaner on-hand. We’ll Do It Cleaning charges $20–$25 per hour for porter services.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.