How much will your appliance repair or maintenance cost?

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How much does washing machine repair cost?

On average, washing machine repairs cost $50-$180, depending on labor rates, the brand of the washing machine, the problem the technician needs to fix and the cost of any replacement parts.

A washing machine is a major household appliance. For some families, the washer and dryer may be in near-constant use since — let's be honest — no one loves stinky socks. When your washer isn't working, loads of dirty laundry can pile up fast and have a negative impact on your life.

Washers are big, complex, and often very heavy appliances. If you're handy with tools, you may be able to make simple repairs yourself, but for most cases, washing machine repairs generally aren't a good DIY project. Professional appliance repairmen have the proper training, experience, and skills to do this type of work and do it well. Before you hire an appliance repair specialist, get an estimate on how much it will cost with this guide.

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Washing machine repair cost factors

Washing machine repair costs depend primarily on the repairman's fees, washing machine brand, cost of replacement parts and whether our appliance is still under warranty.

Prices for washing machine replacement parts

Some fixes, such as leveling a wobbly machine, may not require any replacement parts, which brings down the overall cost. Many replacement parts, like a pump, are pretty affordable and make it worthwhile to fix rather than replace your appliance.

Others, such as replacing a dead motor, could be quite expensive just for the parts alone. If your machine is obsolete, parts may be difficult to obtain. Parts for some washers may be pricier due to import tariffs. If this is your case, you might be better off with a new washer in the long run.

Below are average costs for common washing machine replacement parts, though they vary widely by brand:

  • Water or drain pump: $35-$200
  • Drain hose: $3-$30
  • Motor: $150-$500
  • Inlet valve: $12-$150
  • Front panel: $38-$400
  • Coupler: $5-$20
  • Drive belt: $5-$50
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Service call fees

Appliance repair technicians typically charge a flat fee to visit your home, check out your appliance, and give you a cost estimate for repairs. Typical diagnosis fees range from $40 to $100. An appliance repair company and Thumbtack pro based in Charlotte, North Carolina, charges $40 to $60 for diagnostics.

If you agree to go ahead and pay for the repairs, the service fee will usually be applied to the total cost. If you decline the bid, you'll have to pay the fee for the service call.

This fee structure makes sense for appliance repair companies because they have to spend time and money to make service calls, regardless of the problem. Service call fees can become expensive for customers, however, because the first bid you receive may not be the best. If the repair cost for your appliance is expensive, you may want to get a second or third opinion even if you have to pay additional service call fees.

To avoid multiple fees, ask for a free estimate of how much it will cost to fix your appliance when you first reach out to the contractor.

Labor costs

Some technicians charge flat rates. Others bill by the hour, plus parts. If you want same-day service or you need an emergency repair on a weekend, holiday, or in the evening, you'll also be charged a higher rate.

Washing machine brand

Luxury or high-tech washing machines can be more costly to repair than widely sold washers. That's because fewer technicians are trained to repair these machines, and replacement parts for them may be more expensive. Always try to hire a technician who's familiar with your brand of washer.


Original parts and labor may be covered by a manufacturer's or retailer's warranty, in which case you won't be responsible for the repair costs. If parts are covered, but labor isn't, you'll have to pay the labor costs but not for parts.

An authorized repair service technician for your brand of washer can give you the details about what's covered and what's not, and how long you may have to wait for new parts to be delivered and everything to be repaired.

Do I need a washing machine repair?

Washing machines need both water and energy to operate, and they have a lot of moving parts, which means a lot can go wrong with them. If you notice any of these common problems, it's time to call an appliance specialist who can diagnose and fix them:

  • Not filling with water
  • Leaking water onto the floor
  • Not agitating
  • Water won't drain properly
  • Not spinning / pumps but won't spin
  • Excessively vibrates
  • Loud noises (like banging) or excessive noise
  • Bouncing, wobbling or "walking"
  • Defective electronic control panel
  • Damaged or broken belts, seals, or pulleys
  • Drain pump failure
  • Cracked tub
  • Burned-out motor
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Should I repair or replace my washing machine?

If your washer is relatively new and your warranty plan will cover most of the cost, repairing your machine is an easy yes. Some companies also offer a warranty for repairs they make. For example, parts may be covered for one year; labor for 90 days. An extended warranty may make repairs a more appealing option.

That said, a washing machine is one of the most expensive appliances to fix, and there are two main times when it makes more sense to replace it. First, if the motor breaks or if a repair estimate is over $500, consider replacing the washer instead of repairing it. Second, if the washing machine is an older model (more than 10 years old) or needs frequent maintenance, replacing it with a new washing machine may be a better option in the long run. Most newer appliances are more energy-efficient, so you may recoup part of the cost when you pay your utility bills every month.

If you're still unsure if you should replace or fix your machine, a repairman can help you understand your out-of-pocket repair costs and make a repair-or-replace decision that makes sense for you.

How can you save money on your washing machine repairs?

A washing machine is one of the most expensive appliances to fix. To save money on washing machine repair services:

  • Check your own hoses occasionally. Replacing worn hoses can prevent costly maintenance calls in the future.
  • Ask about discounts. Some appliance repair companies may give you a small courtesy discount, such as $20 off any repair job, if you're a senior, active-duty military serviceperson, military veteran, first-time customer, or repeat customer.
  • Fix multiple appliances at once. It's also more cost-effective if you bundle multiple appliance repairs into one service call. For example, the average cost to repair a dryer is $170. If you've had the unfortunate luck to have your washer and dryer break at the same time, at least you'll be able to get a lower price for repairing both at the same time.
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Whether your washing machine isn't draining properly, or you suspect there's something wrong with the motor, an appliance service company can help diagnose and fix the problem. To get started, find a washing machine repair specialist on Thumbtack.

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