Brigid Frey Fitness

About this pro

Wellness & Fitness are scientific fields that are ever evolving. I believe it is my responsibility to continue my education and stay on top of the industry. I have always exceeded my client's goals. Knowledge, experience and attitude are everything! I feel that I am fortunate to have enough fitness experience and knowledge to never have to do the exact same work-out twice. I believe that no matter what your lifestyle, fitness level or health status; there is always a more effective and more creative way to pave the path to your goals. My goal is to light a fire in your belly. To help you get in touch with your strength and power. Above all, my goal is to help you reach (hopefully surpass) your weight loss or athletic goals as quickly as possible while still maintaining safe measure.


Nashville, TN 37216
Coverage Area for Brigid Frey Fitness is about 40+ miles of Nashville, TN.