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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does it cost to fix a fence?

The average cost of fence repairs is around $250, with most homeowners paying anywhere between $200 and $300. Fence repairs have a wide range of potential costs, however, ranging from $50 to as much as $1,443. The cost of your fence repair project depends on multiple factors, including where you live, what type of repair you need, the terrain and the fence materials used.

Contact several fence repair professionals near you to get an accurate cost estimate for your fence.

Why does my gate sag?

A gate can sag for a number of reasons. One common reason is that the screws holding the hinges in the wood or other post material have come loose, causing gravity to pull the fence down. Another common problem is the gate post’s lack of stability. Posts can become loose and start to lean, or if they are wooden, they can even rot at the point where they meet the ground.

What are some common fence repairs?

The most common fence repairs are aimed at fixing:

  • Missing boards or slats. This is a common problem with wood fences.
  • Fence material corrosion. This occurs on metal fences like chain link and iron.
  • A sagging gate. This could result from a tilting fence post or loose hinges.
  • Post movement. Typically, this is caused by frost, corrosion or water.
  • Stains. Moisture and other elements can stain fencing, which may require a professional to remove it.
  • Warping. Warped, curled, cupped or bent boards are unsightly and less effective and need to be replaced.

If you notice any of the above issues with your fence, reach out to fence repair professionals near you to start getting cost estimates and schedule an appointment.

Should I repair or replace my fence?

Fence repair is better for common problems that only affect small areas, such as a broken picket or a shifting fence post. However, there is a rule of thumb to follow: If the repair project requires replacing 20% or more of your fence, it’s probably time to replace the whole fence. The exception to this rule is if the fence is fairly new and just part of it is damaged. 

Who installs fences?

Fencing contractors are the best choice when you want to have a fence installed on your property. While there are several types of professionals who can likely handle this service — including handymen, landscapers and general contractors — a fencing contractor has the experience to know what could cause potential problems in the long run. This might include wet spots, vegetation or other issues with the land. 

When choosing a professional to install a fence on your property, make sure they have credentials and experience.

How much does it cost to fix a gate?

Gates can be more expensive to fix than other parts of a fence, and there are several reasons for this. The first is that gates are the only moving parts on a fence — hence they have more components that can wear out, as well as friction and the potential for rusting and sagging. Fixing a gate may require a total replacement or simply replacing certain components like hinges. Sometimes, the repair may involve fixing the surrounding fence.

Contact several gate repair professionals near you to get an accurate cost estimate for your gate.

What are some common gate repairs?

The most common gate repairs tend to be associated with a sagging gate. A gate repair professional will check the hinge system. If the hinges have come loose, they will detach the gate, set the hinges in the proper location and reattach everything. 

Another common repair is replacing or repairing a sagging fence post by digging a new posthole and/or using a concrete footing.

What's the cheapest fence to install?

The cheapest type of fence to install is (usually) a chain-link fence. Averaging between $7 and $12 per linear foot, this type of fencing is strong and secure and allows homeowners to maintain visibility while adding protection to their property. Chain-link fences are constructed from steel coated in aluminum, vinyl or zinc for weather resistance. 

You can get a more accurate cost estimate for your chain-link fence by contacting professionals who specialize in installing these fences. 

Read our cost guide on fence installation costs to see prices for other types of fences.

How much does it cost to install a wood fence?

Help define your property line, protect your home and yard, and boost your curb appeal with a new wood fence. The national average for wood fence installation cost is $3,250. Wood fence installation costs will vary based on your geographic location, the type of wood you select, the height and style of wood fence you desire, and the condition of your property. Pressure-treated pine is a common and attractive choice that is usually resilient against rot and bugs. Cedar is another budget-friendly option that, although more expensive than pressure-treated pine, can be more affordable than redwood or teak. A wood fence requires maintenance to ensure its long-term health and beauty, so keep future staining and painting costs in mind when you’re calculating fence installation costs. Here are some examples of how height and material affect the approximate cost of wood fences:

  • 6-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence: $15-$17 per linear foot.
  • 4-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence: $13-$20 per linear foot.
  • Cedar fence: $18-$25 per linear foot.
  • 6-foot-high, double-sided (meaning both sides are uniform), pressure-treated pine fence with 6x6 posts: $25 per linear foot.
  • 12-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence with custom detailing: $75 per linear foot.
  • 6-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence with a custom lattice top: $30-$50 per linear foot.

How much does it cost to put up a chain-link fence?

Chain-link fence is one of the most affordable options for adding safety and value to your home or business. The national average chain-link fence installation cost is $2,750. Chain-link fences are relatively simple for the pros to install; a fence of less than 150 linear feet can often be put up in under one day. A good rule of thumb is to add an additional workday for each additional 100 linear feet of fence to be installed.

Chain-link fence installation costs are affected by the fluctuating cost of steel, regional labor rates, the height of fence you select, and the features you select, such as a powder-coated finish. The industry standard is galvanized steel, which is rust- and corrosion-resistant. Galvanized chain-link fence installation cost, including labor and materials, is typically $12 per linear foot. For a more contemporary and elegant option, black powder-coated galvanized chain-link fence might cost approximately $15 per linear foot on average, including materials and labor. For industrial sites or businesses, 10-foot-high galvanized chain-link fences may provide additional security, but also have an added cost. A 10-foot-high chain-link fence could cost $17-$18 per linear foot, including labor and materials.

Reviews for Hampton fence professionals
Roberto M.
Fence looks great!
Foster Construction Fence and DeckFoster Construction Fence and Deck
Matt L.
Requested Sean for installing a new privacy fence. He came out and was honest about everything. Cost was just right! Tore down old chain link fence with his buddy Sam. Had the new fence, including a new double gate and single gate straight as an arrow. Would highly recommend for any fencing or house needs!
Hatfield’s Home HelperHatfield’s Home Helper
Shauna G.
Sean and Sam were awesome. My fence looks beautiful! I could have asked for a better team to build my fence for me.
Hatfield’s Home HelperHatfield’s Home Helper
Thumbtack Customer
We had a privacy fence replaced for a large backyard. Keith responded to our inquiry very quickly and scheduled the job soon after we confirmed. The fence was completed within a few days. Keith is very personable, professional and we are very pleased with the quality of the work and our new fence.
Foster Construction Fence and DeckFoster Construction Fence and Deck
Dan H.
They not very good about returning phone calls. The meeting with them was in the morning which required two days of going in late to work. The job was subbed out to Ocean fence. I guess Dan Dale is the general contractor. Ocean fence did a good job on the removal of the old fence and the installation of the new one. They were able to do the entire project in one day.
DanDale FenceDanDale Fence
Thumbtack Customer
Met Keith and received an estimate and Keith installed 3 gates as requested and did a great job on the fence and the gates. It has never looked better. I would definitely recommend Foster Construction to anyone looking to have fence or deck work done.
Foster Construction Fence and DeckFoster Construction Fence and Deck
Hal A.
Dave Cleaver is a true professional in every sense of the word. His expertise is unmatched! We are extremely pleased at his attention to detail and work ethic on our new fence! He removed our old one and installed a beautiful sturdy fence. Strong work! Awesome job!!!
Cleaver constructionCleaver construction
Jared M.
Hired for a fence repair. The response was quick and the job was complete the same day they stopped by to view the damage and quote the repair!
Veterans Lawn LLCVeterans Lawn LLC
Brian C.
Excellent job. Fence is neat, straight, well-constructed. Rain delays made it go slower, but didn't stop him.
Family Affair Fences and LandscapingFamily Affair Fences and Landscaping
Mitchell G.
Hatfield's Home Helper were awesome. Very professional and my fence looks great. I will definitely be reaching out to they again.
Hatfield’s Home HelperHatfield’s Home Helper
Sara n.
We found Family Affair to be a great company to replace our privacy fence. Their prices were reasonable, and the quality of work was beautiful. Highly recommend.
Family Affair Fences and LandscapingFamily Affair Fences and Landscaping
Mike A.
Keith and Mark built this 100% custom western cedar modern fence (work of art), about 220 feet, board by board, in less than 2 weeks. Started the project in less than a week from initial contact. These guys are the best you can get if your looking for quality craftsmanship! Together we designed a fence that stayed true to the architecture of our home and executed. Keith and Mark were organized, clean ( I mean picked up every scrap almost before it hit the ground clean). Other than the materials and the daily progress on the fence you could not tell they had even been here in the evenings. Keith found top quality, clear wood, no knots, beautiful material. They measure every board, leveled every board, every time. No short cuts. Hands down awesome experience, could not be happier. Thank you Foster Construction Fence and Deck! Thank you Keith and Mark!
Foster Construction Fence and DeckFoster Construction Fence and Deck
Carol N.
He was great. He gave us a good, realistic estimate and then did a great job building a strong, solid fence. We are so very pleased with his work and work ethic too! Great to work with!
Foster Construction Fence and DeckFoster Construction Fence and Deck
Lu T.
Keith was absolutely awesome!!! Did a great job and completed my fence very expeditiously without any issues. He was very professional and answered all my questions. I would definitely hire him again in the future.
Foster Construction Fence and DeckFoster Construction Fence and Deck
Tyrah J.
They came out and got right to work! They worked quickly and efficiently! They double checked to make sure the area was correct and cleaned up great! Very professional people! Thank you. The fence looks great! Would definitely hire again and recommend to anyone!
Family Affair Fences and LandscapingFamily Affair Fences and Landscaping
Lorrie F.
We just love our fence! It is beautiful it's well-made we are so happy with with it. Everyone that we dealt with was very professional very friendly we could have had a better experience from the beginning to the end I highly recommend them!
Family Affair Fences and LandscapingFamily Affair Fences and Landscaping
Thumbtack Customer
Keith did an awesome job on our fence repair! He responded quickly to messages, came out the next day for a quote, and was just great overall to work with. Highly recommend Foster Construction to anyone looking for this type of service. Keith's quality of work and competitive rates can't be beat.
Foster Construction Fence and DeckFoster Construction Fence and Deck
Danielle S.
Every step of the process was a nightmare. If you dont want to babysit throughout the entire process, I wouldn't recommend. From the very start of the project they were building things backwards, like support posts on the outside of the fence instead of the inside, pull handles on the push side, putting the gate in front of the drainage pipe, gates that don't close, slanted pickets and overall poor craftsmanship. Any time we brought up an issue they were rude, blaming us for not communicating and basically any other reason they could come up with to avoid responsibility for mistakes made. I didn't realize I would have to specify that I didn't want my fence built inside out but apparently thats a thing. At the end of the project, they handed us an additional bill for over $200 for extra materials needed, which would have been nice to have been consulted first before extra expenses were added. Many of the problems were corrected after several calls and texts, but we are still left with an unprofessional looking fence as an end result. Very dissapointed.
Family Affair Fences and LandscapingFamily Affair Fences and Landscaping
Thumbtack Customer
I hired them to build a privacy fence. I felt like the price they charged was fair, and the fence did look good when it was complete. However, there have been problems since then that makes me regret my decision. First, I found a longer length of fence where there was no post driven into the ground to reinforce such a long run, so you can push it and it wobbles easily. A strong enough wind will eventually knock it down. Secondly, a neighbors tree fell on my fence, and Quality Built Exteriors wanted $450 to come and replace maybe 6' of fence, which is really high. So that makes it hard to have the same people do work on the fence that they built. Lastly, I just realized my one year warranty ran out last month, and now the double gate is sagging or warping, and hardly lining up with the latch now, so it does not feel or look good when closing it. I wish I had called them before the one year warranty, because now it is going to be too expensive to have them come out again. I will have to consider someone else most likely. EDIT: So after leaving a 2 star review, I was contacted by QBX and told that they would fix the issues I was having if I could leave a better review on thumbtack. I told them I would agree to that, and then I was told to call someone else to create a work order, and I did. A day or two later someone shows up at my house to look over the issues I explained and to take pictures. He verified that the length of fence without a post was done incorrectly, because they were not supposed to have posts further than 8-10 ft apart from each other, but this section was over 12 feet wide without a post, and he could see that it was unstable. Then, he looked at the gate and saw how warped/twisted it is. He said that the gate would have to be taken down and re-built. A day or two later, I get a call from someone else stating that the work order would be scheduled for Jan 2 2017. Five minutes later, I get a call from the person who came to my house to take pictures, and he tells me that we needed to talk about the price. A post would have to be driven down to secure the fence, and the door would have to be taken down and re-built. Both of these things were done incorrectly by the builders. He then tells me that Mike told him he has to charge me somewhere in the $600's. I told him that I was told this would be done for free. He said he would ask and call me back. No one ever called me back. No one showed up on Jan 2nd. No one contacted me at all until Jan 4th, two installers show up at my house ready to work, but there are no materials here. No one told them what was going on, no one told me whether it was going to cost me anything or not, and no one ever scheduled anything with me to have people here on the 4th. As far as I knew, it was still a no call no show on the 2nd. Those people left, and I get a call about 10 minutes later and was told that they understood there was some confusion on whether or not this work would be covered under warranty. I was then assured that this work would be done under warranty, and that the installers are headed to Lowes to pick up materials and would be back at my house after. Of course, no one showed up. No one showed up the next day either. Now it's the 9th, and I have not received a single phone call since the 4th when I was told people would be headed back to my house. I do not recommend doing business with this company. There are plenty of other good companies who can build fences and do work, these guys are not worth the headache. I have now downgraded my previous review of 2-stars, to a more deserving 1-star. I just emailed them and told them to forget about coming here and cancel the work order. This has been a giant frustration.
Quality Built ExteriorsQuality Built Exteriors
Katlyn W.
Sooooo very happy... we even hired them for more projects! They responded quickly to our job request on Thumbtack and provided a quote the next day! Materials came in much quicker than anticipated and the fence installation was done in 2 days! We've hired them to do some landscaping (French drain) and after that, we plan to have them extend the deck. Very, VERY, happy customer! Great family-run business that is professional, down-to-earth, and military friendly!
Family Affair Fences and LandscapingFamily Affair Fences and Landscaping
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