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WHAT IS JOSH SKEHAN PRODUCTIONS? Josh Skehan Productions, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Skehan Group LLC, is a family owned video production company serving Scottsdale, Arizona and beyond. We believe every video production project deserves individual attention and a commitment to see it through to the end. Josh Skehan Productions is not just a man or a name, since 2005 it's been a promise to provide professional, timely and dedicated video production services that people are proud of. Because we are continually in high demand, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your video project. We're excited to hear from you!  WHO IS JOSH SKEHAN? Josh Skehan has basically had a video camera in his hand since he was a child, when his grandfather used to make him hold the old VHS camera that weighed a ton to record the family movies. Josh joined the workforce at 18 years old for one of the largest wireless carriers in the US., working his way up to project manager by the age of 21, eventually using video production as a way to recognize employees. From that experience Josh found his passion. After a couple years of self-taught study, an internship and producer position with a larger video production company, Josh set out on his own to start a company where he could deal with each client and vendor on a personal basis. Josh believes its the personal experience that helps create videos that meet or exceed the clients vision. ​ ​IF YOU'RE SUCH A SMALL COMPANY, HOW DO YOU HANDLE BIG PROJECTS? Over time, Josh Skehan Productions has created relationships with qualified talent and reliable resources for both local, national and international video projects. We only pay for the resources we need and pass the savings on to you. We also think it's great to have a wide variety of resources to choose from. Our business model has allowed us continual growth in some of the worst economic circumstances of our time, because our focus remains solely on producing videos that get results for our clients.

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I learn something different and meet someone new every day! There also a feeling of accomplishment that comes from making a customer happy and completing a job. It's almost like an addiction, I just can't help myself, I have to do my best.
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What types of customers have you worked with?
Event Video Production Website Video Production and Implementation Testimonial Video / Interview Video Marketing Video Promo Video Greenscreen Video Demo Video / Website Demo Video / Demo Reel / Resume Video Corporate Video Production Small Business Video Production Video for website Walk on your website Flash Video / Streaming Video
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
EVENT VIDEO PRODUCTION / EVENT VIDEOGRAPHER / EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY: Whether you need video production for a large event in Scottsdale, or one videographer for a small conference in Downtown Phoenix, whether it's low-key or high-profile, whether it's for broadcast, DVD or the Internet, we love our job and we're happy to serve. For small events and conferences, you couldn't ask for a more seasoned video professional. Even our most affordable packages include all the right video gear to creatively capture your event and any other kind of footage you have in mind. We even have a complete portable video studio, with greenscreen, pro-lighting, pro-audio and other ancillary accessories for the creative types. For large events, our team of event video professionals stays with your project from concept to completion. We use high quality, all-digital, multi-camera packages to ensure your event looks and sounds its best, in standard or high-definition video, in full Dolby Digital Sound. If you're making DVD videos of your event, your DVD can be professionally edited, completely themed around your event and/or event sponsor, fully loaded with professionally designed graphics, motion menus, DVD covers and DVD labels. WEBSITE VIDEO: If you've had your website up for anytime length of time at all, you already appreciate visitors on your site because you understand they are a rare and precious asset...and an expensive asset. The effect, a premium is placed on utilizing your site to it's full potential. Whether you're a corporation looking to implement a complete best practices video library, or whether your website is profit driven, whereas switching site visitors into paying customers is of the highest importance, video has been proven to address these issues by increasing retention, reducing call volumes and increasing conversions. Video helps make the difference between just having a presence on the web versus a true profit center. This is exactly what JSP does for you. While the amusement value of streaming video will allow you to attract and retain visitors, it’s the added personal touch of video that makes it possible to convert more of your visitors into loyal, paying customers. Beyond creative video production, we're also highly skilled in utilizing the latest search engine optimization (SEO) tools to enhance your web presence and drive customers to your site! Because it’s now possible to broadcast video from any website without any additional hardware or software, we can get you set up to have video on your website very quickly, and very affordably…leave the work to us. CORPORATE VIDEO / SMALL BUSINESS VIDEO: A video production company that's on the mark, on time and on budget! JSP takes the hassle out of producing your business video. Whether it's a marketing video, tv commercial, product demo or video tutorial for your small business...or if your corporation wants to make your users experience more interactive with the implementation of a complete web video library, Josh Skehan Productions has your answer. JSP provides many options for the final output including DVD, TV, Web ready formats, and even mobile phones!! We have studied and invested to also provide the latest video enhancements, such as video captions and flash video player accessibility for the hearing and visually impaired. Creative videography includes pre-production, set-design, casting, scripting, storyboard development, professional talent, audio engineering, editing, video distribution and more. Considering all of these things, Josh Skehan Productions has acquired the most up to date technology, combined it with lower overhead and years of experience, and topped it off with the most efficient video production work flow in the industry. Listen to what some of our customers have to say! JSP works with you every step of the way, making sure that the final result of your video is in line with your expectations. Count on JSP to do it professionally, count on us to do it affordably, but most importantly, count on us to do it right!