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How much does it cost to cut a tree down?

When you’re ready to have a tree on your property come down, it’s time to call an arborist. The national average price range for tree-trimming costs is $270-$450. Tree removal costs can vary based on the height, diameter, location and health of the tree, and on whether you want to remove the stump. Height plays a major role in tree removal costs. Small trees, no more than 30 feet tall, are usually thinner in diameter and easier and safer for an arborist to manage. Removal of a small tree can cost anywhere from under $150 to over $450. Removal of medium-height trees, from 30 feet to 60 feet tall, could cost anywhere between $150 and $850 or more. Tall trees, typically 60 feet to 80 feet tall, may start at $500 or cost more than $1,000 to cut down. As the height and diameter increase, so does the cost.

Location is critical, too. Removing a tree in an open space is quicker and presents fewer obstacles than removing a tree that is growing flush to your house. Arborists can assess your tree and provide you with quotes based on the variables involved. For example, removing a medium-size hackberry tree that was growing too close to a home — the roots were damaging the home’s foundation — cost $1,500. This price included rope-down, house protection, tree quartering and stacking, and stump removal.

How much does it cost to trim a tree?

The national price range for tree trimming ranges anywhere from $75-$1,000. Tree trimming is often done by a professional arborist who is trained to safely trim and prune trees for both the health of the tree and the safety of the residents and their property. Trying to do your own tree trimming is not advisable unless you have the proper know-how. Tree trimming companies may charge an hourly rate for their services. The hourly rate may be higher or lower for different trees to reflect the relative safety measures, skill, equipment or people power needed to handle the job. For this reason, most tree services provide free estimates.

One example of an hourly rate for professional tree trimming services is $150 per hour. Costs may be under $100 or could be higher than $300 per hour, depending on variables such as proximity to buildings, health of the tree, height and diameter of the tree, and type of tree trimming desired. Geography and regional cost of living and regional costs to do business will also play a role in your tree removal costs.

Is it worth it to hire a professional tree trimming service?

Hiring a professional tree trimming service near you can be worth the cost. This job requires the use of specialized equipment and involves a high degree of risk for inexperienced operators.

Safety is a major reason why you might want to avoid performing this task yourself. Another factor is time. Tree trimming services have their own equipment and tools that allow them to finish the job quickly. 

How much does it cost to remove a fallen tree?

If you need to have a tree cut down, have you planned what will happen next? Arborists often charge an additional fee to quarter and remove the fallen tree from your property, so anticipate this as part of your tree removal costs. You can elect to have the wood cut for use in your fireplace, or you may prefer to have it hauled away completely.

Tree removal costs may vary based on the height and the width of the felled tree. Size affects the labor required for removal, which will be reflected in the cost. For example, a tree service company may charge an additional $100-$120 to haul away the pieces of a felled tree. The service may cost as little as $75 in some regions and more than $150 in others. Regional labor rates, the cost of living and the cost to do business in your area will be reflected in your tree removal cost.

What is tree trimming vs. tree pruning?

The difference between tree trimming and tree pruning comes down to the intention and strategy in the two methods. Pruning often refers to the removal of branches deemed unnecessary or hazardous, and this process helps stimulate growth. Tree trimming focuses on removing overgrown branches. But this process can also help the tree receive more moisture and light. 

A professional might recommend pruning and trimming at different times of year to stimulate growth or leverage the tree’s dormant period to slow new sprouting.

If a neighbor's tree falls on my property, who is responsible for removal?

The rules for liability when a neighbor's tree falls on your property may depend on the unique details of the situation. A common outcome is that the homeowner pays for the damage and removal. Homeowners insurance may cover a tree that fell into your yard from a wind storm. Check your local laws and insurance policy to find out.

What do tree removal companies do with the wood?

Downed trees can have a number of different end destinations. The tree removal company may use it as firewood to sell to customers, or they may send it through a wood chipper to turn it into mulch. The tree may also wind up in a green landfill or biomass power plant. Alternatively, it could go to a lumber or chip mill. 

How do you remove roots after tree removal?

Getting rid of tree roots can be tricky. There are methods for getting roots out yourself, but the labor involved will take several hours and is quite intensive. For this reason, it’s best to hire a pro to remove stumps and roots. 

Who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches?

You should check your local laws to determine who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches on your property. If possible, make an agreement with your neighbor(s) on who is responsible to trim back tree branches that cross property lines.

What are the advantages of cutting trees?

There are several advantages to responsible tree cutting. As trees age and stop producing seeds, cutting them down can prevent them from falling on valuable property like homes and cars. Additionally, cutting trees allows more sunlight to reach smaller trees below, giving them the opportunity to grow. And pruning your trees can help promote growth.

Reviews for Bay Area tree removal services
D. G.
RH Tree Service removed a pine tree that was on a steep slope and cleaned up the work areas like they were never there. I would recommend them to anyone who needs tree trimming and/or removal.
RH Tree ServiceRH Tree Service
Maria J.
Juan did a terrific job removing a tree for us and cleaning up. Would recommend them.
Angele's Tree ServiceAngele's Tree Service
Andrew T.
Rodolfo and his team did an excellent job removing an ivy tree that toppled over on our fence, as well as pruning our large pine tree. 5/5 would recommend!
RH Tree ServiceRH Tree Service
Nick C.
Needed to get front shrubs removed, along with some small trees in the backyard; fast, furious and at a great price.
Angele's Tree ServiceAngele's Tree Service
Jason R.
Great work removing the two trees in our backyard, super clean finish, and would definitely recommend again!
Sean Heskett Urban ArboristSean Heskett Urban Arborist
Thumbtack Customer
Sean made it fast and furious :) he removed the big tree from our backyard and trimmed some other trees. We still need his help to proceed after construction is done! Highly recommended. Thanks Sean!
Sean Heskett Urban ArboristSean Heskett Urban Arborist
Roy F.
We contracted RH to remove a very tall Acacia that started leaning in the last storms, and to prune two others in a cluster. They were quick in getting us a quote, which was very reasonable, came out shortly thereafter to do the work. The leaning trunk was removed very quickly, and they did an excellent job pruning the other trees, including reducing the height of the trees without making them appear topped. The trees look great. They left our yard and the neighbors' in a clean condition. They are a very hard working crew, and we highly recommend them.
RH Tree ServiceRH Tree Service
David C.
I requested an estimate for a removal of a palm tree in my backyard. In the request it was clearly stated what kind of tree and also included photos. Acer set an appt to come take a look at 9:45am so I cleared my schedule during that time. At 9am, i get a message saying they don't do palm tree and will cancel the appointment. What a waste of my time...
Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.
Thumbtack Customer
I needed two palm trees and one yucca cleaned up. One palm tree and the yucca are very tall. Juan Angeles showed up as scheduled and completed the job in around three hours. All three trees were trimmed as discussed. There were lots of palm fronds and yucca spikes that had to be removed and due to the house's configuration had to be taken through the house to the street. When completed the house was spotless as was the back yard. The trees and yucca look great. Very happy with the job that was done by Angeles Tree Service.
Angele's Tree ServiceAngele's Tree Service
Jim W.
Freddy was precisely on time, explained exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to handle a tree that was tricky to get access to. He was able to remove the tree and stump successfully and did a great job cleaning up afterwards. I would definitely recommend him and use him again.
New Era ArboristNew Era Arborist
Lori M.
Kevin and his team were on time and brought everything they needed to remove two 20-foot trees and stumps. He had to remove a bit of brick and planter surrounds but did so carefully and asked for confirmation before he did. Great communication and great value! Highly recommend!
Guevara Tree SpecialistsGuevara Tree Specialists
Ian I.
Kevin did a great job of trimming my very large juniper tree that has never been trimmed since i lived at here (15 years). He also showed me that a large stump had fractured and recommended that it be removed for an additional fee. He pointed out that perhaps heavy winds or rain may result in this large tree stump and limbs falling on my neighbor's fence. He trimmed large magnolia tree branch going into my neighbor's yard and removed it at no cost. The only problem I encountered was that he arrived late in the afternoon and it took more than a day to finish.
Guevara Tree SpecialistsGuevara Tree Specialists
James T.
Sean removed two trees in my backyard and trimmed one. His communication was great, and he did the work for the exact price he quoted. I would definitely hire him again.
Sean Heskett Urban ArboristSean Heskett Urban Arborist
Jasmine B.
Jose and his team did a great job with cutting down 2 trees and trimming a large palm tree in our hillside backyard. The palm was shaped nicely and transformed our yard. It took a lot of work to remove the large palm branches (over 30 for sure) and carry out through our house. Thank you!
Cousins tree serviceCousins tree service
Steven P.
Gabriel was easy to work with, he came as scheduled for both the free estimate and the job/tree removal-stump grind-root cutting. He is very professional and personable to speak with. Communicates well vis phone call or text. On site during the entire tree removal and stump grind he was very safe/clean, thoughtful to the neighbors property/landscaping, he takes every precaution to assure no damage is done or plants were harmed. Not to mention he works VERY FAST. He also offered to help plant new trees once we select the ones we want. I look forward in working with Gabriel again.
Affordable Tree CareAffordable Tree Care
Tyler H.
Miguel was able to remove an overgrown palm tree from our home front planter, which was no small task. In doing so, he was able to preserve the brick lining of the planter and left the area ready for new planting. After he was done, he cleaned the area including the windows to be sure it was clear of all debris. Great work! Before and after photos below. Sorry to get rid of a tree, but it was starting to do damage on the surroundings.
Martinez's Gardening & LandscapeMartinez's Gardening & Landscape
Tac L.
Jose was quick to respond over email and text then jumped on a video call the next morning to evaluate the job and provide a quote. He was available the next day to remove the banana trees whose roots were dislodging bricks in our foundation. He solved our problem quickly and efficiently.
Jose Torres LandscapingJose Torres Landscaping
Pam B.
They handled removal of a very large 35 year old Eucalyptus in a courtyard within eight feet of our house along with seven ornamental pear trees along our urban property line - all in very tight quarters with no damage to our house, our neighbors or the fence in between. They cleaned up beautifully, so well that you could never tell they were there at all - except the trees were gone! Meticulous work. Real pros. Highly recommended and we will use them again.
Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.
Andrea H.
Acer Landscaping did an incredible job cleaning our yard and trimming and removing trees. They arrived on time, worked diligently and quickly while on the job, and were extremely communicative before, during and after the job. We've been looking for great landscapers for over a year now and feel so relieved we found Acer Landscaping! I couldn't recommend them enough. Hire them!
Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.
Diane M.
Eli and his team from Acer Landscaping & Tree Care did a great job cutting down and removing a dead apple tree and roots in my backyard. Eli was extremely responsive from when I first contacted him; he came over at a time that worked for me to give me a price quote; and he and his team got the job done quickly and cleanly. He clearly is an expert in his field and has a positive upbeat attitude too! Value was also great, and less than a couple of other quotes I got. I will contact him again for future jobs as needed and I highly recommend him.
Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.Acer Landscaping & Tree Care Inc.
Shirley L.
I had 3 companies come out to give me a quote on trimming a 25 foot and removal of a dead tree. Juan Angele was the the most friendliest and most professional one. He gave me the most reasonable financial quote that I can afford. He was on time and cleaned up after crew very well. I would definitely use this company again and would highly reccomend him.
Angele's Tree ServiceAngele's Tree Service
Leigh S.
Sean helped me remove about 8 diseased cypress trees from my small SF backyard. The job ended up being more difficult than originally anticipated (more established roots and proximity to fencing, irrigation, and power lines), but he stuck with it and honored the original quote despite the extra time it took. My backyard looks much more open and he took the time to clean everything up afterwards as well.
Sean Heskett Urban ArboristSean Heskett Urban Arborist
Azeb C.
Freddy Guevara came on time and worked in our garden. Before that, I clarified everything to be done: Me: Please review the work request on this board to ensure you understand, and ask any questions before Monday. He: Ok great I think we are good as far as understanding everything that needs to be done...I can do all the work for $300 which will be trimming the lemon tree, removing tree stump, removal of weeds..." Upon his arrival at our home, we signed an Agreement that included a line: "Weed the entire garden from root..." before the work began. He started the work and I stayed there for the first half and saw that he was weeding properly. I had work calls so went into my office and left him in the garden to finish. I had assumed he continued the weeding in the same manner as he started, so did not go around digging to check when he finished. Should I have...? Anyway, I paid him and subsequently left a positive comment on this message board. Exactly 2 days later, weed started popping up in half of the garden. This is because it was not weeded out properly. Instead, he had cut it and covered it up with mulch. I wrote him and sent photos of the areas he 'worked on', asked him to come and finish up the job properly. His response in part: "...I did everything you said everything was ok with you before I left I am not comprehending how now there is an issue? And I am sorry but the way that you are going about this was unnecessary and uncalled for." (Thumbtack had contacted me about something...themselves. I asked them how to go about rectifying this issue at hand. They suggested actually to change the rating I had given him. I had told him this and decided to give him a chance to rectify the issue.) He continued, "If you would like for me to come back I will have no problem coming back but will be for additional charge of $150." Totally unexpected! We have hired people to work around the house and in the garden over the years. This was a small job we needed done before the annual maintenance in the garden. We have generally been satisfied and folks have been responsive, responsible and respectful, so this took me aback. I reflected on the situation for a couple of days and decided to write the facts.
New Era ArboristNew Era Arborist
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