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Find a full service mover near Atlanta, GA

Find a full service mover near Atlanta, GA

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Find a full service mover near Atlanta, GA

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Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much do movers cost in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, the top movers range from $75 to over $100 per hour. This is an estimated cost that can fluctuate throughout the year and vary depending on several factors. Factors that can impact the cost of your move include whether you need flat-rate or hourly movers, specific moving services (i.e. packing services or moving boxes) or additional movers to load your belongings. 

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a mover during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If you’re trying to set up a consultation or an appointment with a mover during the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure to use digital tools to avoid exposure. When searching for movers online, ask if they’d be willing to do a video chat to assess the size of your move. This will be in place of the typical “walk-through” they perform, and they may be able to give you a price quote. You can also discuss safe strategies for completing the job during your call or video chat.

How do I choose the best moving company in Atlanta?

First, you’ll want to compare the best moving companies Atlanta has to offer. When comparing, check the estimated costs. When you see movers who might fit your budget, read their profiles and reviews. Keep an eye out for movers who respond quickly and arrive on time. If you’re moving within Georgia, make sure the moving company you choose has a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. You can check by reaching out to the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Are there ways to be safe if I hire a mover when social distancing?

If you decide to hire a mover, consider making adjustments to accommodate current guidelines. This may involve staying outside while the mover works inside your home or letting the mover handle only parts of the move.

It’s important to follow social distancing guidelines while performing any service work. For example, do not make physical contact with the movers, maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you at all times, and use digital payments instead of cash or a check.

How can I find out if a mover is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

Your local city or state’s government website is a great resource if you’re trying to figure out whether a mover is considered an essential service provider during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For a source of national guidelines, visit the CISA website’s Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19. On this page, you’ll find 16 categories of critical infrastructure sectors. But note that some -- not all --  jurisdictions follow CISA’s definitions of critical infrastructure. 

Can I use digital payments to pay for moving services?

Most local moving companies are likely to accept some form of digital payment. Particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies are likely to conduct transactions through platforms like PayPal, Zelle, Square Cash, Venmo, Google Pay and more. 

To ensure the mover accepts a platform you can use, you can peruse the mover’s online profile and see what is listed there. You can also ask the mover about payment policies during a consultation call.

Does a mover need to enter my home?

A mover will likely need to enter your home -- unless you’ve placed all of your belongings outside beforehand. To stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might to consider keeping all (or most) of the work outside and/or having at-risk individuals leave the house while the movers work. 

You can minimize exposure by doing a preliminary walk-through by video call instead of in person. Discuss your options with the top movers near you before hiring one.

Do movers offer remote or virtual services?

Movers generally need to be present to do their job. But if you come across a mover’s profile that states they’re offering remote services, you can contact them to see what those services include. 

How do I choose the best long-distance moving company in Atlanta?

The best long-distance moving companies in Atlanta will have a familiarity with the Georgia area and know how to manage some of the challenges of an Atlanta move, such as peak traffic times and high temperatures. You might also want to hire movers who are skilled in packing quickly and carefully, as well as efficiently relocating your belongings.

For moves within Georgia, you can check the Georgia Department of Public Safety website for more information on licensed movers in the state.

When researching the best long-distance moving companies in Atlanta, compare reviews and ratings. Pay attention to reviews that mention the movers’:

  • Quality of work. Have customers complained about their belongings being damaged during the move?
  • Punctuality. Are the movers known to show up on time?
  • Professionalism. Were the movers nice, respectful and responsible? 

After you’ve narrowed down your top picks, reach out to the movers and ask for estimates.

How much does it cost to move across the country from Atlanta?

The cost to move across the country from Atlanta may vary depending on various factors. For example, the long-distance movers you choose when moving from Atlanta to Seattle or moving from Atlanta to New York may charge you different rates based on your destination. They may also charge a flat hourly rate. The cost will also depend on the company you choose and the time of year.

To find out how much it will cost you to move across the country, contact the top movers in Atlanta.

Reviews for Atlanta full service movers
Thumbtack Customer
Great service with a move from Chicago to Florida.Much easier than last time when using a national moving carrier because they could not have items next day at new location since my load was less than a full moving van and got merged with other loads. Pick Up Movers was more then enough for a two bedroom unit. The guys worked hard in a tight space and did not damage any items with their careful blanket wrapping and blanket on porch when titling to get thru a narrow space.
Pick Up Movers LLC GAPick Up Movers LLC GA
Thumbtack Customer
They where very helpful with setting up my move, the Administrative Assistants were very knowledgeable and friendly. Unfortunately, I had to change the time of my move to a night time move at 6pm. The time scheduled wasn't a great idea so Micah called to let me know that they didn't want to risk not making it in time and have the move go too late into the night. So instead they apologized and gave me a full refund for the inconvience. Which was no inconvience because they let me know 3 days before my move. I was very grateful for the refund since money is tight right now. They were very apologetic, but I'd much rather them cancel then to show up late at a night time move, which is great customer service.
2 Brothers Services Inc.2 Brothers Services Inc.
Naveed S.
3hrs/3 men and truck but ended up with 2 extra hours to pay for even though it was not that much work. The 3 man crew sent was surprised to know they also had to pack stuff and one of the guys scowled and walked out. Apparently the organizer sent the Moving Only crew. When the quote I accepted clearly stated full service packing. After which organizer blames me for not communicating that packing was required when I clearly did. However they proceeded to pack but looked like they were just throwing all the stuff into the boxes. This resulted in me having to do a some of the work myself to speed things up and I had to put all the glassware to myself to avoid any mishandling. I wont know if there was any damage until I unpack. I had done much of the packing already before they arrived so not sure why it took them 5 hrs (even though it was the 4th floor). I had to ask them to step on it at the near end of the 3rd hour. I feel they were intentionally wasting some time to get more hours. But they main guy was able to fit all of my stuff in the storage unit with very good expertise. That was helpful. Now When I checked my house I see a huge cabinets full of pots and pans were not packed. I am stuck with another mini move despite having paid to move already. Also once the stuff was loaded I was waiting for them to tell me when they are about to start. But apparently they already left several minutes ago. Not sure why anyone would do that unless they need to make a quick stop somewhere to unload any of my stuff? Could have been an honest mistake. I don't know. Overall they were very polite for the duration of the move and accommodated my requests but simply did not have the packing expertise to quickly pack stuff. Answer to the Movers response: Neal/Maverick you only asked me to include my personal details and date and time of the move. Admit it that you messed up. The apt was SEMI EMPTY (I had already packed many boxes Dismantled most of the furniture myself and had all my stuff in a full closet they didn't have to pack) it should have been done in 3 hrs!! You are unfit for business if you cant take customer feedback constructively and insult the customer instead. Unrealistic?? please!! How about you answer the rest of my questions, not just the one you find convenient. Also did I fail to mention they arrived 2 hrs Late!!! Failed to pack and move a lot of my stuff, I am having to do it. I would not recommend anyone to hire you, and I will make sure to tell everyone I know. Thanks.
Naomi D.
To say I was sorely disappointed in my experience with Next Door Relocators is a gross understatement. Let's start with me being quoted over the phone a price for 3 guys, only to get the written quote the next morning for 2 guys for the same price. I immediately responded to the email asking about the discrepancy. Steve never responded, not even to say the verbal quote was a mistake. On moving day while awaiting the crew, who were late, Mike (the owner) called and suggested they send 3 guys instead of 2 to make my move "faster". I told Mike I'd been verbally quoted 3 guys by Steve initially, yet his written quote was for 2 guys at the same price and I hadn't received a response from him explaining the discrepancy. Mike just said he'd take care of it. Shame on me for not asking clarifying questions on what exactly that meant. I certainly didn't think that would mean a price increase and I never saw the revised quote until the movers had me sign off on the job. Again, my bad. When the crew of 3 arrived, I was skeptical from the beginning. They were too young to be working unsupervised. I say that because having dealt with movers before, there has always been an older gentleman in the crew who keeps the guys on track and helps them be more strategic with moving quickly and loading the truck. These guys REALLY needed that. They were all very nice, but they bickered at each other nearly the entire time. I felt like I was babysitting. It was hot and I was frustrated. I just wanted them to move faster, get the job done and leave. One of the movers--I know his name but won't write it--mentioned being hungry and dehydrated. He'd apparently moved someone before me, but didn't get food or anything to drink before coming to my place. My quote didn't include feeding and hydrating the guys. He went downstairs and I didn't see him again for a couple of hours. I gave them all a bottle of cold Powerade trying to help. I called Steve again to express my disappointment. My concerns were that I was paying by the hour and they told me 3 guys would move stuff faster. Yet, I only saw 2 guys working. About an hour after that call with Steve, the 3rd guy reappeared upstairs to tell me the elevator had broken. At that point, Amber from the office called the guy I'd complained about and right there with her on the phone, he asked me if I'd called the office on him. I told him I'd called because I was concerned. But I was thinking: you've got to be kidding me. How can anyone think this is ok? So, I called Steve right back and told him about that too. I even asked if they could just send another person to swap out, one who could work at the speed of the other 2 guys. Steve's solution was to inform Mike of all of this when he called to settle the bill. My thoughts: why should I? You are one company. Your'e the representative I've been working with from the company. If I call you to lodge a complaint, you should take it to the appropriate person internally, not me. But don't mind me, I just lead an operations team, so what would I know? So much more happened in between that last call with Steve and the guys finally finishing up, but it's just too much to recap. In the end, it took these guys nearly 8 freakin hours to move a 2 BR apt. Mind you, it's actually 1 full BR and the 2nd room is an office. So, it's not like they had two full bedroom sets to disassemble and reassemble. Additionally, I moved less than half a mile from my old place! At the end, Mike called to get my credit card payment, yet he was trying to get it from the mover rather than talking to me. I already felt uncomfortable with the though of saying my cc number to the mover to say to Mike, but what really pissed me off was that Mike knew I'd complained and still never asked to speak to me. He was just making sure he'd get the payment from one of his crew members. I asked the guy to hand me the phone and asked Mike didn't he think it was more appropriate to get my cc information from me directly since I was standing right there. I told him I'd pay for the move but that we really needed to talk because I was incredibly frustrated, dissatisfied and disappointed with my experience. I asked if he'd talked to Steve, whom I called twice to complain during the move. He said he had but that he didn't want to discuss it in front of the guys. Which is interesting because he had no issue taking my full payment for the crappy job his guys did. Mike said he'd call me the next day to discuss. I'm leaving this review one week later and still haven't from Mike. I did however get a voicemail from Amber at the office asking me to call her back to review my experience. Perhaps Amber didn't realize which client I am: the one that one of their movers confronted about calling the office on him while she was on the phone. In summary, this moving nightmare costs me about $1000. My review: DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. I used Mark the Mover about 3 years ago. Even while packing when that crew arrived, the move was completed 2 hours faster than this one and costs me about $400 less. Try them...or anyone else instead. Oh and I've since noticed scratches on several furniture pieces. Recalling this experience makes me angry all over again. Don't do that to yourself. There are too many moving companies out there seriously focused on delivering quality service to deal with a company like this.
Next Door Relocators,LLCNext Door Relocators,LLC
Bryon W.
Movers showed up with no tools to break down furniture (which I requested to be done) nor anything to protect my furniture from damage in the truck during transit. We are still finding scratches, dings and scuffs on our wood furniture, even the large items we wrapped. Side note, two days later my sons and I moved a 20x20 storage full of items/furniture and not one scratch noticed on any items (just because we packed the truck correctly). They didn't lay anything down on our brand new wood floors which they dragged items across causing damage. They "folded in half" a king size mattress with coils and foam making it completely useless (they did replace that). Another side note, the frig, stove and new mattress got delivered by other companies and never touched the floor until almost in place where they belonged. The BIGGEST issue is their "Damage Claim Form" policy. They only gave us 3 days which was almost impossible to get to every item, including the floors which were covered with boxes, in that time. So the only thing that got replaced was our mattress and the rest of the items we have to come out-of-pocket because you're ONLY allowed to file one claim form. Their customer service was great in getting the mattress replaced with no hassle. The crew were a bunch of nice guys, showed up on time but very unprofessional (we didn't appreciate the language) and unprepared. I would only recommend Bellhops if you have your furniture professionally packed and protected AND you supervise how your items are being packed in the truck as well as inspect every item as it comes in the door of your new home. Also, invest in something to lay on your floors during the move! DON'T ASSUME THE MOVERS WILL BRING ANY DROP CLOTHES, FURNITURE BLANKETS, CARDBOARD, BUBBLE WRAP, TOOLS OR ANYTHING ELSE TO PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS, FLOORS AND WALLS! This may be common sense to some but I don't move a lot so I hope this helps others that don't as well.
Bellhops Moving (Atlanta, GA)Bellhops Moving (Atlanta, GA)
Grace B.
This will be long, but please read as I wish someone would've posted about them like this before we hired this company... I've already reached out to the BBB, but unfortunately, this company has not responded. I've given them a month to get back to us and make things better; but, it's clear they will not be. We had nothing but a very disappointing experience with Next Door Relocators. For starters, we hired (and paid for) 3 movers, however only 2 movers showed up. Management said they would send us additional personnel, but no one ever came. To make matters worse, the movers were over an hour late and gave us no courtesy call to say that they would be late. They also had trouble finding our apartment complex even though the sales rep we spoke with said they had moved people from our complex many times before. When the driver called me to get more specific directions, we tried to explain very clearly how to get to where we were, and he was very rude and barely let my husband finish my sentences. When the driver finally found our loading zone, he and the other mover showed up in an unmarked truck with a tear in the side (no logo on the outside of the truck that would indicate that these were in fact Next Door Relocator movers) and wearing street clothes (no uniform or identifying piece of clothing). They also offered no apology for being late. I will say that they got to work quickly and efficiently. They had pleasant attitudes for the first hour or so and had good senses of humor. However, they took the comfort level too far at times. The driver asked if he could have some tequila that was being moved, then later for some wine (keep in mind that it was 11:00 am at this point, and he was the driver). Later, the driver spent about 45 minutes in our master bath room. Upon leaving the bathroom he said to me, "I wouldn't go in there." GROSS. The driver later asked if we would go to a gas station to get him an energy drink. On top of all this, he even asked if we were selling various pieces of furniture, and how much we would be willing to accept for others. They also asked my husband to help them move some heavy pieces to hurry up the process (this is why we hired 3 guys). They soon seemed annoyed with the move and essentially rushed out of the apartment without saying bye or letting us know they were leaving. They left behind many boxes and other items that my wife and I had to collect and move on our own on later dates. Since we had to pack up more stuff in our cars after they left, we figured they would surely beat us to our new home. However, they didn’t arrive until an additional 45 minutes after we arrived at our new home. Keep in mind, this was after my husband stopped to grab them lunch, as we thought this would be a nice gesture (one of the many regrets of this whole experience). They rushed as quickly as possible to dump boxes wherever they could in our new home. We even had labels on each box for which room the box should be placed, which were fragile and needed to be place upright. They left virtually everything on the first floor in a very unorganized fashion, many of which were upside down or had heavy boxes on top of the fragile ones. They never built any of our beds or bed frames as promised in the contract. We also discovered several broken platters and vases (wedding gifts of ours). One of the movers eventually began complaining of back pain, so I offered him a bag of ice. He didn’t move any other boxes after that. Oh, and they asked me to help remove tape from the furniture covers to make things go faster (this is why we asked for 3 movers). Throughout the entire moving process, the driver continuously mentioned tips, and how he was getting us a deal with the company to save us money so we could offer larger tips (he stated that tips were the main source of his income). When it came time to pay the bill, the driver called the management office, who said that we owed the full amount. We told the driver that that would be unacceptable for all the reasons above especially considering that they were hours late. Management eventually offered to dock $45 from our bill. Eventually we got so uncomfortable and frustrated with the entire process that we wrote them a check and asked them to leave. After the whole moving experience, we called the management office many times to explain our frustrations. Management never offered any solutions to address our grievances. They explained to us that they fired the driver who moved us because they had problems with him before-- yep... the driver was so inept at providing quality service that the company fired him, and the company never offered any sort of discount to us. Eventually after many calls to management, they offered us an approximately $50 discount. That’s it. They could have easily offered us a fair discount for the terrible service we received. Like I mentioned earlier, it eventually got so bad that we contacted the BBB. The BBB informed us weeks later, that Next Door Relocators never responded to any of their calls. In summary, hiring Next Door Relocators was a horrible decision. I strongly encourage staying away from this business and would never recommend them.
Next Door Relocators,LLCNext Door Relocators,LLC
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