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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Reasons to Hire an IKEA Assembly Pro
  1. 1. Prepares

    A pro will organize the workspace so that he or she has enough room to work and the finished product will easily fit in the space. You need enough space to completely walk around the finished piece.

  2. 2. Checks ahead

    A pro will make sure that you have all of the hardware pieces that are listed in the instruction manual. It’s important to count each of the pieces and make sure they correlate with the quantities in the manual.

  3. 3. Saves paperwork

    A pro will keep your receipts so that if there are any parts missing, you can retrieve them from your local IKEA. The stores have a section for missing parts, but you may need your receipt.

  4. 4. Brings the right tools

    Your handyman might purchase a few extra tools, such as a powered screwdriver and a rubber mallet, to install wooden dowels. A pro may already have these tools in his arsenal.

  5. 5. Builds carefully

    A pro should resist the urge to over-tighten any bolts. Most furniture from IKEA is made of fiberboard, which can split if the surrounding bolts are tightened too much.

  6. 6. Knows the limits

    A conscientious handyman puts together only one piece of furniture at a time. If you try to assemble more than one piece at a time, it is easier to mix up parts and misplace them.

  7. 7. Builds in place

    A pro should assemble the furniture in the very spot where it is going to live. Some pieces are notorious for breaking apart when you try to move them, so the less you have to move them, the better.

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Tips for success

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Pro Tip

Pro Tip

There are IKEA instructional videos available online if needed.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Have your pro add a touch of wood glue to any wooden dowels used.

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