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Guitar Instructors Close to You

Top Rated Guitar Instructors Around Ashburn, VA

Don Bruce



  • 24 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 15 min
  • Fairfax, VA

Vanessa G.

Verified review

Don was fantastic. I'm so excited to continue my violin and piano lessons! I definitely recommend him...he obviously has a lot of knowledge to offer his clients.

  • 14 years in business
  • 18 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 51 min

Jennefer H.

Verified review

I hired Bill for electric guitar lessons. I actually shopped for an instructor who would fit my learning style best. I learn by doing things hands-on, not so much auditory learning. After trying 4 different instructors, I decided Bill was the best fit for me. Other instructors were good but did not have what I was looking for such as: not teaching according to my learning style, not understanding my goals, or making me feel like I learned nothing after the first lesson. I felt none of these will Bill. After my first lesson with him, I knew he would be a great fit for me. You can just tell he has experience by interacting with him. I left the lesson feeling satisfied with the information I learned and that I am capable of reaching my goals. He takes his time with each lesson, does not rush, and welcomes all questions. He is patient with newbies like me and adept at explaining things in a manner that I will understand. I never feel overwhelmed with the information he gives. I like that he gives positive encouragement when you do something correctly. He will also help you correct you if you have bad form/technique. Bill is very professional, he responds to inquiries quickly. He has the knowledge, experience, and background to help you reach your goals. He has a great personality and is willing to work with your schedule. I highly recommend Bill as an instructor!

  • 4 years in business
  • 18 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 6 min

Tracy A.

Verified review

I have been playing guitar for my own enjoyment for 40 years. As a boy I briefly had casual lessons in strumming along to popular music. The lessons weren't very serious or effective, and so I'm pretty much self taught. Over the years I've become an accomplished dilettante able to impress the nonmusicians, but always aware that I didn't really play very well. In all that time I've often wondered how the really talented musicians learned their craft, never more so than while watching my son's slow progress with the laughably unchallenging lessons at Bach to Rock. This Christmas I told my wife I would really enjoy having some serious instruction, and she went hunting for the best the region had to offer. She found Alexander Rani at NOVA. I progressed more in my first 4 lessons with Alexander than I have in the last decade. I see now how accomplished musicianship is not some unattainable feat of the few truly blessed. Proper technique and a little diligence can see even an old duffer like me making beautiful music. My wife, who thought I was ridiculous for wanting to take lessons when I already knew how to play, keeps telling me how shocked she is at the difference. I feel like an idiot for thinking it was beyond me and not seeking out a real teacher before. And that has been the difference: a real teacher. Alex is fabulous. I have to say I find it intimidating to be sitting down with such a tremendously accomplished musician. He is so at ease doing things I know are extremely difficult and he can throw in endless variations of his own creation seemingly without having to think at all. He is a concert quality guitarist of the very first order. However he is wonderful at making you feel at ease. He is kind and patient and never condescending or harsh. (And I promise, my playing should try his patience if anyone's will!). I won't say he makes it easy. Quite the opposite. Alex will challenge you at your level of ability. He will take you out of your comfort zone and on to the next skill or technique and tell you you are ready to do more. For me the first run through anything new seems completely alien, and many of these things I wouldn't have given more than a first try. But Alex patiently takes you through one little bite at a time and quickly it becomes more natural. In a short time you are doing things that you didn't think you had in you. And that has been the biggest surprise. I haven't gotten very far yet, but now I understand how it is done, how accomplished musicianship is attainable one skill at a time. Thanks, Alex.

  • 15 years in business
  • 64 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 3 hours

Dan F.

Verified review

I took bass lessons with Morgan; not only did he teach me bass, but music! Keys, scales, modes, majors & minors... he tailored his teaching to what I could absorb, and opened my eyes to the possibilities...

  • 8 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 4 hours
  • Fairfax, VA

Eileen C.

Verified review

Jack Philipoom came to my attention at my nieces wedding reception in Williamsburg , Virginia where he was performing jazz guitar with an ensemble. It was there that I booked him for a garden party at my McLean , Virginia home. The flow and style of this extremely talented musician added an elegant ambiance to our evening. His personality is delightful, and our guests found him to be simply charming. I will definitely rehire him, and have highly recommended him to our friends.

  • 7 years in business
  • 5 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 46 min

Sam H.

Verified review

Carey’s talent as a teacher does wonders for bridging the gap between music theory and music performance. I went into lessons with only a very basic knowledge of music theory that I hardly was able to apply to guitar, but his lessons taught me how to play in a way where I can either explore the musical depth of the tune or simply jam, comfortable that what I’m playing will always sound good. It’s broadened my abilities as a musician without taking away the simple fun of playing guitar, something that is invaluable in any teacher.

  • 6 years in business
  • 46 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 1 hours

Robb R.

Verified review

Sean is a great guitar instructor. He explains theory well and offers practical guidance and exercises to improve technique. I highly recommend.

  • 38 years in business
  • 15 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 24 min

Joe S.

Verified review

I've been taking a weekly hour lesson for a month and have greatly improved my playing and understanding of music working with Kevin. I am an adult who has been playing all my life but with little formal training. I have hit a wall with trying to self-learn using books and videos and needed someone to walk me through some of the advanced concepts. He is very patient and encouraging with my efforts to apply the lessons to my own music interests. Specifically he is helping me fill gaps in my knowledge by teaching me jazz concepts and the modes and how to apply them to jazz standards. I enjoy the lessons and look forward to them every week.

  • 18 years in business
  • 3 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 6 min

Bill E.

Verified review

I have known Joanna for over 30 years now, and know that even back then she had a sheer musicality both at guitar and keyboards. Her handling of elementary school students of any grade when teaching, then middle school and older, was always carefully measured, often catering to individual needs in order to bring out or focus musical gifts, or simply to raise the level of a student's appreciation for art. She has kept that measure of regard for students of all ages since she went into non-school teaching. I also would assure anybody who wants to send a younger student to her that if after an appropriate period of time she felt they were not progressing or that music was perhaps not a good fit for them that she would be honest about that to the parents rather than have anybody waste time and resources trying to engage a child with other interests. But her goal has always been, as I have observed, to find a way to engage them in the first place. Results and honesty, as well as musical passion. What more need be said. (Please know that as a professional musician myself that this is as unbiased an opinion as I can possibly render.)

  • 8 years in business
  • 1 hire on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 10 min

Leanne M.

Verified review

My daughter and I met Diego about 2 years ago. Both she and I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Diego was always patient, kind, and found the best learning methods for the both of us. As time went on, I decided to stop taking lessons, do to time constraints, but my daughter continued to play until Diego changed locations. Diego was always the most polite and presentable staff member at the company. He was so great, that I asked him to play at my wedding! I highly recommended Diego Ratana to anyone looking for quality and integrity in the music industry.

  • 1 hire on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 12 hours
  • Sterling, VA

Abe G.

Verified review

I have been a student of Dirk’s since October 2014. I am a 50+ year old man with no prior experience playing guitar prior to taking lessons with Dirk. I explained to Dirk that I work at a CPA firm and I would not be able to take lessons during tax season. I also explained that it would be to my benefit if we could schedule lessons every other week. He was ok with that. Dirk is a patient instructor. He realizes that we all have busy lives and may not have a chance to practice as much as we like. Lessons last an hour or more. You play a little, he makes recommendations, practice the new techniques and hopefully increase your skill set. Dirk provides books and sheets of music that increase in complexity as you master techniques. You can also bring your own material. The most important thing that I have learned from Dirk is to enjoy playing guitar. You are not graded, you are not compared to other students, he does not give any negative criticism. Hopefully, you will want to practice, improve your technique, and enjoy playing your guitar.

  • 34 years in business
  • 22 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 2 hours

Caroline L.

Verified review

Teresa is a very talented musician and experienced piano/guitar teacher. She is kind and patient with all of her students and with everyone around her. Her lessons are affordable but also high quality—they cover music theory, technique, musicianship, repertoire, and even a bit of music history. I have had the pleasure of observing many of her music lessons and taking piano lessons myself. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn piano or guitar.

  • 2 years in business
  • 12 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 3 hours

William F.

Verified review

Great teacher! Very passionate about guitar, always knows every song I want to learn and the theory behind it, great at motivating me to practice, very fun lessons!

  • 19 years in business
  • 143 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 22 hours

David J.

Verified review

Gregg has provided weekly guitar lessons to our son for the past 2 1/2 years. We have been very pleased with the results of our son's playing, not to mention his motivation and enjoyment while a student of Gregg's. Of special note is how Gregg has included our son in ensemble performances such as in fund-raisers and public service. This has not only further motivated Manuel but has helped grow his overall self confidence with the guitar and beyond.

  • 17 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 33 min
  • Strasburg, VA

Karen S.

Verified review

Chris is an awesome teacher! He has been such an inspiration to my young teen son who never played piano before Chris. He goes the extra mile with his students, is innovative, keeps my son's attention and motivates! He not only teaches traditional music that he knows is appropriate for the level and ability of his students, but also allows them to request their own songs of interest to learn. He keeps communication open with parents. My son has learned so much! Definitely the best! Highly recommend!

  • 17 years in business
  • 9 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 5 hours

My N.

Verified review

Kevin has been awesome. Right from hour one, he had me advancing my skill level at drumming. Not sure who was more enthusiastic, me or him! Fabulous teacher, good guy, and a talented musician.

  • 21 years in business
  • 58 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 14 hours

Reshma N.

Verified review

“It has been a great learning experience for my two daughters. I don’t think I could ever find a better piano teacher. Not only does Ms. Heather share her great talent with my kids, she is also very friendly and always cheerful and looking forward to teaching them. My daughters have improved dramatically since we started with her a few years ago. We also really enjoy the convenience of in home lessons! I highly recommend Lessons In Your Home for music lessons. My daughters now look forward to their piano practice daily”. Great Falls, VA Resident

  • 10 years in business
  • Response time: 3 hours
  • Arlington, VA

Jan S.

Verified review

My daughter is having a wonderful time learning piano with Stephanie. She is a fantastic musician/teacher and her lesson plans are really fun and informative! My husband and I have seen a vast improvement in our daughter's playing with each lesson. Highly recommended!

  • 2 hires on Thumbtack
  • Response time: 18 hours
  • Silver Spring, MD

Talisha T.

Verified review

Jeff was very professional and great instructor to work with. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an guitar teacher who is great teaching kids.

  • 2 years in business
  • Rockville, MD


I'm a 20-year-old college student teaching intermediate and beginner guitar lessons and tutoring students in mathematics and intro to computer science.

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Strum Start offers beginner to intermediate instruction in acoustic guitar, guitar theory and maintenance.