How much will your shower and bathtub installation or replacement cost?

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Shower and Bathtub Specialists on Thumbtack cost$450 - $16000

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How much does a bathtub replacement cost?

Replace an old, damaged or downright destroyed bathtub with the help of a bathtub installation specialist. Remove an old tub and replace it with a contemporary freestanding tub, a walk-in bathtub, a traditional bathtub, a combination shower/tub, a whirlpool tub or a soaking tub. Bathtub replacement costs can vary widely depending on the type of tub you select, the cost of plumbing (if you need to add new supply drains and lines), the cost of any construction and finish work necessary, and the cost of labor in your region. If you’re ready to replace your broken or outdated bathtub, here are the cost factors to consider.

Type of tub

The tub you choose will have a direct impact on your replacement costs. Walk-in tubs (with installation) can cost 10 times as much as a standard tub with installation due to their unique electrical and plumbing needs as well as the added cost of the tub itself.

Freestanding tubs, which are trending right now, cost more than the standard soaking alcove tub that’s built into the wall. Freestanding tubs start around $650, while basic bathtubs can be found starting at $150. As one example of a high-end bathtub, Michael Big of Big Brothers Development in Skokie, Illinois, recently installed a freestanding Candide cast iron bathtub that cost approximately $11,000. The more luxurious the brand and the higher-end the materials, the higher your tub cost will be.

Installation costs

The cost of installation is another major factor in bathtub replacement. The regional cost of labor and the skilled work required for the job will contribute to the cost. Here is one example of how added plumbing work impacted the tub replacement cost:

  • Ovation bathtub and installation: $2,000 from Jeremy Foster of Maintenance Solutions in Olathe, Kansas.

    • Standard fit Ovation tub (33.75 inches by 60 inches by 75 inches): $500

    • Approximate labor cost: $1,200 for 16 hours of labor.

      • The customer had a double handle manifold in place and preferred a single handle manifold, so the company replaced it. The company needed to run all new plumbing and drains for new installation in a basement, which resulted in higher labor costs.
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Walk-in tub and installation

Replacing your old tub with a walk-in bathtub is one of the pricier upgrades available. Walk-in tubs replace standard tubs to provide therapeutic soaking while also being safely accessible for those with limited mobility, thus facilitating in-home aging. The walk-in tub is a higher-priced fixture than a standard bathtub. The plumbing work is also more costly and the installation requires construction, electrical work and finish efforts. Here is one example of the cost of replacing your bathtub with a walk-in bathtub:

  • $16,000 for tub and installation from Mark Dake of Easy Step Walk In Tubs in Arlington, Texas. Project includes:

    • Removing and disposing of the old tub.

    • Supplying new walk-in tub (models vary based on needs).

    • Removing the door frame (as needed) to allow entry for the walk-in tub, then reinstalling trim when project complete.

    • Installing spacers to create a uniform look (most walk-in tubs are taller and narrower than standard bathtubs; spacers fill any gaps).

    • Addition of two new circuit breakers and two new electrical lines.

    • Plumbing work to connect new jet tub.

Refinish your bathtub

If you decide to keep your existing bathtub but want it to look brand-new, an economical option is having your bathtub refinished. Your tub pro secures your bathroom, then thoroughly cleans the tub of any top layers. The surface is then smoothed with a special putty, then the pro etches the tub to fully prepare the surface for bonding with the primer. The specialty primer is applied, then an acrylic urethane is sprayed on. This final coat creates the pristine look of porcelain and provides a long-lasting, waterproof finish. Here is one example of bathtub refinishing costs:

  • Refinish a standard, 5-foot cast iron bathtub from Jim Bierce of First Place Finishes in Aurora, Colorado: $425.

    • Labor was 1.5 days with another day of drying time. The outcome was a beautiful new finish.
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