How much will your hot tub and spa repair cost?

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How much does hot tub repair cost?

The average cost of hot tub repair services is $435, with prices ranging from approximately $60 to $250 on the low end and $640 to $720 on the high end.

Hot tub repair costs:

National average cost


Low-end cost range


High-end cost range


The cost to fix your hot tub or spa will depend on the problem (e.g., motor and pump malfunctioning, heater not working, leaks, etc.), the time it takes to fix it and even where you live — which is why you should always contact hot tub and spa specialists near you for free estimates before starting this project. 

Whether you have a portable hot tub or an in-ground spa, here's everything you need to know about repair and maintenance costs.

Hourly rates

Hot tub repairs can range greatly in their difficulty level and the time it takes to complete the job. Some professionals will charge per hour for their services. 

National average cost


Low-end cost range


High-end cost range


Hot tub leak repair cost

The price range for these repairs is anywhere from $230 to $1,700, with an average of $720.

Leaks can sometimes be fixed by tightening the union fitting, application of a spa leak sealer (for minor leaks) or replacement of an o-ring or gasket. Other times, it may involve fixing a complex plumbing issue under the foam insulation inside the cabinet.

Compare prices from hot tub & spa specialists near you.

Hot tub pump repair cost

Hot tub pumps primarily circulate the water, heat your spa and power the jets. There are two common pumps (circulation pumps and jet pumps) your spa might have, so the price will depend on which pump needs repairing. 

The circulation pump is a smaller, low-flow pump. Replacing this part can cost between $150 to $300. The jet pump is a larger, more powerful pump that produces the needed pressure to power the hot tub jets. Not including installation, replacing a jet pump can range from $200 to $500. 

Hot tub motor replacement cost

The motor is the electrical mechanical back of the pump. It controls the impeller’s speed and how much power will be generated. The price will depend on the size and horsepower of the pump motor, but motor replacement prices typically range from around $120 to over $300, not including installation.

Hot tub circuit board repair cost

If you see error codes come up that are random, false or intermittent, this could be a sign of a broken circuit board. The cost of this replacement part can range anywhere from $200 to $700, not including labor and installation.

This can be a more difficult problem to detect because the error codes are showing that other components are malfunctioning. It will require a spa or pool professional to troubleshoot the problem and figure out exactly what the issue is. 

More spa repair price estimates

Problem Average cost to repair
Jets not working $180
Filtration system not working $360
Heater not working $365
Not turning on $636
Water leaking $720
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Additional cost considerations

Hot tub repair costs can range due to a variety of factors. You could have anything from quick, easy fixes to major repair or replacement jobs. The price you’re charged may vary greatly, depending on the work required.

  • Type of repair. Your cost could be on the lower end if it’s an easily diagnosed problem with a quick fix and inexpensive hot tub parts. However, if the job entails complex issues that require hours of work and replacement of main components or plumbing, your cost will inevitably go up.
  • Location. Professionals may charge for travel if you’re located a great distance from them. Your regional area may have higher pay rates.
  • Additional repairs. If the physical location of your spa requires removing sections of your deck or fence, you may need to pay for additional repairs for those areas.
  • Brand. Paying for a high-quality, premium hot tub usually means you’re also paying for a higher standard that will require fewer repairs. A lower-priced spa might come with more lightweight materials that break down faster and end up needing repairs more frequently.

Signs your hot tub is broken

Hot tubs and spas have many different parts that must all work together to ensure the tub is working properly. Keep an eye out for these common signs that indicate you should contact a spa repair technician.

  • Leaking water
  • Water not heating up
  • Jets stop working
  • Water not circulating
  • Crack in the tub
  • Circuit board malfunction
  • Unusual noises
  • Visible corrosion to electrical components
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DIY vs. hiring a pro

Some repairs seem straightforward, and you may feel confident doing them yourself. For example, you may be able to apply a hot tub leak sealer. However, many problems will require the in-depth electrical, mechanical and plumbing knowledge that only a professional possesses. If you’re new to owning and fixing hot tubs, it may be best to call in a technician.

Also, keep in mind some spa manufacturers also provide a warranty that will be voided if you do any repair work yourself.

How to save money

Avoiding the need for repairs altogether is the most cost-effective strategy. It’s important to perform maintenance and regularly clean your filters, check the hot tub cover for tears, check PVC pipes and seals for leaks, balance your pH levels, add sanitizing chemicals and check the spa shell for cracks.

You can do the maintenance and cleaning yourself, or you can hire a professional pool or spa cleaning service to come weekly or bi-weekly. If you already have a pro coming out to clean your pool, ask if the pool cleaning service can offer a discounted rate or a package to also maintain your spa.

Related content: An easy pool maintenance guide.

The quality of your hot tub or spa can also help save you money in the long run. High-quality spas typically come with a warranty that will also cover defects, leaks, certain components and more. However, warranties typically don't cover normal wear and tear.

You should also do your research and talk to your pro about the best way to save money on hot tub parts and chemicals. Ask them if they know how to get discounts on pumps, motors, filters, heaters and any other replacement parts you might need.

How to choose a repair service or technician

Hot tub repairs require a level of expertise in plumbing, electrical and mechanical work. Find technicians who are qualified to fix spas by comparing their online profiles, reading their customer reviews and checking their rates. 

Contact (send a message, call, etc.) the professionals directly so you feel confident in their knowledge and experience before hiring them. 

Find hot tub repair services near you

Hot tubs provide in-home relaxation after a long, tiring day. If your sanctuary is experiencing leaks or other problems, hire a spa repair pro in your area near you today.

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Here are a few common questions people have about hot tub repairs.

Is it worth fixing a hot tub?

If the repair will cost more than the value of the hot tub, it’s probably not worth fixing. However, the most common repairs are often far less costly than purchasing a brand new spa or hot tub.

How many years does a hot tub last?

Hot tubs can last you between five and 20 years. The better you are at maintaining it and addressing issues, the longer it should last. 

Where do hot tubs usually leak?

You might find leaks at the bottom of your hot tub or spa, in the cabinet or under the pump.

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