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Many "psychic Readers are afraid to tell something to someone that might make them unhappy they give false feel good information that helps no one. I focus on thing that might go wrong and in that search look for ways to prevent or minimize the effect. I have been doing this long enough to have the ability to look deep into a situation rooting out the cause of the problem not just the problem. You cant fix something unless you know why it is happening I am able to help alot of people through some of the darkest times in thier lives. I have help people through personal grief,helped avoid suicides and helped save marriages.


Richardson, TX 75080

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    • What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
      I usually do 30 minute readings for 60 dollars or of course $120 an hour. I also offer flex accounts that allow someone to buy a block of time that they can use anytime they wish. They can call for one question or ten or more or a full reading until their time runs out. As long as they have time on the account they have access the time doesn’t expire. They can also give some of thier flex time for gifts. They are 1 ½ hour for $150 ( a savings of 20 dollars) 2 hours for $200 (savings of $40 Dollars) 2 ½ hours for $220 (savings of 60 dollars) Larger accounts are available on request.
    • How did you get started doing this type of work?
      It was not in myb plan for my life to do this kind of work. As corny as it sounds it is a calling that i couldnt ignore.
    • Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
      I have had many sessions I am proud of I have been gien credit for saving marriages and for stopping someone from suicide at least 7 instances
    Coverage Area for Psychic Robert Caruso is about 30+ miles of Richardson, TX.