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Avatar for HomeCraft Gutter Protection™
HomeCraft Gutter Protection™
HomeCraft Gutter Protection™
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HomeCraft Gutter Protection started in 2016 when a father-son duo working for a competitor company decided that they could create a gutter protection company with a better product for a better price who really cares for their customers. Thus, HomeCraft Gutter Protection was born. We are dedicated to helping customers stay off the ladder with HomeCraft Gutter Protection. Our gutter protection helps water flow evenly into your gutters while keeping all debris out. We clean out, realign, re-pitch, and re-support your gutter system before installing our product. Our product comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that can be transferred to new homeowners. Give us a call today for a free quote and free inspection! *15% off for first time customer*See more
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HomeCraft Gutter Protection started in 2016 when a father-son duo working for a competitor company decided that they could create a gutter protection company with a better product for a better price who really cares for their customers. Thus, HomeCraft Gutter Protection was born. We are dedicated to helping customers stay off the ladder with HomeCraft Gutter Protection. Our gutter protection helps water flow evenly into your gutters while keeping all debris out. We clean out, realign, re-pitch, and re-support your gutter system before installing our product. Our product comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that can be transferred to new homeowners. Give us a call today for a free quote and free inspection! *15% off for first time customer*

Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does gutter installation cost?

Gutter installation may cost anywhere from $700 to $2,500, depending on the materials you choose and the cost of labor in your area. On average, homeowners should expect to pay around $991 for new gutters. But to find out how much it will cost to install (or replace) gutters on your home, get free cost estimates from the best gutter professionals near you.

PVC, vinyl and aluminum are cheaper options, while steel and copper are more expensive, but will also last longer. Your price will also vary by the size and slope of your roof, the number of stories of your home, and the climate and labor costs in your area.

To learn more about gutter installation prices, read “How much does gutter installation cost?” 

Is it worth it to hire a gutter cleaning service?

It’s almost always worth the money to hire a professional to clean your gutters, especially if you’re unable to clean your gutters yourself. 

Because your gutters see a lot of debris and abuse from Mother Nature, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance. Gutter cleaning is not terribly expensive, but it’s risky — working at the height of a gutter is dangerous. A professional gutter cleaner not only has experience, but also has insurance to cover any injuries. A pro also has the equipment and know-how to keep gutters in top shape and remove clogs from long downspouts. 

Do you need a permit to install gutters?

You may or may not need a permit. It depends on your location. In some cities, you may need a permit if you reside in a historic district or if the gutter installation project impacts the right of way. 

Check with your local public works office, permitting center or government office to see the requirements in your area. You can even contact gutter installation pros near you and ask if they know what the permit requirements are in your city.

How do I find and hire a professional gutter cleaning service?

To find and hire a reputable pro, start by comparing gutter cleaning services in your area online. This may include companies that solely offer gutter cleaning, as well as companies that provide roofing, pressure washing, lawn care or general cleaning services. Read their ratings and customer reviews, paying close attention to any reviews that include photos for evidence of their workmanship. 

Next, check to see if the pros you’re considering have the proper credentials (licenses, certifications, insurance, etc.) in your state. Your cleaner should be insured against all work-related injuries and damage. 

The final step is to compare quotes and estimates from the pros you’ve selected.

Why is it important to clean your gutters?

Rain gutters, those easily-forgotten trenches that hang off the edge of your roof, protect your roof, walls and foundation from excess rainwater. When they get clogged with leaves, sticks and other wind-blown debris, they can no longer direct water away from your walls and foundation, and may become homes for pests and insects. They also become heavy enough to pull away from the house, preventing proper rainwater drainage and spoiling the appearance of your home. Experts recommend inspecting and cleaning your gutters twice a year, once in spring and once in fall, as part of your regular landscaping schedule. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is a fairly easy DIY job for some homeowners, especially on one-story homes. However, professional gutter cleaners have ladders tall enough to safely reach rain gutters, as well as the necessary tools to clean out the downspouts. Most gutter cleaning professionals can also make any necessary quick repairs.

What does gutter cleaning include?

A professional gutter cleaning may include several services in one. And pros may utilize different gutter cleaning methods, depending on your situation.

Gutter cleaners typically set something down to catch the leaves and debris as they clean, whether it’s a bucket or a tarp set below. Then, they flush or dig out the leaves from the gutters, clean the downspouts out with a high-pressure hose, blower or pressure washer, inspect the gutters for damage and cracks, and fix any cracks using a gutter sealant.

Chat with the best gutter cleaning services near you to see what their process entails and to get a free estimate.

Who can I get to clean my gutters?

If you’re looking for someone to clean the gutters on your home, there are a number of different businesses that tend to do this work.  The first is a dedicated property maintenance company, which commonly cleans gutters as part of keeping properties running smoothly. Landscaping and design companies may also offer gutter cleaning services, as well as roofers, painters, remodelers, carpenters and handymen. Lawn care services will sometimes offer gutter cleaning as part of a lawn care or leaf removal package.

Here are the best gutter cleaning services near you — contact several pros to start getting free estimates.

How often do you need to clean your gutters?

Gutter cleaning and maintenance is an important part of keeping up a home. Not only are clogged gutters unsightly, they can also lead to water damage in the house’s walls and roof. The best way to prevent that is to clean your gutters at least twice a year — experts recommend making it part of your spring cleaning and fall landscaping schedules. In the fall, trees lose their leaves and, in the spring, release seedpods and flower petals, all of which tend to end up in rain gutters. It’s a good idea to also have a professional gutter cleaner clear out your downspouts, too; clogged downspouts can make gutters backup and overflow.

How much does it cost to have gutters cleaned?

Professional gutter cleaning and maintenance should be done once or twice a year to remove debris and check for damage to the roof and gutter. The national average cost for rain gutter cleaners ranges from $100 to $130. A number of factors affect the costs, including the combined length of the gutters, the size of the house, the location of the gutters, and any risks posed to the professional cleaner. Some companies based their cost estimates on the linear square footage of the gutters; for example, 200 linear square feet of gutters on a standard, single-story ranch-style home costs an average of $125 to clean. The cost goes up for second- and third-story gutters and those in hard-to-reach places, like a roof with an unusually steep pitch. Expect to pay at least $100 more than standard prices if cleaning your home’s gutters requires extra safety precautions. Because spring and fall are gutter cleaners’ busiest seasons, some gutter cleaning and maintenance companies offer discounts during summer and winter months.

When should gutters be replaced?

Gutter systems made out of aluminum and galvanized steel have an expected lifespan of 20 years. Copper gutters may last 50 years or more. If your gutters are older than 20 to 50 years, it might be time to replace them.

Here are some additional signs that indicate you might need to replace your gutters:

  • Holes or cracks in the gutters
  • Leaking or pools of water
  • Splitting gutters
  • Loose or broken fasteners
  • Peeling and cracking 
  • Rot and mildew 
  • Excessive rust

Contact the best gutter installation services near you to inspect your gutters, and decide if the gutters should be repaired or replaced.

Reviews for San Antonio gutter professionals
Marcelo M.
Great job cleaning our gutters and installing gutter guards!
A.T.  Gutters and ConstructionA.T. Gutters and Construction
Michele N.
Gutter Armor did a great job installing new gutters for me! Would definitely hire them again
Gutter Armor of TexasGutter Armor of Texas
Chris R.
Able and his crew did an amazing job. I would recommend Gutter Bro's to anyone looking to have gutters installed.
Gutter Bro`sGutter Bro`s
Lashonta G.
Gutter Bro’s work was great!
Gutter Bro`sGutter Bro`s
Michael G.
I really enjoyed working with Jeremie and Mission Gutters. He runs his business on time and on budget. He helped with a new gutter installation and rain water collection system that works great. I recommend Mission Gutters for their great pricing and professionalism.
Mission Gutters and maintenanceMission Gutters and maintenance
Davelyn H.
Had an urgent project and Gutter Bros were great. Very responsive to messages throughout the job. Pleasant, professional and my new gutters look great!
Gutter Bro`sGutter Bro`s
Marie P.
I hired Gutter Bros for my project and am very pleased with the overall experience with them. Abel was great with communication and addressing my questions. His team did a great job and would highly recommend to anyone needing gutters installed!! Thank you Gutter Bros!
Gutter Bro`sGutter Bro`s
Marie H.
John did an amazing job and cuts the gutters to size right on site!! He’s also very reasonably priced if you’re looking for gutters that don’t break the bank!
Gutter Armor of TexasGutter Armor of Texas
Charles H.
He worked on my gutter problem and was great!
Mission Gutters and maintenanceMission Gutters and maintenance
Nathan O.
Was able to clean our gutters without issue!
Infante All Star ServiceInfante All Star Service
Marty M.
Hired Alfaro Rain Gutters to do a relatively small amount of gutter installation over our front and back patios. They were responsive, on time and completed the installation to our complete satisfaction. Very pleasant experience. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality gutter company at a fair price.
Alfaro Rain GuttersAlfaro Rain Gutters
Susan F.
Jeremie from Mission Gutters was very professional and did a great job. I have no regrets choosing him to install the gutters on my home. He was also very detail oriented and seamlessly matched up the gutters to our home nicely. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Jeremie! *****
Mission Gutters and maintenanceMission Gutters and maintenance
La T.
Original contact was for gutters. Rep arrived and started talking about getting insurance to pay for my roof. I agreed to let them help but also asked for quote for gutters. Didn't get the quote while waiting for insurance. After insurance turned me down (almost 2 months later), I again asked for a gutter quote and I asked for a metal roof quote (since I was thinking about getting a metal roof with or without insurance). Well they only provided a metal roof quote. I again ask for a gutter quote and the response was "we are working on it" So it's clear they never had any intention of fixing my gutters. They came to my house to look at my roof and tell me it was damaged. So I've been waiting for them for almost two months - when I could have had my gutters fixed by someone who actually wanted to fix my gutters.
Rhino RoofersRhino Roofers
George T.
The gutters was installed quickly and professionally. No more water damage on my deck.
Gutter Bro`sGutter Bro`s
Brad F.
Christopher was phenomenal. He truly made our experience in getting new gutters installed painless and the work provided is truly unique and beautiful. We will recommend Christopher and Alpha Texas Gutters to all our family and friends!!
A.T.  Gutters and ConstructionA.T. Gutters and Construction
Kate P.
First of all, Gutter Bros are hard workers, and I had every confidence that they would do a good job when Felipe advised that he would "take care" of the situation. That comment got him the job. However, I was left with a gutter edge missing on one of the gutters, and Felipe responded that he would replace it. I offered an additional $20.00 to help with their cost of gasoline to come out and add the edge. However, I never heard back after asking to be called or emailed. Gutter Bros was hired to ensure that the gutter system is working properly, and I am not looking for excuses. Here are two recommendations. 1) Scope out the job completely before providing an estimate. This may take getting on a ladder to determine what is needed. Is the expectation that the homeowner do this? I have no problems standing on a ladder, however, I do not have a ladder that long. If a contractor does not fully scope out the job in his estimate, the homeowner cannot make "apples to apples" comparisons among contractors. No homeowner is happy when a contractor misses something and then comes back and adds an additional cost. Usually homeowners want to know all costs up-front. 2) Know/understand your business. If we add a connecting gutter from a top gutter to a bottom gutter, what sense does it make to leave the edge off the top gutter? Some of the water from the top gutter will overflow out of the end that is missing the edge. It does not matter if this is how the gutter was found in the first place. What matters is leaving the system functioning well. Gutter Bros has the ability to be a strong, professionally-run company, and to do so, they need to scope out a job completely so that customers are not left with lingering work left to be completed by someone else. Homeowners are not looking for excuses; they are seeking good results. This area needs contractors committed to good results.
Gutter Bro`sGutter Bro`s
Michael R.
A&A Gutters did an exceptional job on the installation. The entire process (assessment-quote-startup-completion of work) was very professional and one of the few contractors that showed up on time and executed the work in a timely manner. The crew was very professional and very pleasant to work with. The work A&A Gutters has done on my house instantly increase the value and visual appeal. I will be working with A&A Gutters on all future needs. Excellent company!!
A & A GuttersA & A Gutters
Austin M.
Exceptional job by Alpha Texas Gutters. High quality of work and great prices.
A.T.  Gutters and ConstructionA.T. Gutters and Construction
Jennifer F.
Great customer service and service overall! Will be calling for any future gutter needs for sure!
Montana seamless rain gutter systemsMontana seamless rain gutter systems
Leesa T.
Delivered as promised and did a wonderful job installing gutters at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend.
Gutter Bro`sGutter Bro`s
Matt R.
They did a great job with repairing and cleaning my gutters. Very knowledgeable and will use them again.
True View Window Cleaning & Home ServicesTrue View Window Cleaning & Home Services
Thumbtack Customer
Honest cleaned our gutters very well. They are great communicators and nice to work with. From our conversations about pricing, quotes for future work, etc I did get the feeling that they truly are "honest". Will definitely use them again for gutter cleaning or maybe other projects.
Honest Home ServicesHonest Home Services
Daniel W.
One time, quality work at a fair price. Definitely would recommend these guys for your gutter needs.
Alfaro Rain GuttersAlfaro Rain Gutters
Thumbtack Customer
Best price out of five quotes, awarded the job at 6pm, and gutters were up the following day by 1pm.
Alfaro Rain GuttersAlfaro Rain Gutters
Penny R.
Everything went perfect with this project. We used Honest Home Services to clean our gutters. He was on time for the appointment. He did quality work, was professional at a reasonable price. We will use him again for gutters and his other house cleaning services ie: windows, power washing etc. Highly recommend.
Honest Home ServicesHonest Home Services
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