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Are nutritionists covered by health insurance?

Nutrition counseling can be a critical component of good health care, especially for people recently diagnosed with diabetes or high cholesterol who need to adhere to a specific diet. People also meet with nutritionists for help developing a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, developing an eating plan to lose weight or gain muscle, or improving their sports performance by changing their diet. Nutritionists may be covered by health insurance depending on your reason for meeting with them. Nutrition counseling is more likely to be covered if it is part of a doctor-prescribed treatment for a particular medical condition, such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or coronary heart disease. For example, Medicare covers medical nutrition therapy services only for people diagnosed with diabetes or kidney disease, as long as they get a referral from their doctor. Also, insurance providers more often cover nutrition visits if the patient has been referred to a registered dietitian within the carrier’s network of providers. Insurance plans vary greatly, so research your benefits before visiting a nutritionist.

How much does a nutritionist cost?

A nutritionist provides expertise and guidance to help clients with all diet-related health matters, including losing weight, gaining muscle, improving their sports performance, and managing diabetes or high cholesterol. Nutritionists can help people learn to follow special diets in a healthy way, such as becoming vegetarian or vegan or developing a low-sodium or gluten-free eating plan. The average national cost of a nutritionist is $60 to $100. Nutritionists often require an initial consultation with a new client, during which they’ll take a medical history, assess the client’s nutritional needs, and determine the best course of action; this first meeting usually averages $100-$120 for a 45-minute to 90-minute consultation. Subsequent nutritional counseling sessions generally cost less, ranging from an average of $45 for a half-hour session to $60-$90 for a one-hour session. Like many professional service providers, nutritionists may offer discounts through package pricing. For instance, a one-month package with two sessions and email support costs an average of $190; a three-month package with three sessions and email support costs an average of $360; and a six-month package with six sessions and email support costs an average of $540.  

Reviews for North Miami nutritionists
Erika G.
Paul is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and nutrition. He guided me through every personal obstacle I had with food. His fitness and food plans are on point and showed proven results for me. He listened to my needs and worked well with my concern areas through his fitness program. I highly recommend Paul and looking forward to continuing my fitness/nutrition program with him.
Paul Rosenthal Fitness and NutritionPaul Rosenthal Fitness and Nutrition
Lauren d.
Paul is super knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness, he makes it so easy to start eating better. Down 12 pounds! Cant wait to see next months result. Highly recommend him .
Paul Rosenthal Fitness and NutritionPaul Rosenthal Fitness and Nutrition
Miguel A.
Paul was Amazing!! Very professional and always answered any questions or concerns I had. I lost 15 pounds in only one month of his nutritional program. Would highly recommend him!!
Paul Rosenthal Fitness and NutritionPaul Rosenthal Fitness and Nutrition
Christopher G.
Nolan is fantastic! Started seeing results within the first week after following my training program and nutritional guidance. I have to say it wasn't easy at first but when I followed everything he set out for me it was worth it 100%. I couldn’t be more satisfied with his service!
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Jeff j.
I am 60 years old and have been going to the gym and dieting my whole life, it seems. I feel more confident with my plan of attack constructed by Nolan. He has helped with with a structured nutrition plan where I do not starve myself at all. He has taught me what foods to concentrate on more than others. With regards to the workouts, they are so thorough and helpful. I feel so much stronger. He has also taught me that slow and steady wins the race. Do not be too anxious to try to lose too fast. Steady progress each week. I highly recommend both the nutritional as well as the physical training to achieve maximum benefit.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Ciara M.
Coach is super professional and helpful, for people trying to stay in form or lose weight that lack advanced knowledge in Nutrition and Fitness area. I liked how user-friendly his resources are. I would recommend Coach Brian to anyone who is looking for an effective way to finally get to their weight and fitness goals.
Brian Parana Health & Nutrition Specialist🥦💪Brian Parana Health & Nutrition Specialist🥦💪
Jenn G.
I have been working with Paul for 3 months now and all I have is say is this has been the BEST experience ever. I had been working out consistently on the program and following everything on nutrition and so far I’m down 25 pounds. I feel great and ready for more results
Paul Rosenthal Fitness and NutritionPaul Rosenthal Fitness and Nutrition
Jimmy E.
After a couple of years of not working out I decided that I wanted to start again but was struggling with how to approach developing a good plan to execute against. I had tried some free apps in the past but didn’t like them so on a friends recommendation decided to try using a virtual trainer which was Nolan. I am now at the end of my first 12 weeks and I have really leaned out and have started to get good muscle definition. The nutrition plan and plans detailed workout regiment which targets your whole body has been really effective and I look forward to seeing where I am after the next 12 weeks. Nolan is super responsive to questions about both nutrition and the exercises.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Mia R.
Working with Paul through my weight loss process has been amazing! He is very responsive and dedicated to helping me through it all, from meal plans, to workouts and check ins. His expertise in nutrition helped me lose weight and keep it off. I am so glad to have chosen Paul and totally recommend him!
Paul Rosenthal Fitness and NutritionPaul Rosenthal Fitness and Nutrition
Catherine b.
I could not begin to explain how amazing it is to work with Lisa. Being very athletic, I have had many nutrition/ “macro” coaches in the past. All whom were “ok” or failed to understand my goals paired with my complex medical issues. Lisa, takes the time to understand your goals and nutrition then forms a realistic plan that you can achieve as long as you work. On top of it she has the education to back up her expertise. Working with Lisa makes you feel you CAN and will accomplish your goal. She just doesn’t cheer you on but whole heartedly believes in you. She checks in on you and is always there when you hit a pitfall. I am more than blessed to have found her and would recommend her to anyone wanting to better their life. Thank you!
Taylor Made FitnessTaylor Made Fitness
Estela G.
We started working with Nolan for gaining lean muscle and loosing fat. He developed a program specifically for us that balanced our nutritional needs to achieve both those goals. We couldn't have done it without him. He's always one text away. In just 4 weeks we've seen more change in our body than ever.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Fatimah L.
Mr. King, is an amazing nutritionist and I would highly recommend him! The best part about working with him is he is very helpful. I loved the approaches he took in creating a meal plan for me with different varieties of options He is very knowledgeable in the field and can help you maintain a good diet in whatever goal you’re trying to achieve in regards to your health and dietary.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Dane R.
Working with Nolan has been life changing. I went through a 12 week program with him, lost 32.6 pounds, and returned my blood pressure to a healthy level. Nolan has the knowledge to help you accomplish your health and athletic goals, and is attentive and responsive to your communication with him. His nutrition and exercise program is nothing short of elite. Highly recommend investing in yourself and working with this professional.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Janine d.
Working with Nolan has been amazing! He’s very professional and replies quickly to all emails. He explains all that you need to do for nutrition and working out and it’s fool proof. I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable. I am confident that I now know what I need to do to continue my program and reach my goals. Don’t think twice and just hire him!!
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Alec T.
I have been working with Nolan for the past 3 months and have seen a significant difference in fat-loss! In the beginning he took the time to learn about my personal goals, fitness routine, and daily schedule and made sure to create a nutrition plan that I could easily follow. He is extremely fast to respond to my questions and definitely keeps me accountable every week. I highly recommend working with Nolan if you are looking to improve your diet and/or workouts.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Dr. Sarah has been the nutritional professional that has helped me the most, her work has been incredible, my body and routines changed completely and for the first time I could see real achievements with viable methods that I could do every day. She is the best thing that has happened to me in many years. now I am enjoying a new way of approaching my food and my relationship with weight. I recommend her work 💯
Dr. Sarah-WOMEN ONLY - Weight Loss + NutritionDr. Sarah-WOMEN ONLY - Weight Loss + Nutrition
Kayleigh H.
I reached out to Nolan with specific nutrition and strength training goals. He provided me with an individualized plan to help me navigate toward my goals. I have been working with Nolan for approximately 2 months and have steadily seen weight loss results, as well as positive strength training results. Nolan demonstrates professionalism, and he puts meaningful intent towards the goals of his clients. Nolan is quick to respond with any questions and he always sends encouraging words. I would highly recommend Nolan's services!
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Chris V.
I am at the half-way point of Nolan’s 12-week program and I could not be any happier with the results so far. In my adult life, I’ve been on and off from the gym and have tried all the fad diets out there in an attempt to better my health. None of these have worked. This then promoted me into looking for a nutritionist. At the half way point, I have seen significant results and feel much better than I have in recent memory. I truly recommend signing up for Nolan’s services, I promise you will not be disappointed. I am very excited to continue the program and see the end results!
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Catherine M.
Nolan has been helping me for almost three months and he’s been excellent. Starting with nutrition all the way to the daily workouts, he’s modified and provided a plan that not only works with my schedule but helps me to maintain a healthier lifestyle now and for years to come. He responds quickly to my messages, answers my questions with experience and clarity, and whenever I’m unsure about my posture or completion of the exercise, I can send him a video and he provides significant and encouraging feedback. We still got over two months left and I can’t wait to reach my ideal health. THANKS NOLAN!
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Richard K.
Nolan King, or should I say King Nolan is an a pheonomenal nutritionist and trainer. I've just completed Nolan's 12 week program and the results were shocking. I lost a tremendous amount of body fat and am in the best shape of my life! Nolan structures your diet and workout plan in a very easy to understand way and is always there for questions and tips to get you through. Best part about the program... you still get to throw in a cheat meal once a week to keep you sane. Follow Nolan's program to the letter and you will not be disappointed, nor hungry. I'm a huge fan of the diet and want to say a big thanks to Nolan for keeping me motivated and pushing me.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
James T.
Masha put together a wonderful nutrition and dietary plan for me. She spent a lot of time with me going over my health and my goals. She prepared foods for me and she is a gourmet cook. A very knowledgeable and professional woman. I have already achieved great success in my weight and eating habits. She has taught me to recognize immediately what is good for me and what isn't. I work with her each week and I know that she is very interested in my well being. I cannot believe how lucky I was to find her and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is health conscious and seeking a better quality of life.
Yaxel T.
I purchased the three month program for fat loss and was able to lose 20lbs. I was happy with my results and my overall fitness. I decided to continue working with Nolan in order to go through a clean bulking phase (additional 3 months). I was able to gain 10 lbs and remained looking lean, which was my overall goal. With the knowledge I’ve gained through nutrition and proper training I am able to successfully continue to gain weight and remain lean. The meal plans were tailored to my individual needs and were constantly changing in order to meet my goals. The online coaching was a bit concerning before signing up, but I assure you that Nolan’s responsiveness and attention to detail makes the entire experience easy to follow!
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Jason M.
When I first started working with Nolan, I thought I had a decent training plan and was eating clean. Turns out, I was wrong. After a few weeks, I started to see results in the mirror and on the scale. He puts together a roadmap of what needs to be done to get results and achieve success. Everything is spelled out in a clear and concise manner. It was up to me to follow through. If I'm being honest, the workouts were the easy part. Changing my nutrition was (and sometimes continues) to be the difficult part.  Every cycle, my workouts change. There has never been a repeat. They also adapted. When we started working together in 01/2020, my gym was still open and my plans were based on that. After the gyms closed and the equipment I had access to changed, he made my plans based on what I had. And, as I acquired new equipment, they changed again.  The same goes for the nutrition plans he puts together. As my weight changed and I gained more muscle and lost fat, my meals changed. He caters to your specific goals and has the experience backing him.  If you have questions about anything related to his plans, he has been pretty quick to respond. Need a form check on an exercise? Text him a video and you will get feedback. At a restaurant and don't know what the best option is? Text him the menu. At a supermarket and want to see if the package of "healthy cookies" are approved or considered a "cheat," he will let you know (spoiler, they are a cheat).  One of the best things about working with Nolan is the accountability. Every week there is a check in with pictures and a weigh in. Some of mine have been better than others and he understands that. He will not make you feel bad about falling off the wagon or skipping a workout. However, at the same time he will not tell you what you want to hear. There have been some "tough love" responses to questions. At the end of the day, it all comes down to me deciding what do I want now and what do I want the most? Nolan is a great coach.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Mandy E.
I would HIGHLY recommend Nolan to anyone. My husband and I both signed up to work with Nolan after gaining weight due to the global pandemic. I attempted probably 6 different diets/workout plans during quarantine, and was just unable to experience my desired results. We decided to do a long term, 12 week plan, and it is the best money I've spent in years. I was able to lose weight almost weekly despite health barriers that I have faced in the past. Nolan's nutrition plan was simple, easy to follow, and not too restrictive. His workout plan was such a great mixture of HIIT and weights that typically only took me an hour-45 min to complete, but yielded amazing results! I am amazed that with never meeting face-to-face, he was able to construct our programs based on our information and goals. Nolan's email correspondence was always punctual, helpful, and positive. The feedback he sent always helped me to continue to stick to my goals. I lost 20 lbs and am hoping to continue to use his knowledge and insight to continue to be the healthiest version of myself. Best of all, I have his contact info and would not hesitate to sign up for another round of training if I feel myself losing motivation. Thank you Nolan!!!! You renewed so much confidence in myself.
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
Michael G.
I like many others who’ve had the pleasure of working with Nolan felt that my training and diet were on point but I was not getting the results I wanted. After 5 years of training on my own and listening to fellow gym bros and watching videos on YouTube I had enough and wanted to see if hiring a nutritionist/ personal trainer would help. Believe me when I say that it did! One of my biggest fears of attempting a cutting phase on my own was to lose the muscle I had but I am extremely happy I dove in head first and just let Nolan take the reigns while I did the work. He made every single aspect of my regime easy to follow all I had to do was put in the effort to workout. He handles it all, from your diet to your workout plan and honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more! At first I thought of just doing a 4-8 week cut, but here I am after a 24 week cut and I’ve never been happier with my physique. I’m still a long way from where I personally want to be in the end but I know that if I keep following Nolan’s advice I’ll get there way sooner than if I did this on my own. If you’re thinking of hiring him just look at his reviews they speak for themselves now do yourself a favor and JUST DO IT!!! I’ll let the transformation photos do the rest of the talking now. Thank you for everything Nolan 🙌🏻💪🏻 it’s been an absolute pleasure, I look forward to the next phase which is a lean bulk!
Nolan King's Nutrition and TrainingNolan King's Nutrition and Training
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