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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

Do exterminators offer remote or virtual services?

Typically, extermination takes place at your home or place of business, but you can ask if the business is offering special accommodations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you come across a profile that states the exterminator is offering remote services, ask what those services include. But if the job has to be done in person, be sure to follow the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing or see if you can postpone your appointment.

What are the signs of pests in your home?

Signs of pest infestations vary by the type of pest. Here are a few signs to watch out for when it comes to some of the most common pests: 

  • Ants: Stray ants walking around or large numbers congregating, wood shavings, ants emerging from hidden crevices, ant nests
  • Rats or mice: Droppings, chewed objects and wires, scampering noises, holes in walls and floors
  • Cockroaches: Cylindrical droppings, brown smear marks, live cockroaches
  • Fleas: Small and dark spots on your pet’s skin, your pet starts scratching excessively, pepper-like “flea dirt” in bedding, carpet or furniture
  • Bed bugs: Droppings in the seams of your mattress, rusty/reddish stains on bed sheets, bites on your skin 
  • Termites: Mud tubes, wood-scented droppings, small holes in walls, peeling or bubbling paint, wood damage
  • Bees or wasps: Excessive number of bees and wasps, dark patches on the walls or ceilings, and papery nests or hives under roof eaves, behind shutters, on balconies or in garden sheds

If you notice any of these signs in your house, contact the best exterminators near you

How often should pest control be done?

This depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of pest
  • The severity of the invasion
  • Your home’s characteristics
  • The quality of the pest control company’s work

In some cases, you might require pest control services three to four times a year. Or, you might need services monthly or every few months. 

Talk to the best exterminators near you to get an idea of what type of service you need — and how many times you’ll need follow-up treatments.

How do you get rid of termites?

The best way to get rid of termites is to act fast. Termites are a problem that will only get worse — and no matter how much you want them to, they usually don’t magically move out on their own. There are three main types of termites: drywood, dampwood and subterranean. Drywood and dampwood termites sneak through cracks in your exterior paint, nail holes, and gaps near windows and other openings and begin to eat through your wood. Subterranean termites enter your house from the ground up by creating mud tunnels. In all cases, they survive by eating the wood of your house. The type of termites you have can steer the treatment plan.

Methods of termite extermination include fumigation, use of pesticides, and use of natural elements that are poisonous to the bugs. The extent of your termite infestation will help determine the treatment method. If you have drywood or dampwood termites that have infiltrated all aspects of the wood in your home, the pest control pro may recommend enclosing the whole house in a tent and gassing the termites via fumigation. If you have subterranean termites, often the entire footprint of the home must be treated by drilling liquid treatments into the slab or foundation of the home to exterminate the colonies. In any case, once you see signs of termites, it’s time to take action and call a pest pro.  

How much does it cost to get rid of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are not only ugly, they are difficult to get rid of. Quick and resilient, they can be hard to get rid of without professional help once they have inhabited a house. Nationally, the average range for cockroach pest control cost is $80-$130. Extermination professionals typically provide a free estimate to determine the extent of the infestation. They’ll check for the main sources of the bugs, identify bug access and entry points into your home, and determine the best method for elimination. There are a variety of cockroach extermination tools including gel baits and traps, pesticide foggers, desiccants (which dry out the cockroaches), neurotoxins, and other pesticides. Pest control costs can also cover preventive measures like regular spraying and trap maintenance. Some regions of the country are much more prone to cockroach problems than others, so pest control costs may need to be part of your quarterly budget. Cockroaches love dark, humid, and warm areas and water sources, so place traps near your washer and dryer and under your sinks.

Do I need to leave the house for pest control?

It depends on the type of pest control service you require. Your exterminator can often tell you beforehand which products they’ll be using and where they’ll be applying it. 

If the pest control company will be applying toxic chemicals, limit your exposure, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. For example, consider leaving your house during application and ventilate your home thoroughly when you return. And always keep your pets and their supplies away from the applied pesticides. 

Talk to pest control companies near you for advice on what you should do while they’re treating your home for pests. 

How do you get rid of ants?

The best way to get rid of ants is to hire an ant exterminator near you. The exterminator can also help you find the source of the problem that’s drawing ants into your home. 

After they’re done treating your home, you can invest in ant baits to keep infestations at bay. It’s also important to take preventative steps to avoid ants.

For example, always clean up crumbs and wipe down surfaces to eliminate potential food sources. Regularly take out the trash, fix leaky pipes, store your food in sealed containers and seal cracks near your kitchen cabinets. 

Here are more tips on how to get rid of ants (for good).

Is monthly pest control necessary?

Monthly pest control service is only necessary for certain situations. For example, severe ant or cockroach infestations may require monthly pest control in order to destroy the infestations at the source. 

Talk to the best exterminators near you to get an idea of what type of service you need — and how many times you’ll need follow-up treatments.

How much does it cost to kill bed bugs?

The cost of bed bug extermination depends primarily on how widespread the pest infestation is and how many rooms need to be treated. Other factors that can affect bed bug extermination costs are the amount of clutter in the location, additional furniture that needs to be treated, and construction of the home. Pest management professionals often have rates for room treatments, which can vary based on these factors. As an example, a pest management company treating a 10-by-15-foot room with light infestation might charge clients about $250, while the same size room with a heavy infestation and large amounts of clutter might cost the clients $300-$400. Clutter and heavier bed bug populations mean more product and longer labor time for the workers. Rates will vary from company to company, and from region to region, but the national average bed bug extermination cost is $320-$400. Bed bug heat treatments are an alternative way to exterminate these pests. Heat treatments are typically charged per square foot and tend to cost more than chemical or non-chemical spray solutions. Although effective, they are not usually recommended for occupied spaces, as the extreme temperatures can damage televisions, window dressings and other home furnishings.

Can you see a bed bug?

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, but depending on where they are in their life cycle they can be hard to see. Adult bed bugs are the easiest to spot. According to the EPA, they are roughly the size of an apple seed and the height of a credit card. Adults are flat and oval-shaped, have six legs, and are rusty red in color. Bed bug larvae, also referred to as nymphs, are white-yellow or translucent in color and are much harder to spot due to their small size. The nymphs go through five stages of life, shedding an exoskeleton at each stage. Throughout these stages the nymphs grow in size from approximately 1.5 millimeters to approximately 4.5 millimeters. Bed bug eggs can be the most challenging to see as they are roughly 1 millimeter — about the size of a pinhead — and are white or clear. Bed bugs tend to be more active at night, as this is when they feed.

Reviews for College Park pest exterminators
Joshua A.
Alert Exterminators worked professional and thorough
Alert ExterminatorsAlert Exterminators
Thumbtack Customer
Exterminated a rental property. They are very professional and very quick to respond.
Kuma Pest ControlKuma Pest Control
Shivani S.
I highly recommend Bulwark Exterminating. It's a great value for the service you receive. Their technicians are highly knowledgeable and very professional. They were very efficient as well.
Bulwark ExterminatingBulwark Exterminating
Jovan B.
Hired to exterminate carpenter bees. He was very knowledgeable and knew where to check and treat. Will use again in future if carpenter bees don’t return. 5 star customer service.
Creatures Corner Pest SolutionsCreatures Corner Pest Solutions
Rebecca R.
I would definitely recommend James if you are in need of an exterminator. A very reasonable price and so far I haven't had any more problems. He is a very nice, trustworthy man.
One Shot Pest CentralOne Shot Pest Central
Chad S.
This was a great experience! He is the first exterminator that I have used that actually moved appliances to spray, set bait all around and really got in between tight spaces. I would definitely recommend.
Be Gone Pest ControlBe Gone Pest Control
Shavonda b.
I contacted Alert Exterminators regarding termite treatment, and the representative was very professional, polite, and responsive. The initial inspection was detailed, and the technician clearly explained the most effective treatment options for our home. The technician was also very knowledgeable about the treatment. I asked many questions regarding the process, chemicals, and the effectiveness of the treatment, and the technician was able to answer all of my questions. After comparing multiple quotes and companies, I decided to go with Alert Exterminators, and I am glad that I did based on the quality of their service.
Alert ExterminatorsAlert Exterminators
Elizabeth m.
Thank you very much for helping with the critters! Great service and very nice and professional. Can’t thank you enough! Will be contacting again for any future problems. A go to for anyone looking for an exterminator!!
One Shot Pest CentralOne Shot Pest Central
Crystal P.
I am glad I chose Alert not only for prevention of termites but as my pest exterminator. They are thorough and professional. Very friendly crew with client in mind to make sure services are exactly what you need.
Alert ExterminatorsAlert Exterminators
Julio D.
The Pest exterminator that came out was excellent. The company took care of the matter quickly. Very professional and ver reliable! This is my go to pest control company for any future issues we might encounter again.
Legend Pest and Wildlife Solutions LLCLegend Pest and Wildlife Solutions LLC
Dr. G.
Darrin was punctual, professional, responsive, and performed high-quality work. He answered our questions, explain the extermination process and follow-up timeframes. We highly recommend him for your pest control needs.
Creatures Corner Pest SolutionsCreatures Corner Pest Solutions
Jasmine W.
James was professional and kind. His prices are reasonable and the quality of work is top notch. If you need an exterminator, he’s your go to man. If I ever have anymore issues, I’ll definitely call him. Awesome service and experience!
One Shot Pest CentralOne Shot Pest Central
Niya M.
I'd worked with an exterminator that disappeared on me. I was left with traps in the attic that resulted in a dead squirrel smelling up the whole house. I needed it removed ASAP! Critter Stoppers was the only servicer that responded quickly and worked me into their schedule the next day. It was a quick removal and the smell was gone!
Critter Stoppers Inc.Critter Stoppers Inc.
Gabriel T.
James was really helpful in helping me get rid of the bed bugs in my home. He responded right away and was available at my convenience. The job was done quicker than I imagined which was a plus. I would recommend him to anybody who's in need of a swift bed bug exterminator.
One Shot Pest CentralOne Shot Pest Central
Laura M.
Working with everyone at Alert has been such a nice experience. They are knowledgeable and proactive about my concerns. Scheduling appointments is simple and I always hear a friendly voice at the office. They are always on time and/or call if they are running early or late. The guys always put on the shoe covers when they come in the house and pay extra attention to possible trouble spots. So glad I chose Alert Exterminators.
Alert ExterminatorsAlert Exterminators
Nikia S.
I conquer with everyone else’s reviews! Amazing company! Very punctual and excellent communication! Steve was our exterminator, he showed up with a bright attitude early in the morning (that was great) and smiling while he talked to us and sprayed!!! Super nice guy! He told me my previous efforts to clear the bugs were impressive ☺️ and we should see improvements in no time! I can’t wait to see the results so I can enjoy my new apartment better!
Legend Pest and Wildlife Solutions LLCLegend Pest and Wildlife Solutions LLC
Herbert B.
This guy! If I could have chosen ALL the items (Work Quality, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value, Punctuality), I would have. I was having an annoying bug problem here at my house, and needed help ASAP. I called found Darren on here, and he called me back within MINUTES of my reaching out. Within the hour he was pulling up in my yard. He came right in, and went to work, paying attention not only to my house, but to my yard as well. He did a thorough treatment everywhere. Also his professionalism, and personality were excellent, so I felt super comfortable having him in my home to work. I will call him out AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN for extermination, and would recommend him to ANYONE I know that lives in the area. More business owners need to take a page from this guy's book. He is THE BEST.
Creatures Corner Pest SolutionsCreatures Corner Pest Solutions
Liz W.
Please don’t hire and don’t sign a contract with these people. They’ll contact you straight away and are fast to come out but I still have pests and they lock you into monthly contract that you have to pay to get out of. Technicians are not knowledgeable and are unprofessional. Original review: When the tech arrived he did not have shoe covers. He also couldn’t tell me if the treatment was pet/child safe. Additionally he seemed to only want to treat outside when I specifically booked to treat inside (I live in an apartment?? Why would I want a treatment for the whole property??). When I booked over the phone they made it seem like it would be an extermination for roaches and spiders but the tech said the treatment was a repellent and he could not treat for roaches. Also idk if the treatment even did anything because I still have SO MANY spiders (and spider bites) and I’m stuck in a contact. 9/5/22 update: Hawx came by 8/30 for a warranty visit. The tech asked to use my bathroom but used up all of my toilet paper and didn’t let me know he used it all. I feel like this is weird to use a client’s bathroom and on top of that not let me know about the toilet paper situation. Like bruh. Technician was rough with my blinds and dusted treatment powder on my food and dishes. While completing paperwork he set his treatment spray bottle and dusting can on my kitchen counter which fell over onto my food.
Hawx Pest ControlHawx Pest Control
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