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Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does computer repair cost?

The cost to fix your computer or laptop will depend on the extent of the repair and the labor rates in your area. For example, a repair service may charge $100 to fix virus or malware issues or $320 to fix a cracked or damaged screen. On average, computer repair technicians charge $60/hour for their services. However, hourly rates can range from $45-$90

To find out exactly how much it will cost to fix your desktop, laptop, Apple or PC computer, request cost estimates from computer repair specialists near you.

How much does computer repair cost per hour?

It costs an average of $60 per hour for computer repair. Hourly rates range from $45-$50 on the low end and $85-$90 on the high end.

Get free cost estimates from computer repair specialists near you so you’ll know exactly how much you should expect to pay.

Who can fix my computer?

If your computer needs repairs, hire a technician who has experience with your computer’s model and brand. Ideally, the pro you choose should have certifications, training and/or a degree in a related field. 

Look for top-rated, qualified computer repair services in your area on Thumbtack.

Is it worth replacing the motherboard on a laptop?

If your laptop’s motherboard was damaged by physical impact, liquid, heat or electrical damage, you may need to replace it or buy a new computer. You should consult computer repair experts near you to determine if replacing your laptop’s motherboard is worth the cost. Compare the price quotes you receive with new laptop prices, and decide which option is the most cost-effective.

Is it worth fixing a computer?

It depends. If the damage is severe, you might be better off buying a new computer than spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on repairs. Always get price quotes from a few computer repair services near you, and compare those estimates to desktop and laptop prices. If it's cheaper to fix your computer,  consider doing so. But if it's cheaper to buy a new device, that's probably your best option.

Should I repair or replace my computer?

To determine if you should replace or repair your computer, consider the following:

  • Has your warranty expired?
  • Is your computer old and out of date?
  • Is the cost to fix your computer 50% or more of the cost of replacing it?
  • Before it broke, was your computer working slowly and inefficiently?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time to replace your computer. When in doubt, consult a technician for their expert opinion.

What should I do before sending a computer in for repairs?

Before you send your computer to a technician to fix it, take the following precautions:

  • Make sure you hire a reputable, top-rated professional to handle the repairs. Look at past photos of work they’ve completed and read their customer reviews on Thumbtack.
  • Back-up your data. To ensure you don’t lose the data on your computer, back-up your files to an external hard drive. 
  • Ensure you have access to important information. If you need to access certain files or information from your computer, make sure you can access that information through a cloud storage system or external drive. 
  • Erase sensitive information. If you have files (documents, photos, etc.) that contain sensitive information about your finances, accounts, passwords, etc., delete them before you bring your computer to a repair shop. 
  • Log out of your accounts. Make sure you’re logged out of your bank, social media and other accounts.

Is it cheaper to replace a hard drive or buy a new computer?

Buying a new hard drive is almost always cheaper than buying a new computer. If you suspect you need to upgrade or replace your hard drive, ask a computer technician to diagnose your device (and request a cost estimate if the culprit is indeed the hard drive).

How many years does a laptop last?

Depending on its quality, age, condition and maintenance, a laptop may last only a few years or up to seven years. Of course, your laptop may last longer or shorter depending on how well you take care of it. If you think your laptop needs repairs, don’t procrastinate — hire a technician to look at it before the damage becomes irreparable.

Reviews for Ashburn computer technicians
Thumbtack Customer
Mr. Beckwith was personable and very professional. His background and certifications are impeccable and his work on my computer was exceptional because of Mr. Beckwith's depth of experience. Flat Rate Computer Guy is now my "goto" guy for any indepth computer maintenance or repairs
Flat Rate Computer GuyFlat Rate Computer Guy
Thumbtack Customer
Benjamin did a good job on my computer. I would recommend him highly for your repairs.
Flat Rate Computer GuyFlat Rate Computer Guy
Thumbtack Customer
I would definitely recommend Mace Computer Services. Douglas was extremely professional and timely with repairing my laptop.
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Jimmy G.
Frank picked up my Mac from my home 2hrs. after making contact with him. Unfortunately my computer couldn't be saved, but Mac Doc will be my place to go for any computer repair in the future.
Mac DocMac Doc
Thumbtack Customer
Very nice job, effective communicator, trustworthy, patient, and very timely in finishing the job. Would recommend to any friend in need of computer repairs!
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Joanne V.
First time user on Thumbtack. Unaware of how it worked. A very kind gentleman by the name of Harry Stein, called me and wanted to help me with my "Blue screen of Death." Honest, the word "remotely" scared me. I thought the repair needed to be local. From the start this man was honest, professional, calming, patient and highly knowledgeable. I saw his reviews as being the number 1 computer repair person on Thumbtack. He is number 1 for a reason. After we spoke, I did become his client. Mr. Stein is patient, kind, and honest, with unbelievable communicational skills and a good man. He spoke words that I could understand. He not only wanted to repair my dead computer but also wanted to "teach" me what was wrong and how to repair it. He did repair one laptop. I am sending him another laptop to repair. His fee is purely honest and fair and never asked for money upfront. It is obvious that his passion is teaching clients and repairing computers. His calm demeanor eased my fear of losing all that was on that laptop. He took his time to help me. Never became frustrated with my lack of knowledge. Do not be afraid that he is in another town. It was such a pleasure working with Mr. Stein who only wants to help people and he cares about you and your computer issue. Mr. Stein is the kind of person that is rare to find in this moment of life. I highly recommend Mr. Harry Stein for repairing your computer and more. I will only use this man to repair all of my crashed computers. Thank you Mr. Stein.
Stein SolutionsStein Solutions
Thumbtack Customer
My experience has been fantastic. Mace Computer Service was professional and detailed in the services provided to me to repair my computer. With a flexible timeline to accommodate even the busiest of days and great communication throughout the process from start to finish, I have to say this is my go to from now regarding anything PC repair related. Great price and a great company to work with.
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Thumbtack Customer
My daughter spilled liquid on my laptop. Another computer repair shop said it was best to just get a new computer. Frank took it and had it working within 4 hours!! I'm so glad I didn't listen to that other guy. I recommend him 100%!
Mac DocMac Doc
Linda S.
Mr. Mace did a great job. He finished quickly and stuck with the original price he quoted. I will definitely go to him with any future computer repairs.
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Thumbtack Customer
Doug really went above and beyond to trouble shoot my custom Super-Computer and found the Graphics Card to be faulty. It has been sent off to be repaired under warranty.
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Thumbtack Customer
We had a computer problem where our machine wouldn't boot or stay on. Mr. Berdan replied very quickly to my repair request, picked up our computer at our house, communicated each step of the repair process and offered advice about how to improve our system. His prices are very reasonable and the new parts/upgrades he provided were also priced very well. After completing the service he dropped off the computer at our home and was willing to provide more advice about how to protect our system, gave us backup DVDs for our operating system and explained the upgrades/changes made to the system. He was very professional, courteous and helpful. He will definitely be my computer guy while here in San Antonio.
Ethernet Telecom SolutionsEthernet Telecom Solutions
Debra O.
Jerry was extremely helpful fixing the problem on my computer. Hr went beyond repair to explaining how to avoid some possible issues. I wil use hum from now on.
SAPC UpgradesSAPC Upgrades
Thumbtack Customer
I was really glad to find someone willing to fix my super old computer. The price was definitely fair. It took a little longer than originally expected because Ben had to order parts but that wasn't a problem for me because I had another computer to use while mine was being repaired. I will use Ben again in the future and highly recommend him to others.
Flat Rate Computer GuyFlat Rate Computer Guy
Thumbtack Customer
Apple desktop went out and Frank provided several options to save things saved on my hard drive instead of spending a lot just to have an old computer repaired. Quick turn around and Frank is a great guy.
Mac DocMac Doc
MarkAnthony B.
Frank was very professional and timely with the repair of an old (2011) MacBook that I planned on giving to my sister. I dropped it off at 11:30am, it was done by 3pm. He took a completely nonfunctional laptop and repaired it as well as swapping out the battery at a more than reasonable price. I HIGHLY recommend Frank for any of your computer needs!
Mac DocMac Doc
Migdalia M.
Doug gave me a great quote and did amazing work! Although my computer didn't act up (my screen kept flashing out) while he had it, it has since begun working perfectly! Doug also assured me that I could always come back to him with other issues if need be at no extra cost. :) If you're looking for a computer repair technician I highly recommend him!
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Diana D.
Although I did not hire P.E.E.R., as they are located in North Carolina and I’m in Texas. They were very quick to get back to me with an answer to my questions and they offered to repair my computer if I wanted to ship it to them. They had a good price for the repair, but I decided I didn’t want to ship it. They were very kind when I decided not to go with them.
P.E.E.R (Personal Electronics Expert Repair)P.E.E.R (Personal Electronics Expert Repair)
Thumbtack Customer
He did an outstanding job on our 2 laptops. He really deserves the 5 star and all his reviews are true. He finds a way where you can save more and lets you choose and decide before he will work on your repair. He is very nice and professional on his work and I will definitely recommend him for all computer repairs.
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Thumbtack Customer
My laptop would not turn on due to a water spill and after calling Apple and a local computer repair shop on Yelp I was facing repairs between $300-750. I had given up hope and was ready to buy a new laptop until I googled computer repairs in San Antonio and that's how I came across Mac Doc via Thumbtack. LIFE SAVER. He cleaned out the laptop and was able to get it turned on for $75!!!!!!! Customer service was outstanding and the price was so affordable! I don't know what me or my wallet WOULDVE done if it wasn't for Mac Doc! He got it to work in less than 24 hours and I was able to pick it up the next day. He saved my laptop's life! I would definitely recommended him to any person with a MacBook and all UTSA students!
Mac DocMac Doc
Thumbtack Customer
Jesus came out and started checking out my computer to see exactly what was wrong...he was very professional, very friendly and did some tests which didnt take very long...I thought i was going to have to do a wipe of the HD and re-install Windows but that wasnt the case...his fee for his services is very fair...there was nothing that could have been done any was right on and i'd recommend him to anyone needing computer repair...he knows his stuff...
Girau Computer ServicesGirau Computer Services
Alan M.
Mr. Mace Is AWESOME! I mean it! I actually have no idea what I did to my computer. And then I made matters worse. Leave the youtube fixes to the professionals! I completely broke my computer. Here's what happened: I believe I downloaded malware/spyware. I youtubed all kinds of fixes, none of which worked, (but I tried them all-each making my computer worse). Then I finally got to a point where a reset had to be done, I followed instructions and got my computer where it wouldn't even reset. Now, here's what I did to actually get it fixed... I used Thumbtack to seek out a professional, and boy did I find one in Mace Computer Services! Within 5 minutes of posting my problem, he was on it. He figured out what was wrong with it and suggested a fix, and a possible fix. I went cheap with the "possible" fix, and convinced him to do this. We ended up having to do the full fix (his advice to begin with), which produced my computer in great working order. So, a word of advice: Save yourself time, and money, and just go right to Mace Computer Services. Mr. Mace is honest, hard working and achieves results and exceeds expectations. I honestly could not believe he did it at the cost he charged me. I certainly won by choosing this Computer Repair God! (He actually saved and resurrected ALL of my work files). Save yourself time, money and a ton of grief by calling and talking to this amazing miracle worker. Thank You Mr. Mace!
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Thumbtack Customer
I am new to the San Antonio area and recently experienced issues with viewing the screen on my laptop. I was in a panic because I was not sure of where I could go. So I searched repair places in the area and came across the Thumbtack site. I entered in my predicament and received instant quotes. It was a bit overwhelming but I was happy to have choices. I decided to go with Gabriel Sosa, who was able to fit me in right after work. He quickly diagnosed my computer's issue which was luckily minor (a lose monitor cord) and fixed it during my visit. He was knowledgeable, experienced and explained every step he took during the repair on my laptop. He even reviewed my computer speed and assisted with a program that cleared out viruses. I was impressed and grateful all at the same time. He rocks and I would recommend him to anyone of my colleagues. Thank you for being reasonable and fixing my computer issues so promptly. -Michelle
A Better Computer ServiceA Better Computer Service
Thumbtack Customer
Doug Mace provides a personal touch in provision of computer tech services. He's very thorough and doesn't suggest work that won't get you up and running again. Unfortunately, he couldn't revive my Dell or explain why it died. The basic charge was worth my my piece of mind that if it could have been repaired, he would have done it.
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
Thumbtack Customer
Jan contacted me immediately and scheduled a time to come to the office on the same day. After arrival, he diagnosed and repaired my server, allowing my business to continue to operate. He then maintenanced the server over the weekend and placed it back in great working order on Monday. Excellent service and response time. Highly recommend to other businesses for their computer and networking needs.
Ethernet Telecom SolutionsEthernet Telecom Solutions
Karen S.
Doug Mace is excellent! The hinge on my laptop was broken and the top/bottom sections were separating. Doug took care of everything and kept me updated throughout. He ordered parts and did not charge a mark-up. Once the parts were in, Doug made the complex repairs in a few hours. I experienced less than 24 hours downtime. I would strongly recommend Doug and Mace Computer Services to others!
Mace Computer ServicesMace Computer Services
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