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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Steps to Garage Door Installation
  1. 1. Protect your investment

    If the door is not properly installed it will not raise or lower correctly. A small error when installing the door can end up costing you more money in the long run.

  2. 2. Expect precise measurements

    A garage door installation pro will begin by measuring your floor to ensure a good fit. This includes ensuring the door will raise and lower without hitting pipes, switches or framing boards.

  3. 3. Proper tension is key

    Tension springs are designed to take a lot of the work of lifting the heavy doors off of your body, and they need to be positioned and adjusted correctly in order to do that.

  4. 4. Installing from bottom up

    The professional should disassemble the door to level the bottom section, then build it upward as the tracks and corner brackets are seated and installed.

  5. 5. Weather stripping is necessary

    To block out water and small creatures that can slip through cracks between the floor and door, galvanized nails should be used to attach weather stripping on the bottom edge of the door.

  6. 6. Inquire about maintenance

    Ask for details on maintaining the door and on how often to replace weather stripping to get the most use from your new garage door.

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