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Planning ahead

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7 Reasons to Hire a Personal Chef
  1. 1. Party with zero stress

    Spend time laughing and talking with guests without worrying about food in the oven. A good chef service also provides helpful tips for party planning.

  2. 2. Have a romantic dinner

    A personal chef turns the occasion into a fairytale with exquisite food and delicious desserts. Combine the comfort of a candlelit meal at home with the elegance of professional cooking.

  3. 3. Get exotic

    With their experience, personal chefs can prepare cuisine from just about anywhere. So go crazy. If you feel like a trip to India or France, just ask.

  4. 4. Invite guests to order ahead

    If anyone has a food allergy or a special diet, that’s no problem. Your chef should be able to accommodate.

  5. 5. Eat family style

    For a homey touch, pass each dish around the table and have each person serve themselves as much as they want.

  6. 6. Find the finest ingredients

    A personal chef knows where to get the tastiest cheeses, specialty meats, caviar, prosciutto, and other delectable items. If you have a favorite, or want to try something new, go for it.

  7. 7. Take advantage of extra perks

    A chef service usually has the ability to provide waiters, bartenders, sommeliers, special dinnerware, and other amenities that make a special occasion even better.

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