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Find a piano instructor near Brooklyn, NY

Find a piano instructor near Brooklyn, NY

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Find a piano instructor near Brooklyn, NY

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Reviews for Brooklyn piano instructors
Thumbtack Customer
Dallin is a wonderful, patient teacher! My sons look forward to piano lessons!
Dallin ApplebaumDallin Applebaum
Samantha P.
We hired him to give our two year old son a lesson since he showed interest in the piano. Overall, it was a good experience considering it was a lesson for a toddler and proved to be a lil more tricky than for an older student.
Wade Ridenhour Piano LessonsWade Ridenhour Piano Lessons
Kevin D.
Dillon has been a great instructor. He's been very responsive, willing to answer questions outside of the lessons, supportive during the lessons and has had a great way of adding lightness into what can be stiff playing when beginning on the piano.
Dillon H.'s Piano & TutoringDillon H.'s Piano & Tutoring
Neï B.
I started taking piano lessons with Manuel about a month ago and my playing has already improved, as well as my understanding of the chords and the progressions that I play :) Would totally recommend!
Manuel Armin MusicManuel Armin Music
Katherine M.
Nothing but positive feedback here! I’ve been taking piano lessons from Danny for about 3 months now, and I’m so pleased with him as an instructor! He is kind and patient yet also demanding. I leave each lesson feeling inspired to keep practicing and optimistic about my musical future.
Danny AshkenasiDanny Ashkenasi
Thumbtack Customer
Post of my very first vocal and piano lesson I can definitely say that Dave is an exceptional teacher.He's patient and attentive to detail, physically and that of which is audible.I am surely looking forward to the future knowledge that will be obtained.
Dave HallDave Hall
Pui M.
My 7 year old nephew started lesson with David for roughly a month now and he told me David is definitely a 5-star teacher. Before finding David on Thumbtack my nephew was learning else where for a year but the result wasn't satisfying and his interest for piano was somehow dampened. David was quick to access my nephew's skill and was able pinpointed the exact issue that had been bothering us. He did it all in the trial lesson. David is great with kids and is even a better teacher. In just 5 lessons (including the trial) , I already see my nephew enjoying piano more. He hums the pieces he just learned which had never happened with the previous teacher. We are so happy we found David on Thumbtack :)
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Harry W.
I highly recommend David as a piano teacher, especially for adult beginners. He helped me rapidly improve my technical proficiency by having me work on a goal piece immediately while introducing the necessary theoretical knowledge as needed. This approach is great for adult beginners as it allows you have fun playing what you want immediately instead of wasting months on slowly working through beginner pieces. As someone brand new to piano, he was able to coach me into being able to play 1min30s of my goal piece for his studio class within 4-5 lessons. I can also attest to the effectiveness of his methodologies. David teaches you how to break down difficult sections and efficient ways of practicing in order to learn new pieces quickly. In addition, his experience/skill as a teacher was readily apparent in my lessons with him. During one of my one hour sessions with David, I was able to progress past a section I was stuck on in my personal practice for a week. Also, he is also easy to reach for questions outside of lesson hours and will help you develop a plan to achieve your piano goals. If you are in the market for a piano teacher, consider taking a trial lesson (1 hour at a discounted rate) with David to experience his methods firsthand. I was not disappointed and I don't think you will be either.
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Kim J.
Ryan Reid is the BEST piano teacher, audio engineer, music producer and performer! I highly recommend Ryan! He is talented, versatile, and reliable. I've hired him multiple times and have gifted his awesome lessons and amazing performances to other people. He is incredibly experienced, creative, fun, knowledgeable, and makes people feel comfortable and happy. Ryan is truly an expert and professional at piano and audio production. Most recently, he helped my friend reach her goals. She wanted to sing and record some tracks. Ryan gave her music lessons and recorded, mixed, mastered and even did the videography. She was extra happy with the piano performance he added to the tracks. Ryan was also able to provide professional videography to create a making of video in the comfort of a cool home. It's super cool to how he helped her reach her musical goals. Ryan also teaches my son in Brooklyn audio production using Ableton with piano lessons so he can create his own hip hop, rap, and trap beats to sell. My son says he is funny, authentic, and easy to learn from. If you're looking for an awesome, unique, creative piano teacher, music producer, or performer, I highly recommend Ryan Lee Reid. He's so funny and loves music. He is the BEST BEST BEST.
Ryan Lee Reid Music StudioRyan Lee Reid Music Studio
Gabrielle g.
Dave Hall is the best music teacher I’ve ever had! I’ve been taking piano lessons with him for a few years now, and he is the most professional, patient, kind and helpful instructor out there. He’s very flexible with his lessons and will adapt his approach to his students’ goals and needs. I mostly play from a lesson book but occasionally need help playing specific songs, and he’s game for it all. His studio is comfortable and quiet, a perfect place to play or practice, and his neighborhood is beautiful.
Dave HallDave Hall
Thumbtack Customer
As an intermediate pianist I was specifically looking for a tutor (and practicing pianist) who could help me improve my technique and musicality equally. After one lesson with Daniel I realized that he absolutely fits the bill. Daniel is a concert pianist, he is enthusiastic and passionate about the piano, but more importantly a natural teacher. I learned a huge amount in the first lesson and am excited to continue working with him.
Daniel ColalilloDaniel Colalillo
Killian C.
David is an incredibly professional and a very knowledgable teacher, who helped structure lessons based on my own individual goals and interests related not just to piano but to music and music theory more general. I did work on individual pieces and his unique methodologies helped me to very quickly learn and piece together my solo piano piece. But more importantly for me, his ability to teach music theory allowed me to quickly understand chords, chord progressions and jump right into composing my own small pieces, which was my main goal for the lessons. We also spent some time working on the concept of improvisation, which was great for creating ideas in general and as an aid to composition. Something that I wouldn't have thought of on my own or known where to begin accessing resources. Finally, he's super accessible and quick to respond to questions about music or the piano, which makes him a great resource in and out of the lesson itself. If you're looking to find an expert pianist and a fantastic teacher, you can't do better than David!
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Jacqueline B.
Kris is just all around awesome, he is down to earth, articulate, and relates the material in a way that's easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone in need of piano lessons any day. He's really about finding what works and is supportive of your learning. So happy to have found him!
Kris' Keys Piano AcademyKris' Keys Piano Academy
Jason D.
I started lessons with David Chang a month and a half ago and everything has been going great ever since. Initially, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to play any instruments in my life, since my hands sweet excessively at random times mostly all of the time. David did a great job showing me over the past few weeks through his teachings that the problem with my hands isn’t a problem at all when it comes to playing the piano. He also spent a lot of time outside of our lessons assisting me with purchasing the right piano so that I could practice his techniques on my own time. He has a ton of patience and actually seems genuinely interested in the success of his students.
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Morton F.
Dierk has a genuine passion and understanding of music that shines through and allows him to create an atmosphere during the lesson that feels more like fun than work. His approach is intuitive, specific, patient, kind and engaging. I’m not only learning to play the piano I’m learning to love it while doing so. He’s the best!
Dierk PetersDierk Peters
Martin B.
David is an excellent piano teacher and I am very happy I signed on with him. I had about 9 years of piano classes when I grew up and now I came back to it after about 15 years of a break. In the first four lessons we covered shaping, balance, voicing, pedaling, dynamic contrasts, mental practice. He also offers a free studio class with his students and a recital. It is fun and challenging at the same time and i can see my playing improve steadily.
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Thumbtack Customer
I love Dallin so much!!! We have only had two lessons so far but I have learned so much already. She really cares about your growth with the piano and one of my favorite things about her is that she gives homework. She is amazing and I look forward to her class every week!!
Dallin ApplebaumDallin Applebaum
Fanni K.
My 11-year-old son and I started lessons with David a few weeks ago and it has been a great experience. My son is a beginner and I re-started piano, which I played for a few years as a kid. David is teaching us challenging and helpful practicing techniques and emphasizes working on developing musical details in our pieces. He is a great, versatile teacher who motivates his students well. I highly recommend him for both kids and adults.
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Ijin C.
Learning how to play piano was one of the most valuable experiences I had growing up. It has always been something that I wanted to reconnect with, but as an adult with other commitments in life, I simply couldn’t make time for it. With more time on my hands due to Covid this year, I began thinking about how this would be a perfect time for me to start learning again but I was unsure if remote lessons were going be as effective as in-person lessons. I couldn’t be happier about finally letting go of my own doubts and deciding to take online lessons with Jae. He is remarkably skilled in communication, through both words and music. Not only that Jae understands exactly what I am looking to learn and what I need to improve on, he is also capable of delivering his knowlege and insights on music in a way that anyone can easily digest. I have been seeing so much progress in my playing and have learned so much about how music works. I’d strongly recommend taking lessons with Jae!
Jae Han (A4 Music Center)Jae Han (A4 Music Center)
Shirin M.
We started our 3.5 year old son on piano with David and it has been great. David is extremely patient, particularly given the varying attention span of such a young student. He often mixes improvisation with more structured lessons, which our son responds to very well. Lastly, David will teach me teaching techniques to use at home during practice seasons with our son. Both my son and I enjoy the sessions and my son is steadily developing a love for music as a result. Highly recommend!
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Sandy L.
I've been studying piano with David for about 7 months now, and have had a great experience. I'm an adult "restarter" who took piano lessons as a child and stopped for nearly 30 years before picking back up again. Within a few months, I've learned techniques that I never got from my childhood piano years- shaping, dynamics, balance, and the nuance of different kinds of sounds. He is a very detail-oriented person and held me to a high standard- I kind of wish my past teachers have been this way. Better late than never! The first piece we worked on was my last highest piece as a 7th grader, and within a few lessons I was playing better than I ever did. I also learned his very logical methodology of learning new pieces, which is backed by brain science on how we learn and retain information. He has also helped me improve in all aspects of performance- performing in new situations (new instrument, cold hands, etc.), addressing memory slips and nerves. I'm very shy about performing, and he gave me just enough push to get going. He provides lots of opportunities for students perform in front of each other, in studio classes, and in larger recitals. Nowadays our lessons have shifted to online, and in addition to what we were doing before, we are also working on music theory so I can become a more well-rounded musician. Overall, working with David has opened up my eyes to my own potential and it really motivates me to work harder to become a better pianist!
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Joey H.
David is a very patient, knowledgeable, positive, friendly, encouraging teacher with have high standard and a very talented, experienced, awe-inspiring pianist. My 3 years old daughter (turning 4 soon) and I are both taking lessons from David for around a month now. We enjoyed his lesson so much that I increased my daughter’s hour from 1 to 2 hours a week. He’s been very patient and good with kids that my daughter enjoys and loves to play the piano. David’s teaching methodologies are very effective. He showed us how to practice in sets, measures, adding in reverse, spaced repetition, etc. We progressed quickly and it exceeded my expectation. Within a month I was able to play a piece (Castle in the Sky) that I never thought would be possible for me as a total beginner in music. My daughter also learned a few pieces like Old McDonald, Mary had a little lamb, and she’s beginning to challenge harder pieces from her favorite movie Frozen. David is very very good in explaining his methodologies and a lot of good suggestion so you will know exactly how to practice on your own or how to coach your kid to practice. On top of these the students also have a semi-annual recital opportunity at Steinway. Students would play their long term or goal pieces. This is a very good opportunity for anyone to show their achievement and gain stage performance experience. David will coach us how to perform from start to end. David teaches with his acoustic Grand Piano in his very clean and cozy apartment that I’m sure everyone will feel comfortable in. Lastly, David is very helpful even off lesson hours. We would text him any questions we have and he would promptly reply. He’s also very understanding and flexible when there’s schedule conflict or sometimes the kid is sick. We’ve been enjoying his lessons very much and I would highly recommend David to anyone who wants to learn or get better in playing Piano.
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Rob G.
I began taking lessons with David after I had already been learning piano for several months. I had improved quickly at first, but it soon became apparent that without a teacher who could offer specific guidance on how to efficiently work through the challenges in the music I was learning, I'd be unable to continue to make meaningful progress. David has helped me with all of this and more—I've learned not only how to practice in a more methodical way that has yielded steady improvement, but also how to add expressiveness to my playing with a level of care and detail that I hadn't even considered before. Highly recommended.
David Chang MusicDavid Chang Music
Stephanie J.
Sherry is an exceptional piano teacher. In addition to teaching my kids for two years, she recently gave me my first adult piano lesson since I stopped playing at 12. I learned more in one hour than I did from my childhood teacher in nearly a decade!! She has been warm, flexible and reliable and also is playful but challenges our kids to learn. She has been working with them since they were 5 and they have learned both theory and to play beautifully. She adapts her teaching style to meet their needs and is always available and positive. She works well with parents and gives parents and students a voice in the learning process. She is down to earth very relatable and will meet you where you and your child is at. She is capable of being highly rigorous for those parents and students who are interested in developing to competitive levels. At the same time she can be laid back and easy going if the goal is primarily growth at an easy pace. Always fun and bright Sherry is delightful and well versed in all kinds of music.
Sherry Kim Piano StudioSherry Kim Piano Studio
Thumbtack Customer
I'm a young male adult professional drummer just starting to learn piano, and I felt completely at ease during my first lesson with Tammy. She takes the time and effort to understand my goals and is helping work towards them! For example when I request to learn a particular song, she goes back, learns the piece and comes back next week to teach me that very piece in a simplified way! She also explains the reason behind learning more technical skills like scales an arpeggios, and how that falls into my goals. Her explanations are clear, and she finds different ways of teaching or explaining things I don't get!! She's very approachable, friendly, and responds very quickly to texts and phone calls!!! I highly recommend her!!
Ms Tammy and The Music Box NYMs Tammy and The Music Box NY
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