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How much does it cost to trim a tree?

The national price range for tree trimming ranges anywhere from $75-$1,000. Tree trimming is often done by a professional arborist who is trained to safely trim and prune trees for both the health of the tree and the safety of the residents and their property. Trying to do your own tree trimming is not advisable unless you have the proper know-how. Tree trimming companies may charge an hourly rate for their services. The hourly rate may be higher or lower for different trees to reflect the relative safety measures, skill, equipment or people power needed to handle the job. For this reason, most tree services provide free estimates.

One example of an hourly rate for professional tree trimming services is $150 per hour. Costs may be under $100 or could be higher than $300 per hour, depending on variables such as proximity to buildings, health of the tree, height and diameter of the tree, and type of tree trimming desired. Geography and regional cost of living and regional costs to do business will also play a role in your tree removal costs.

Is it worth it to hire a professional tree trimming service?

Hiring a professional tree trimming service near you can be worth the cost. This job requires the use of specialized equipment and involves a high degree of risk for inexperienced operators.

Safety is a major reason why you might want to avoid performing this task yourself. Another factor is time. Tree trimming services have their own equipment and tools that allow them to finish the job quickly. 

How much does it cost to cut a tree down?

When you’re ready to have a tree on your property come down, it’s time to call an arborist. The national average price range for tree-trimming costs is $270-$450. Tree removal costs can vary based on the height, diameter, location and health of the tree, and on whether you want to remove the stump. Height plays a major role in tree removal costs. Small trees, no more than 30 feet tall, are usually thinner in diameter and easier and safer for an arborist to manage. Removal of a small tree can cost anywhere from under $150 to over $450. Removal of medium-height trees, from 30 feet to 60 feet tall, could cost anywhere between $150 and $850 or more. Tall trees, typically 60 feet to 80 feet tall, may start at $500 or cost more than $1,000 to cut down. As the height and diameter increase, so does the cost.

Location is critical, too. Removing a tree in an open space is quicker and presents fewer obstacles than removing a tree that is growing flush to your house. Arborists can assess your tree and provide you with quotes based on the variables involved. For example, removing a medium-size hackberry tree that was growing too close to a home — the roots were damaging the home’s foundation — cost $1,500. This price included rope-down, house protection, tree quartering and stacking, and stump removal.

How much does it cost to remove a fallen tree?

If you need to have a tree cut down, have you planned what will happen next? Arborists often charge an additional fee to quarter and remove the fallen tree from your property, so anticipate this as part of your tree removal costs. You can elect to have the wood cut for use in your fireplace, or you may prefer to have it hauled away completely.

Tree removal costs may vary based on the height and the width of the felled tree. Size affects the labor required for removal, which will be reflected in the cost. For example, a tree service company may charge an additional $100-$120 to haul away the pieces of a felled tree. The service may cost as little as $75 in some regions and more than $150 in others. Regional labor rates, the cost of living and the cost to do business in your area will be reflected in your tree removal cost.

What is tree trimming vs. tree pruning?

The difference between tree trimming and tree pruning comes down to the intention and strategy in the two methods. Pruning often refers to the removal of branches deemed unnecessary or hazardous, and this process helps stimulate growth. Tree trimming focuses on removing overgrown branches. But this process can also help the tree receive more moisture and light. 

A professional might recommend pruning and trimming at different times of year to stimulate growth or leverage the tree’s dormant period to slow new sprouting.

If a neighbor's tree falls on my property, who is responsible for removal?

The rules for liability when a neighbor's tree falls on your property may depend on the unique details of the situation. A common outcome is that the homeowner pays for the damage and removal. Homeowners insurance may cover a tree that fell into your yard from a wind storm. Check your local laws and insurance policy to find out.

What do tree removal companies do with the wood?

Downed trees can have a number of different end destinations. The tree removal company may use it as firewood to sell to customers, or they may send it through a wood chipper to turn it into mulch. The tree may also wind up in a green landfill or biomass power plant. Alternatively, it could go to a lumber or chip mill. 

How do you remove roots after tree removal?

Getting rid of tree roots can be tricky. There are methods for getting roots out yourself, but the labor involved will take several hours and is quite intensive. For this reason, it’s best to hire a pro to remove stumps and roots. 

What are the advantages of cutting trees?

There are several advantages to responsible tree cutting. As trees age and stop producing seeds, cutting them down can prevent them from falling on valuable property like homes and cars. Additionally, cutting trees allows more sunlight to reach smaller trees below, giving them the opportunity to grow. And pruning your trees can help promote growth.

Who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches?

You should check your local laws to determine who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches on your property. If possible, make an agreement with your neighbor(s) on who is responsible to trim back tree branches that cross property lines.

Reviews for Forest Park tree removal services
Monster Timber Tree Service did a great job removing and trimming trees on my property. Highly recommended!!
Monster Timber Tree ServiceMonster Timber Tree Service
Brooke O.
Fast , cost efficient removal of a tree. Would highly recommend!
Monster Timber Tree ServiceMonster Timber Tree Service
Zach J.
Would 100% hire again for any tree removal or trimming services.
Rubio's tree serviceRubio's tree service
Rachel W.
They did an awesome job removing a few trees and trimming back one of our other trees before we got a fence installed!
Beach's TreesBeach's Trees
Emily n.
after an initial scheduling blip, the team at monster timber tree service showed up and showed out for the removal of a tree that was doing nothing for our curb appeal. as first time home buyers, we wanted to pull into our driveway feeling pride! post removal, we are very happy that not only tree was safely removed but also that the stump was ground down to allow the space to be used in the future. All for an affordable and fair price. thanks monster timber tree service!
Monster Timber Tree ServiceMonster Timber Tree Service
Darlene T.
Very professional, did a great job removing the trees. The pricing was very fair I definitely will use Monster Tree again! Great Job!!!
Monster Timber Tree ServiceMonster Timber Tree Service
Jocelyn B.
Dan and his crew removed several dead trees, cleared brush and moved/graded about 8yards of topsoil for us. The nursery delivered the trees we needed a few days late, but the crew came back when the trees arrived and planted the trees at a later date, no problems. Would definitely hire again.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
Danita S.
Was so prompt and efficient at preparing the estimate for the tree removal that I didn't even know they had been here!
Melissa F.
Great work on tree trimming and removal. Stayed in contact during the entire project. Would use and recommend this company again.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
Ruth S.
Very professional. Trees were cut down or trimmed. All branches and wood was removed. I would hire them again.
Rubio's tree serviceRubio's tree service
Crystal j.
Excellent job on cut down and removal of large tree and debris, very reasonable priced and would definitely hire again for future projects.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
Dave G.
We had two dead Ash trees removed, and Rubio’s was great to work with! They were very responsive, and did an excellent job taking down two large trees without damaging other nearby landscape. I would definitely recommend!
Rubio's tree serviceRubio's tree service
Stephanie M.
Major trimming and tree removal job all done in a day with great clean up- they even cleaned our pool from the debris! Super cool to watch them in the trees bringing every large branch down by an elaborate rope and pulley system.
Rubio's tree serviceRubio's tree service
Austin H.
Stan is good at what he does and the method by which he performs the removal makes impact to the surrounding area. He completed the tree removal project on time and the pricing was much better than other professionals quotes. I highly recommend CJS.
CJS Tree ServiceCJS Tree Service
S. H.
Sonny responded quickly and he and the Monster Timber crew arrived on time. They did a good job of trimming the branches of three trees that had grown on to the roof and removing a dead tree. They even threw in the cutting of a small sapling that was growing across the driveway and that I had mentioned that I was going to cut.
Monster Timber Tree ServiceMonster Timber Tree Service
Jake T.
Sonny and his crew were great! Showed up on time and made quick work of the job. They removed a few shrubs, a stump, and a small tree. I will definitely use them again in the future!
Monster Timber Tree ServiceMonster Timber Tree Service
Barbara G.
We hired Beach's Tree & Lawn Care to drop, trees, grind stumps and remove brush. We have had several tree companies to our home to do yard work over the past 3 years, and Beach's was by far the most professional and prepared company we have worked with. We had a massive tree on our fence line hanging over our house, deck and pool, and they were amazing! We will continue to use Beach's going forward. The owners were very easy to work with! We are very pleased!
Beach's TreesBeach's Trees
William B.
We are extremely pleased with the work. They went about their job and worked together amazingly . After removing the tree, they cleaned up to the point you could not tell they had even been there. They are a very pleasant bunch of men and seemed to enjoy their work. I will recommend them to every one who needs tree service. Thank you for an excellent job.
Alecia S.
I communicated with Dan Thumbtack inbox and asked to have brush and debris cleared from an area behind my home. He claimed to have stopped by to look at the work but never met with me in person. He gave me a price and a start date. When his crew arrived to do the work, they began removing the trees and advised that they could not remove the debris. They also left most of the overgrown brush. My request was very clear and in writing (see attachment) . But for some reason Dan acted unclear. On December 2nd he committed to come back to resolve and I never heard back. I am very unhappy with the results. Dan should have advised that he could not remove brush and large debris that he was strictly a tree remove company.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
Darlene P.
The D and B Tree team was prompt and a pleasure to work with. They removed two trees that were over 40 feet high, quickly and cut and stacked wood (which I will utilize in my fire pit). They cleaned up excessive branches and twigs prior to leaving. My neighbor was so impressed that she had them cut down one of her large dead trees. I also felt their pricing was very fair. Would certainly recommend them!
Jesus A.
Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for very professional and quick turnaround work of high quality. I will be reaching out to them again and using them for future tree removal jobs. Highly, Highly, Highly recommend.
Monster Timber Tree ServiceMonster Timber Tree Service
Debbie P.
Dan and his crew did a great job of removing my tree. They were very efficient and cleaned up everything when they were done. Thanks again! I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
Shannon P.
Native Tree Care came and removed dead limbs from a tree in our backyard. They did a great job on the tree and the price was very reasonable for the level of difficulty involved in removing the dead limbs from high up on the tree. They were punctual on the day they provided a quote (it was great that they visited and provided a quote in advance) and on the day they did the work. Overall they did a great job! My only criticism is they left the wood on our property (as requested), but they did not cut it down very much. I requested the wood be broken down on the day of the quote (and was willing to even pay extra to have it broken down), but now we are going to have to borrow or buy a chainsaw to break the wood down to burn in our fireplace and in the meantime it is sitting in the yard getting wet. Unfortunately, I was in meetings when Native Tree Care was heading out or I would have touched base further on asking them about breaking the wood down, prior to them leaving. Overall, they did a great job and I would recommend them to others.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
Rosie S.
I have needed tree trimming/removal for years at my home, but have never been able to justify the cost. Tree care is extremely expensive. I decided to get more quotes this year and used Thumbtack to do so since I've had good luck with professionals on here for other projects in the past. I reached out to Dan for a quote on May 3rd. He messaged me back quickly and said he was able to get here today. He got here when he said he would and gave me a quote for the trees in my front yard--it was such a great value compared to all the quotes I've gotten from similar companies in the past that I had him look at my backyard as well. All in all, his quote was about a third of the price of the most expensive quote I have gotten from a highly recommended company--for double the trees (so we would get 4 trees done at a THIRD of the cost of what the other company wanted for 2). That value is insanely good. He hadn't even left my driveway by the time I called him to set up an appointment. Dan had to delay work for one day, which could have been a minor inconvenience if my husband and I didn't work from home (so we could be here at time of service). Thankfully we do, so it wasn't a big deal. They were done by the end of the day. That included three large tree trims, one large tree removal, and the grinding/removal of all mess. They even picked wood chips out of my front gardens and removed a large branch from my backyard that was already there. They offered to grind the stump (in the attached photo) for extra, which I agreed to since it was still cost-effective. I waited until everything was done to review, so here I am (the stump has been ground down and the bill matched the quote). Dan was amazingly cost-effective, punctual, and professional. He was also honest, giving me his professional opinion on the health of my trees where other professionals claimed they were "already dead" and needed removing (which is clearly not true given they're still blooming and growing). I have already recommended him to fellow real estate professionals (I work in real estate, so I know a few people who would love to have the phone number of an honest and cost-effective tree professional!). If you need someone to look at your trees and give you an honest informed opinion, I highly recommend Dan at Native Tree Care. I got so many quotes from recommended local professionals before Dan and was outraged at all their prices. Dan's was the best quote and he even cleaned up after himself--something most other tree services don't do for free. I can't recommend Dan enough.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
Joseph b.
They came out gave me the second lowest offer however their explanation of what they would do impressed me as it was more detailed than my lowest bid and they offered stump grinding... for an affordable cost. The tree was 60-80feet and covered 3 yards... They removed all traces of the tree. The end result was a flat surface that I can plant grass on... This tree uprooted and had a 10-15 foot round dirt/ root ball... Let me say this... they did all the work timely and with care using the right equipment for the quoted price... exceptional work and I would definitely hire them again.
Native Tree Care, LLCNative Tree Care, LLC
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