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Graphic designers provide services to individuals, businesses, nonprofits, schools, government organizations, public service groups and more. Customers frequently request brochures, business cards, signs, posters, artwork, logos and branding, and web design and digital artwork. The project scope can be for a one-time job or for ongoing design and print services. Many factors affect the cost of graphic design services.

Experience and reputation

Graphic design services can be provided by entry-level independent contractors or by boutique creative agencies, and prices vary according to level of experience. A firm’s or designer’s reputation, experience, background and training also greatly affects the cost of services. Designers early in their careers can generally deliver simple, practical and economical design services, while more experienced professionals and respected agencies can provide more extensive or elaborate design services with a variety of add-ons.

Hourly rate

Many designers charge by the hour. Some base all pricing on their hourly rate, and others use it as a way to track payment once a set amount of agreed-upon work has been completed and the client still has additional needs. BestDraft in Irvine, California, charges $85 per hour.

Logo design

Graphic designers create logos for individuals, businesses and other organizations seeking a visual representation of their brand. Often, professionals charge by the hour for logo design. The number of revisions of the logo design also plays a large role in the final cost because each revision requires additional hours of design and outputting of files. The price for logo design can vary, depending on whether it is part of a more extensive design package or purchased individually. Here are some pricing examples for logo design:

Learn more specifics about the cost of logo design.


Many graphic designers offer package pricing for grouped services, which can be less expensive than purchasing each service individually. Here are some examples of package pricing:

  • BestDraft

    • Three logo design options: $870, including three revision cycles

    • Six logo design options: $1,380, including three revision cycles.

      • On both packages above, the $85 hourly rate applies if more than three revision cycles are requested.
  • Ladybugz Interactive Agency

    • Small business starter kit: $6,000, including a logo, business cards and a custom-designed WordPress website

Website design

The cost for website design varies greatly. Graphic designers can build websites from scratch, creating a custom site with interactivity and visual presentation according to the client’s needs. Designers can also build a more simple website based on existing templates that will make it easy for clients to keep the site up to date on their own. For example BestDraft charges $5,000– $7,500 for design of a website with five or six pages, high-quality design and CMS capabilities.


Brochures and marketing collateral such as sell sheets and other printed material support the branding and messaging of a client. Some designers charge by the hour for these printed materials, and some charge a package rate, bundling them with other services. Package deals are good for clients who need entirely new branding.Here are some example rates for brochures and other marking collateral:

  • Ladybugz Interactive Agency: $75 per hour for design of marketing collateral materials.

  • BestDraft: $1,300–$1,700 for brochure design, such as a trifold pamphlet

    • Because of the increasing overlap in printed materials (such as brochures) and digital design, the same design techniques and design tools are used to make both—with high-resolution results—which means a brochure design can easily be adapted for a web page. This reuse enables clients to save on overall costs if multiple services are needed.
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