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Area rugs are often located in high-traffic areas of the house, where they collect significant dirt and stains over time. Rug cleaning experts have the skills and equipment to get rugs cleaner than is possible with just vacuuming. Depending on the amount of traffic and the type of rug, pro cleaning as often as once a year can keep dirt from weakening the fibers. Cost factors for professional rug cleaning include the size and type of rug as well as distance the cleaner must travel.


Rug cleaners generally charge by the square foot. A standard 8x10-foot rug costs at least $100 to clean.


Natural fiber rugs, such as those made of wool or silk, cost more to clean than synthetic rugs. The more delicate the material, the more expensive to clean. For example, Blu Carpet Cleaning of Albuquerque, New Mexico, charges $1.50 a square foot to clean a synthetic rug; $2 a square foot for wool, cotton or chiffon; and $3 a square foot for silk or Navajo wool.

Cleaning method

The two main methods for cleaning rugs are steam cleaning and chemical cleaning. Costs are roughly comparable. However, a steam cleaned rug takes longer to dry. For particularly old or delicate rugs, a third, more expensive, option of hand cleaning may be recommended. Mother Nature’s Cleaning of San Rafael, California, hand washes wool or cotton rugs for $5 a square foot; silk, shag, natural sheepskin or flokati for $6 a square foot; and low-pile synthetic for $4 a square foot.

Stains and odor removal

Most professional cleaners charge extra for any tough-to-remove spots. Fees are usually by the square foot. Some cleaners also provide protective sealants, moth treatments or odor removal for an additional cost. Blu Carpet Cleaning charges $1 a square foot for odor removal, 25 cents a square foot for moth deterrent and 20 cents a square foot for protectant.


Many rug cleaners can repair burn marks, water damage or mold problems—or provide a reference to a specialist. This labor-intensive, delicate operation can cost hundreds of dollars more than a basic cleaning.

Travel fees

Some rug cleaners charge a travel fee to come to customers’ homes to clean their rugs. Even if cleaning takes place in a cleaners shop, some particularly large or fragile rugs may require professional pickup and delivery, which will also cost extra.

Cost-saving strategies

Take your rug to the cleaner yourself to save on travel fees or pickup and delivery fees. Ask for discounts on recurring service if you’d like to have the carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Ask about other discounts. For example, Master’s Touch Steam Cleaning of San Antonio, Texas, and Coastal Carpet Systems of Spring Hill, Florida, offer 10 percent off to military members and seniors.

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