Find a house cleaner near Hendersonville, TN

Find a house cleaner near Hendersonville, TN

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Find a house cleaner near Hendersonville, TN

13 near you

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We'll match you with a vetted pro. Just give us the details and lock in a competitive price up front.

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Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a house cleaner during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The best way to set up a consultation with a house cleaner during the COVID-19 pandemic is by using virtual, online tools. Start by performing an online search for local house cleaners. Message them to set up either a phone call or video call to perform a consultation. During this call, they can give you recommendations and may be able to estimate the cost of their services. Be sure to discuss whether they accept virtual payments and any precautions they can take to perform the job safely.

How can I find out if a house cleaner is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

A house cleaner is generally not considered an essential service sector during the coronavirus pandemic. To find out which services are considered essential, visit your city and state government, and read their guidelines. A national list of essential service providers can be found on CISA’s Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19 site. This webpage lists 16 different infrastructure sectors considered to be essential. However, not all jurisdictions follow CISA’s definitions of critical infrastructure.

Can I use digital payments to pay for house cleaning?

Not only do many house cleaners accept digital payments through platforms like Zelle, PayPal, Square Cash, Google Pay, Venmo and more, but this may become more common as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes more service workers to digitize. This means you can pay your house cleaner without making physical contact or handling money. 

If cleaning is absolutely essential during the current crisis, consult with the house cleaner beforehand to ensure a safe monetary transaction that complies with current government guidelines and recommendations for social distancing.

Does a house cleaner need to enter my home?

Yes, in almost all cases a house cleaner needs to enter your home. However, a cleaner may not need to enter your home if they are solely cleaning outside areas. 

There may be some cases in which a cleaner is necessary. If so, take precautions — avoid being in the same room, make no physical contact, sanitize any surfaces and pay through a digital service instead of using cash.

Do house cleaners offer remote or virtual services?

House cleaning is generally done in person, but some may be willing to offer remote services. If you find a house cleaner’s profile that states they’re offering remote services, contact the pro to talk about your options. 

If you’d rather hire a house cleaner to clean your home when the pandemic is over, you may be able to book an appointment at a later date. Start by comparing local house cleaners in your area side-by-side.

What is the difference between a housekeeper and a house cleaner?

Although some house cleaning and housekeeping duties might overlap, a house cleaner is charged with the top-to-bottom cleaning of a home. House cleaner duties typically include basic and deep house cleaning, such as washing and sanitizing countertops, floors, tubs, toilets, kitchens and more.

Housekeepers or maids are hired to lightly clean and maintain certain aspects of the home. This might include dusting, washing dishes, changing sheets, doing some meal preparation and restocking the client’s groceries and personal care products.

It’s also worth noting that a housekeeper or maid is usually one individual employed to a home (sometimes hired as a live-in), while a house cleaner is oftentimes accompanied by a team of cleaners. 

How much does it cost to deep clean a house?

Deep cleaning a house goes beyond the surface level to clear out the dust, grime and gunk that’s collecting on the fan blades, hiding in the blinds, and built up inside the refrigerator drawers. Deep cleaning of a home or apartment costs more than regular house cleaning because it takes more time, effort, and cleaning products. You may choose to have a deep cleaning once or several times a year in addition to your standard cleaning services. You may have a one-time deep cleaning to prepare for company or to clean after a house party. Companies may charge an hourly rate or a price per square foot, or may offer you a flat rate after they have visited your home and estimated work time. The national average house cleaning price is $110-$150, with rates ranging higher for deep-cleaning services. Here are some examples of how a company may calculate their deep-cleaning prices:

  • 10 cents per square foot (compared with 5 cents per square foot for standard house cleaning).
  • $300 for a 3,000-square-foot home.
  • $25 per hour per worker for deep-cleaning services.

How do I choose the best house cleaning service?

When searching for the best house cleaning service near you, consider the depth of your cleaning needs, your budget and the size and condition of your home. Read reviews from verified customers of any cleaning service that you’re looking to hire. Also, check out the reviewers’ photos and do background checks on reviewers to ensure they’re not employed by established cleaning firms or maid agencies. 

When viewing house cleaners on Thumbtack, you might see a Top Pro badge. This indicates that the service is one of the most popular and highly-rated professionals using the platform.

Reviews for Hendersonville house cleaners
Lauren F.
A Clean House Cleaning Company did a awesome job on cleaning my house. This was the first time I have ever hired anyone to clean my house so I wasn’t sure what to expect but my house looks great and so fresh and clean. Baseboards, ceiling fans, floors, bathrooms, kitchen ect fantastic. I will definitely be requesting this company again for future cleanings. 😁
A Clean HouseA Clean House
Steve B.
Hall’s House Cleaning sent a team of three workers to clean my just-sold house. I had a hard deadline to turn it over to the new owners at noon. It is a large house, but the team arrived at 6;30 am and worked hard to get the place ready. Their work was excellent and the new owners commented about how clean at looked. If you have a home that needs expert cleaning, give Hall’s House Cleaning a call.
Hall's House Cleaning & Painting LLC 6157889369Hall's House Cleaning & Painting LLC 6157889369
My entire house is spotless!!! Best cleaning experience I’ve ever had!! Claudia is a true professional and I look forward to her taking care of my house for a long time!!!
cleaning & painting CLAUDIA'Scleaning & painting CLAUDIA'S
Sahiba m.
J&J is an amazing team! They came to our house for a deep cleaning and I was very happy and satisfied with the services!
J&J Perfect CleaningJ&J Perfect Cleaning
Lindsey B.
They did such a great job! My house was in desperate need of a cleaning and now it looks fantastic! I’m excited to continue to use their services!
Meme's House CleaningMeme's House Cleaning
Clarissa M.
Jany did an awesome job cleaning our new house! She was thorough and left our new home clean and smelling fresh. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and will request her again.
Jany's cleaning servicesJany's cleaning services
Megan B.
She did an excellent job cleaning! I contacted her on Sunday and she was able to fit me in Wednesday. The house looked amazing!
Mlainez cleaning services 6156352036Mlainez cleaning services 6156352036
Wade c.
We have had our house cleaned by many different individuals and companies. This by far has been the best it has ever been done.
All Clean and Organized.All Clean and Organized.
Katie H.
Incredible job! House smells amazing! Pillows are perfectly fluffed! Went over and above a normal cleaning experience! Exceeded my expectations! Thank you!
L & M House Cleaning 6152934263L & M House Cleaning 6152934263
Tanesha F.
Zarayah & Husband were absolutely Amazing. They cleaned my house from top to bottom. Going over and beyond to not miss anything. I will use them over and over again.
Matilda B.
All floors was not mop good. When they dust they did put items back in it appropriate place. I had to take the time to put all items back where they belong. Move the couch to mop behind it and left it out did not place it back. Counter tops and cabinets not wipe down good. Did not dust off furniture. I have glass tables they still had finger prints and smudges on the tables. Mirrors in the bathroom had streaks on them. I have a soap dish on the vanity in the bathroom did not clean it was still dirty. Also the hand mirror on the stand that sit on the vanity did not clean it. I have a set of french down with window panes in the den. Did not clean the window panes on the doors. Bottom line when they finished I could not tell that my house had been professionally clean. I had straighten up my house before they came so all they had to do was to mop all floors, wipe down kitchens clean bathrooms, dust, clean mirrors, and windows that's in the house. One of my friends stated to me when she came over and she said whoever clean ur bathroom upstairs did not do a good job. I did not go upstairs to check the bathroom out. That was embarrassing. I am used to a housekeeper when they clean my house I can spell the fresh scent of a cleanless and all windows and mirrors are sparkling and cabinets and floors are shining. I did express my dissatisfaction to them about the job. I told them I was very unhappy. It really sadden me. I had an event at my house the next day. I did pay them the full amount. But will not used them again. The explanation they gave me was my house was to big. I am not saying not to use them and maybe they will do a better job on your home. It is up to you.
E&A’s  servicesE&A’s services
Rhonda P.
After months of staying inside, our house needed a deep cleaning and Music City Cleaning knew exactly what to do! They were organized, thorough, and I appreciated their attention to all the little details. When they were finished, everything was sparkling and smelled fantastic. I was absolutely thrilled with their service!
Music City CleaningMusic City Cleaning
Beth E.
Lorena is an excellent choice. I contacted her on Tuesday and ask her to come clean for me on Wednesday. I have a huge house. In the past, my housekeepers usually have a helper with them. When Lorena showed up alone I asked her if she was going to take my house on by herself. She explained that her partner had become ill. She had to take her home, but she still came to clean by herself. I walked her through the house and pointed out a few special things that I am really picky about. One was the area around my easy chair. It is in an awkward place and in the past my house keepers have just skipped over it. I stayed and chatted with her for a bit. She is an amazing person. She is very friendly and I trusted her instantly. When she finished cleaning, she told me that she had moved some of my furniture around. I thanked her and asked if she would come again next time. I waz very impressed with the amount of detail she put into her cleaning. She had actually moved the furniture by my chair and had cleaned all under it. I have had housekeepers for about 25 years. This was the best cleaning job I have ever experienced. My floors have never looked so good. My entire house is hardwood or tile flooring. I am hopeful that Lorena will keep coming to clean for me and I will never look for another housekeeper again.
Lorena house cleaningLorena house cleaning
Jordan T.
Terri is an absolute treasure of a human being and super hero at cleaning. Our house has never been cleaner and you can feel the love that was put into every (now clean) corner. She provided an extraordinary level of service, professionalism, and attention to detail with each process of her work. Her positive energy radiated throughout our home the entire time she was here, and I cannot wait to have her back. We have 5 animals (who all adored her) and we try to clean as much as possible, but after seeing what “Terri Clean” looks like I know we will never go back to our version of it. My husband and I will be sleeping in a spotless house tonight where the air is lighter and the carpet is fluffier. Truly grateful to have met and found this gem of a lady and company. If you need someone to clean your home do not hesitate! Hire The H.E.L.P. today!
The (H. E. L. P.)HelpingEveryLovingPersonThe (H. E. L. P.)HelpingEveryLovingPerson
Celia M.
Jany was so easy to work with! She responded so quickly to my initial message and had the best price out of everyone I spoke with. It was amazing to come home to a deep clean house, and I keep noticing things that I can’t believe she cleaned, like I’m pretty sure she cleaned the dog bowls! I also really like that Jany accepts Venmo. Thank you again!
Jany's cleaning servicesJany's cleaning services
Armin M.
I scheduled with her to come clean my house at 9 AM at 845 she text me and said she just woke up and she doesn’t feel good!!! She ruined all my plans for a day!
Leana VanselLeana Vansel
Shelly L.
They called the day before the scheduled service to verify which was great. Samantha also called during the service to make sure it was going well. I was very impressed with the customer service and even more impressed with the cleaning job. My house smelled and looked fresh and clean when Olivia got finished. I was very impressed with the job! I will definitely use them again.
Dream Clean LLCDream Clean LLC
Nancy T.
I am so happy I contracted with Klean Closet. We are new to the area and it was a huge help that I found Kanisha and Anthony. Communication was excellent which was very much appreciated. It was for a move in cleaning and Kanisha was flexible to help me work around our move in date. Anthony was really good, took his time and did a great job. When I saw him clean the windowsills with a paint brush to clean the dirt I was truly impressed with his work ethic. I was so grateful to have them help me get the house ready to move in. Extremely pleased, I will be using them in the future for regular cleaning.
Klean Kloset,LLCKlean Kloset,LLC
Beth E.
I have a few house keepers over the last 25 years. Lorena has cleaned for me twice and it has been the best I have ever have. I have marked her on my calendar for once a month for as long as she wants to keep coming! Fabulous!
Lorena house cleaningLorena house cleaning
LeeAnn I.
I can’t say enough about how well this experience went despite the bad weather. Jany’s communication throughout was excellent and well as her service. She was very thorough cleaning a very dirty house but when she left, it was sparkling. We hope to call on her again.
Jany's cleaning servicesJany's cleaning services
Mary S.
I am beyond pleased with Zona’s services. She worked with my budget, was on time, helped me understand what products are best to use for each area of the house, and most importantly, I felt comfortable with her in my home. I wish I had taken a before picture of my shower because she did such an incredible job of making it look new!!! It’s been a struggle to find a reliable, quality house cleaner, and I feel I have finally found someone :) Thanks Zona!
My Customized Cleaning ServicesMy Customized Cleaning Services
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