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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does laminate floor installation cost?

Installing laminate floors costs $1-$4 per square foot for materials and $3-$7 per square foot for installation. Laminate flooring is much cheaper than hardwood or engineered flooring, yet it imitates the look of these more expensive options. 

Find out how much it will cost to add laminate floors in your home — contact a contractor today.

What is the best flooring for dogs?

Waterproof or scratch-resistant flooring is typically the best flooring for dogs. This includes: 

  • Vinyl: Vinyl may not add much to the value of your home, but it is resistant to scratching, stains, dents and accidents. Plus, it’s an affordable option.
  • Tile: Tile is generally water-resistant and scratch-proof, and more affordable than hardwood or stone.
  • Laminate: Laminate is not truly waterproof, but it is tough and often more scratch-resistant than other wood floorings. 

Remember that solid hardwood is susceptible to damage, including dents, scratching, licking and accidents. But if you want to install wood floors, the best hardwood floors for dogs are typically made out of maple, Brazilian walnut or bamboo.

For more tips on choosing the best flooring for dogs, talk to one of the best flooring installation professionals near you.

How much does it cost to install flooring?

The national average cost to install flooring is $5,500, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 . Your cost can be much lower or higher depending on the type of flooring you select, the square footage of the project, and other important variables like demolition and repair work needed.

Here are some examples of floor installation costs, depending on the material:

Reach out to the top flooring installation specialists near you to get an accurate, free estimate of how much it will cost to install flooring in your home.

What's the best flooring for basements, kitchens and bathrooms?

When installing flooring in your home, keep in mind that some materials are better suited for certain rooms while others are not. Use this guide to help you make the best decision for your home.

Best Flooring for Basements

Basement flooring should be highly resistant to moisture, as many basements are below grade. Choosing the best flooring for basement spaces depends on what they’ll be used for. For example: 

  • An epoxy basement floor is a durable finish for concrete.
  • Vinyl basement flooring is generally waterproof or water-resistant. 
  • Laminate floors can be an affordable option, but they’re often not 100% waterproof.
  • Ceramic tile floors are also water-resistant. 

If your basement isn’t moist, carpet tiles are also an option — just make sure to use a moisture barrier.

Best Flooring for Kitchens

Kitchen flooring does more work than almost any floor in the house, so you’ll want to choose a durable floor. The following are among the best flooring types for kitchens:

  • Porcelain tiles can be fashionable, moisture-resistant, and cost less than stone or wood to install.
  • Vinyl flooring can withstand dents, is generally inexpensive and it’s easy to install.
  • Linoleum flooring can be durable, easy to maintain and affordable. 
  • Wood flooring could be damaged by dropped pots and pans, furniture and pets. However, hardwood and engineered wood floors in kitchen spaces are still popular among homeowners.

Best Flooring for Bathrooms

Bathroom flooring must withstand high moisture levels while also being comfortable on bare feet. Here are some of the best flooring options for bathrooms: 

  • Porcelain tiles are generally comfortable, waterproof, stylish and less costly than stone or wood. 
  • Vinyl flooring is waterproof, cost-effective and can imitate wood convincingly.
  • Natural stone can be expensive, but it’s typically hard and durable.

Reach out to a flooring installation and repair professional near you to see which type you should install in your home.

What are the disadvantages of vinyl flooring?

The disadvantages of vinyl flooring are worth considering for homeowners. Vinyl flooring is difficult to repair if it tears or scratches because you cannot refinish it. And while it imitates more expensive products, it is still usually easy to spot vinyl flooring. This means it might not add to the value of a house, as most buyers would prefer to remove vinyl flooring and replace it with something of a higher quality. Low-quality vinyl flooring is also susceptible to fading and discoloration from sunlight.

For more information on the disadvantages -- and advantages -- of vinyl flooring, reach out to a flooring installation company near you.

Is it worth it to hire a professional flooring specialist?

Unless you have plenty of experience installing the type of floor you want, it is worth it to hire a professional flooring specialist. 

The first reason is tools — pros have them, and they know how to use them. Without the proper experience, there is a high risk of injury with nail guns and power saws. A good pro also works quickly, saving you time that you could spend doing other things. 

Finally, a pro gets you past options paralysis by helping you decide the best flooring for different rooms and areas of the home.

To get started on your flooring project, contact the best flooring contractors near you today.

How do you clean hardwood, concrete, vinyl and laminate floors?

After you get new floors installed in your home, make sure you maintain them. Use these tips to keep your floors clean, shiny and polished. 

How to Clean Concrete Floors

Start by sweeping or vacuuming the entire surface to remove loose debris. Mopping will require different substances based on the type of concrete floor. For a polished concrete floor, use a specialized polished concrete cleaner. For a painted concrete floor, use a mild all-purpose cleaner. A sealed concrete floor can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid, while an unsealed floor is best cleaned with trisodium phosphate and stain removers. Use kitty litter or cornstarch for grease stains, and distilled white vinegar for rust stains. 

For more tips on how to clean and maintain your concrete floors, consult with your professional concrete flooring contractor.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors typically requires a mop, bucket and some type of hardwood floor cleaner. Start by removing furniture and objects. Vacuum up all debris (or use a dust mop), moving with the grain. Spray your cleaner on a small section of the floor, and mop in a figure-eight motion, working backward. Make sure there are no puddles. 

In high-traffic areas, you should mop one or two times per week. Low-traffic areas should be mopped at least once per month. 

To ensure you're cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors properly, speak with your hardwood flooring installation specialist.

How to Clean Laminate Floors:

Start by vacuuming to remove dust, dirt and other debris. The best mop for laminate floors is a microfiber mop with a sprayer feature. Spray and mop one small area at a time to avoid standing liquid on the floor. Go over the floor with a dry microfiber cloth after mopping to make sure all liquid is gone. 

Although you can use a damp mop, never use a wet mop on laminate floors. Moisture can cause the flooring to bubble, swell and buckle. Instead, use a dedicated laminate floor mop with a laminate floor cleaner spray. The best mop for laminate floors is typically made with microfiber, which picks up dirt and absorbs moisture well.

Consulting with your laminate flooring installer is a good idea if you've never had laminate floors and need more tips on how to clean them properly.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Cleaning vinyl plank flooring is easy. Start by sweeping and vacuuming up dirt, dust and debris. Then use a damp — not wet — mop or rag with warm water. While vinyl is waterproof, an excessive amount of water can leak between the seams and affect the glue bond with the floor. When you feel a chemical is needed, make sure to choose cleaning products safe for vinyl planks.

Reach out to your vinyl flooring installer for tips on how to further maintain and care for your vinyl floors.

For more tips, read our guide on how to clean and maintain all types of flooring.

What are the different types of flooring I can install in my home?

Here are four popular types of flooring you can install in your home. 

Solid wood flooring:

Solid wood flooring is made up of 100% wood, and has a very natural look and feel. It can add value to your home and. It can resist wear and tear, and be sanded and refinished multiple times. However, solid wood is susceptible to humidity and water damage. When it’s humid, solid wood could expand and if there’s a flood, it will be hard for the wood to return to its natural shape.

Laminate flooring:

Laminate wood flooring is an artificial product that mimics real wood flooring. Its core consists of fiberboard material, topped by an image print layer and sealed with a clear protective film. Laminate flooring is UV-resistant and less expensive than solid hardwood (approximately $3 to $7 per square foot to install). However, it also has a lower-quality feel, is unable to be sanded and refinished, has a lifespan of around 25 years and will invariably have a repeated print, according to Consumer Reports

A laminate hardwood floor is popular in living areas like dining rooms and kitchens. Their quality has improved dramatically in recent years, making them an attractive alternative to more expensive flooring types. Laminate flooring can also be scratch-prone, easy to clean and maintain, and resistant to moisture. 

Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring is made completely out of PVC plastic and is an excellent option for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens. It is durable, comfortable and inexpensive. Vinyl plank flooring and vinyl floor tiles can also imitate stone, tile and wood. However, it is fairly easy to spot vinyl flooring as synthetic. Install luxury vinyl plank and sheet vinyl flooring in areas where moisture is a concern.

Engineered wood flooring:

Engineered wood flooring often has a plywood-core substrate and a genuine hardwood veneer as its uppermost layer. Engineered wood floors are more impervious to humidity than regular hardwood, meaning that it’s less likely to expand, warp and buckle, according to Consumer Reports. However, it can dent easily. The best engineered hardwood has a thicker veneer, as well as a quality that allows it to be sanded down and refinished to increase its lifespan. It can be as durable as solid hardwood, and it’s often an affordable choice for many homeowners.

If you need help choosing the best flooring for your home, reach out to the top flooring companies near you.

Reviews for Centennial laminate floor installers
Paul Remodel LLC is incredible! Paul showed up when he said he would and installed over 1200 sq ft of laminate flooring in two days! The floors look amazing! I highly recommend Paul if you are looking for a reliable and competent flooring installer.
Paul Remodel LLCPaul Remodel LLC
Janet M.
Christopher installed laminate flooring throughout my condo and did an absolute beautiful job! His work ethic is second to none , as is his eye for detail. Christopher cleaned up everyday ...so there was no mess to come home to after a long day at work. I wouldn't hesitate for one minute to refer Christopher for any flooring needs ! He was a pleasure to work with.
Craftsman Floors, LLCCraftsman Floors, LLC
Brad h.
We hired Matt and his team to install laminate flooring on our main and lower levels. He was prompt in getting us our quote and getting on the calendar once we had all of the materials on site. They finished the project in two days time and even returned the next week to finish the last two stairs because we hadn’t ordered enough material for them to complete the job. Floors look great, great to work with, and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend Pura Vida.
Pura vida home innovationsPura vida home innovations
Noah T.
We recently purchased an older home that was filled with horribly cheap laminate floors with a glued down parquet underneath and ugly, old carpet. We were about an hour away booking with a different contractor when we realized what they were charging us was insane for what we needed done. So I went back to Thumbtack and had four more contractors come out and give us a quote, including Home Depot. Design & Elegance came out and was by far the most competitive quote and by far the most professional. They were tasked with tearing up over 1000 sq-ft of carpet, laminate and glued down original floors form the 80s. They installed brand new, beautiful LVP floors and new baseboards. Milene is extremely easy to talk to and so supportive and informative. She is very responsive and is always available to answer questions, and I had a lot. They walked us through the entire process from planning, to where the best place to get material for the project to execution of installing our new floors. They were at our house a week and did amazing, thorough work. They take their time to ensure that what they are doing is done correctly and perfectly. They even fixed all the annoying squeaks in my subfloors from the age of the house. During the installation they were efficient and clean - In would come home after each day they were working ( we weren't moved in at the time they were working ) and we were always impressed with how clean and efficiently they worked. If you need to get new floors installed I 200% recommend them. You can't go wrong hiring Design & Elegance.
Design & EleganceDesign & Elegance
Noah T.
We started our floor replacement journey about a month ago and Floors by Tomorrow was the first company we reached out to. The initial interaction was great - Dan was responsive and helpful with a quote over the phone and eventually was able to meet us at the home we purchased to give us a real in person quote. We worked with him to get floors and carpet picked out as we needed to replaced 0ver 2000 sq-ft of flooring in the house. A combination of LVP and Carpet. The day we were going to place our deposit with Dan I called my father, who's been in construction for 30+ years) to get his opinion on the quote. He thought it was overpriced for what we were getting so we decided to get a few more bids. Dan said he, "Understands the need to work through the 'voices' in our heads." Long story short we found a different company to do our LVP but decided to move forward with Floors by Tomorrow for the carpet installation on our entire upstairs. We went with them because they could get it done within our time frame and their pricing for carpet, though it was about $500 more than other bids, was still reasonable enough. I figured I was willing to pay a little more to have it done within the time frame I wanted and for the quality they would provide. I hired them to demo the old flooring, fix the squeaky subfloors and install new carpet. The subfloor repairs was a big deal to me and I was assured on multiple occasions, that they would get fixed! We were excited and ready to get started! Well... This is were it turns sour. After placing my 50% deposit for the carpet installation we set a time to have their crew come install the new carpet. (by the way, he is very responsive about getting his deposit and money. This is important later) Fast forward to installation day. I texted Dan that morning at 8, which I understand is early and wasn't expecting a response immediately, he responds at 10am that they will be arriving at my home to start work anywhere from 10-11am. He then texted me at 11:20 saying they were running behind and he "anticipates them getting they this afternoon." I responded that was fine, even though a timeframe wasn't giving. Fast forward two hours later I text Dan if they got in, no response, I texted again at 2:30 reminding him that the Subfloors were really important to us, no response. So another 20ish minutes goes by and I text him again and finally Dan response saying they will be there at 3pm. That night I get a call from the installers saying that they were unable to finish and they would need to come back tomorrow to finish up. I totally understood, and said finishing up the next day was no problem. The next morning I stopped by the house, We hadn't move in yet, to check on their work. I took photos of the laminate they were suppose to remove and sent a message asking if these were still getting removed, and again asked about the subfloors. (still haven't heard back from him about this since our initial quote of him promising me they would be done) so we off course asked about it multiple times. He replied about an our later saying they will be finishing up. So that night I stop by the house after work excited to see the new carpet! To my disappointment, the subfloors were never touched. They squeak just as bad as they did before they did the work. So I texted Dan and said that it wasn't completed. he texted back and said he would reach out to the installer and get back with me. The next day I don't hear from Dan once.. Its mid afternoon when I finally get a call from his head installer David. At approximately 10:15 am on 1/7/22 I received a call from them explaining that the installers "tried" to fix the subfloor but were unsuccessful. The gentleman I spoke to, David, explained that the subfloor is not always guaranteed to be fixed. Even though Dan has promised us that they would all go away without a doubt. He offered to come and pull the carpet up so that we could try to get the subfloor fixed, but could not guarantee the fix. He explained he would want me there and that he would also like to be there so we can do it together. I obliged and said the only day I can do is Sunday, being it's my only day off. He explained they don't work Sunday so it has to be during the week. I then told him that if it were done correctly the first time we wouldn't have to do this and that we need to make Sunday work. Later I receive a call from the installer, and he explains that they will come out on Saturday (1/8/22) to fix it since they don't work Sundays. I explained that I would be happy to do Monday because I wanted to be there for when the work is done, to ensure it is completed correctly. He said he will call me back to see if that works. During this downtime, Dan, the owner of Floors by Tomorrow, calls me and is trying to play damage control. He explains that he never tells people that they can fix the subfloor 100%, which he did tell us they'd be fixed multiple times and in text. I confronted him and reminded him that he did tell us that but he denied it. During this time I was being called back by the installer so I hung up with Dan and answered to confirm that we are meeting Monday at 9 am to fix the subfloor together. I then called Dan back and explained the situation. Dan was happy to hear we came up with a solution. I asked that David not be there, He is the head installer I came to find out, during this process due to his attitude and unprofessionalism, Dan agreed to my request. I explained to Dan once the work is done properly and we are satisfied I will pay him the remainder of what is owed, and he agreed. So Monday comes and the installer calls me and cancels coming to fix the floors. I text Dan and he said he was trying to figure it out. An hour passes and I hear nothing so I text him again asking for an update. Dan said they will be there between 12 and 1pm, I said I would make it work. Well I get another call from the installer explained they can't make it until now 3-4pm. I text Dan frustrated because there was no communication between Dan, the installer and myself. We were in the dark most of this experience. So I texted Dan asking what is going on? That there was no communication. His response? "This is the communication Noah, - One sick guy bails ... and I scramble to still make it happen. I wish Construction was a perfect world but it's not... Hung in there!!" Never once did he tell us a guy was out sick. Nor did keep us updated throughout the process. It was us asking for updates repeatedly until we got one. So mind you I've been at the house since 10am and waited until 4pm for the installer to come by and fix the subfloors. They finally arrived and we worked together to screw in some screws to fix the squeaky subfloors. Their method wasn't impressive, but it got the job done for the most part. They pulled the carpet back up and cut the pad underneath to find the location of the squeaks. Instead of pull the pad up they cut it in every which way, only the to staple it back down. Which is fine for the most part, we can feel some uneven spots from the pad underneath but nothing we can't deal with. -just not an impressive method if you aske me. After about an hour they put everything back together and left. The next Day I texted saying the subfloors were fixed and that I was ready to pay the remainder. He responds instantly, has to do with money after all, and offers to come pick up a check from us. He was very unresponsive when it came our questions concerns, squeaky floors (initially) - but when it comes to getting the cash he'll drop everything and respond. I wasn't really planning on writing a review, but what really upsets me now is how many razer blades we're finding in our home and outside. I'm still finding loose razers from the installers in rooms, our front yard, the hallway you name it. We have walking 14 month old, if he found one of those and hurt himself there would be hell to pay. I can't trust I wont find anymore and we find ourselves not feeling our son is safe in his own home. Not to mention they scuffed the S&^% out of out stairs trim, totally needs to be repainted now.. I 1000% DO NOT recommend them.
Floors By TomorrowFloors By Tomorrow
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