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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

What does a Spanish tutor do?

The goal of a Spanish tutor is to help students improve their Spanish reading, writing, comprehension, and conversation skills. The tutor’s approaches may vary, depending on whether the instruction is individual or a group class. Many Spanish tutors practice immersion — meaning they will speak only Spanish with their pupils. For students with little to no Spanish experience, the Spanish tutor may use a mix of Spanish and English to accustom their students to speaking the language.

A Spanish tutor can offer a wide range of services to their students. For students currently enrolled in a Spanish class through their middle school or high school, a Spanish tutor can help them with homework and language practice, as well as expanding their understanding of their current school curriculum. For adults, Spanish tutors will have different approaches based on that student’s need. Academics and those seeking high-level professional development for their career will often have more intensive and targeted lessons, drills, and interactive speaking tests. For adults who wish to learn conversational Spanish for fun or for travel, lessons may revolve around learning commonly used phrases and practicing speaking in relaxed settings.

How do I become CPR and first aid certified?

You can earn CPR training and receive first aid certification in a number of ways. Choose an online course to learn the materials remotely and then find a testing location to complete the certification process with an in-person demonstration of your knowledge and skills. Encourage your workplace to host a first aid and CPR training so employees can learn what to do in case of a workplace emergency and how to respond with lifesaving techniques. You may also be able to take a CPR or first aid class in your community. A basic CPR training may run four to five hours. After receiving CPR training, you’ll know how to respond if an adult or a child goes into cardiac arrest or stops breathing. You’ll learn how to use chest compressions to keep blood pumping to a person’s organs, which can keep them alive until an emergency responder can arrive. First aid and CPR training can also include education about how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

How much are singing lessons?

Singing lessons cost $50 per hour, on average. Hourly rates can range anywhere from $40-$80. However, some vocal instructors may charge flat rates or offer packages. They may also offer 30-minute lessons for a lower price. Or, they might require monthly tuition for ongoing classes. It depends on the voice coach. 

Contact vocal instructors near you to get a sense of how much singing lessons cost in your area.

What is CPR training?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (better known as CPR) is a lifesaving manual technique that pumps oxygenated blood back into the body’s organs if someone’s heart or breathing has stopped. A variety of CPR training is available to community members, employees and healthcare providers. CPR training may last two to five hours or more, depending on the content and the target audience. During the training, students will learn how to recognize and respond to an emergency situation. There are different CPR techniques for adults and children, but with both you will learn how to determine whether the person is conscious before administering chest compression. During the training you’ll learn chest compression techniques for adults and different techniques for children between the ages of 1 and 8. Students learn how to properly administer chest compressions, when the technique is appropriate and when it is not, and how long you must perform rescue measures. Students also learn what an automatic external defibrillator (AED) is and how to use it if necessary to shock a patient before administering CPR chest compressions.

What is first aid training?

With first aid training, you may be able to help save a life. First aid training can teach people who are not medical professionals how to help a sick or injured person in crisis before an ambulance arrives on the scene. Most commonly, first aid training helps teach you how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

First aid training can teach you how to respond in a variety of emergency situations, including:

  • Asthma attack
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Burns
  • Choking
  • Diabetic emergencies
  • External bleeding
  • Heart attack
  • Poisoning
  • Neck, head or back injury
  • Stroke
  • Seizure

First aid training classes may be offered by professionals who are affiliated with the Red Cross, which offers online, in-person, and blended training classes. First aid classes are also often offered through local recreation centers, city services, schools, hospitals and private companies.  

How do you get your first aid certificate?

To get your first aid certificate, you must take a first aid training course designed for certification. Certified training professionals offer courses to employers, schools or other groups. For an in-person training, you may go to a training location such as a Red Cross classroom, or a professional first aid and CPR trainer can come to you or your office. Most first aid training courses take three to five hours or more, which prepares you to take the first aid certification test. To boost your chances, you can take online practice tests or review study guides. Once you pass the first aid exam, an official digital certificate is emailed to you. You can also have a wallet card or printed certificate sent to you.

How long is your CPR certification good for?

In general, CPR training sessions and certifications are good for two years. After that, you must recertify to ensure you are up to date on the latest information and techniques. CPR is a lifesaving skill for a community member, employee or healthcare provider to know, as it enables you to respond appropriately if someone goes into cardiac arrest or stops breathing. In a CPR training, students learn compression techniques to keep blood flowing to the body’s organs if a person’s heart has suddenly stopped or they have stopped breathing. This action can keep a person alive until an emergency responder can arrive on the scene and can effectively save a life.

The American Red Cross explains that re-certification is important, because people start to forget information just a few months after taking a training. The American Red Cross recommends you keep your skills fresh by reviewing free, online materials or downloading their free, mobile app to keep abreast of CPR information and news. Re-certification courses are shorter than first-time CPR training. Your renewed CPR certification will be good for another two years.

How much does it cost to get CPR and first aid certified?

First aid and CPR trainings are available to individuals who want to learn how to respond in case of an emergency and for healthcare providers who need to renew their certification. Typically, CPR certifications are current for two years. Here are some examples of average CPR and first aid training costs:

  • Open enrollment training: $45 for an in-person American Heart Association Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider CPR Training and Certification.
    • Additional $15 for online or hard copy student manual.
  • Online trainings: $45 for the American Safety and Health Institute Blended First Aid training.
    • The student will still be required to meet a CPR trainer in person to receive their final certification.
  • Worksite trainings:
    • $35: per employee for basic ASHI CPR AED training course (focus on CPR, 2-hour course).
      • $280: Minimum fee for an instructor to appear (at least 8 students or minimum fee).
    • $45: Per employee for an ASHI First Aid CPR AED training course (includes response strategies for most emergencies, 4-hour course).
      • $360: Minimum fee for an instructor to appear (at least 8 students or minimum fee).
  • Class extensions: Pricing varies depending on the additional emergency training requested. For example, for the ASHI First Aid AED CPR training course cited above, the host company might charge an additional:
    • $5: Per student for infant CPR training.
    • $15: Per student for oxygen administration training (add 30 minutes).
    • $15: Per student for bloodborne pathogen training (add 30 minutes).
  • Materials: CPR and first aid training courses may have additional fees for hard copies of manuals. Example of additional materials costs:
    • $10: Per hard copy of class manual (otherwise available online) for First Aid AED CPR group trainings.

How much do first aid courses cost?

First aid training courses vary in cost depending on what’s included, from basic first aid to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to pediatric CPR, as well as the length of the class and who’s offering them. The national average cost for an in-person CPR and first aid class is $50-$75 per person. An informational CPR training costs less than one that leads to first aid training certification. For example, a two-hour course that trains you to administer CPR and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) costs an average of $35 per person; an employer may book the same class for a group of at least eight students for an average of $280. A four-hour CRP and AED training costs an average of $45 per person and $360 for at least eight people. Some companies offer add-on training to their CPR and AED classes, such as $5 per student to learn infant CPR, $15 each for oxygen administration training, and $15 each for bloodborne pathogen training. A first aid certificate is valid for two years.

What can you do with a first aid certificate?

People with a first aid certificate are trained to respond quickly and appropriately in life-threatening situations. Although a first aid certificate alone isn’t enough to secure a job, it can make you more attractive to certain types of potential employers. When you have a first aid certificate, you’ve proved that you know how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), use an automated external defibrillator (AED), and handle emergency situations like choking, heavy bleeding, a heart attack or stroke, or anaphylaxis. Most parents prefer babysitters and lifeguards with first aid certification. Many professionals, especially those who work with children, are required to have first aid training, including teachers, coaches, counselors and therapists, firefighters, and social workers. In addition to adult and pediatric first aid plus CPR and AED courses, you can take first aid training specifically designed for babysitting and child care, for health care settings, and for swimming and water safety situations..

Reviews for Littleton lessons teachers
Nick C.
I had an awesome first lesson. Looking forward to keeping going!
Grappling, Striking, Recovery & FitnessGrappling, Striking, Recovery & Fitness
Mike M.
Excellent instructor. Listens to what students want and tailors lessons accordingly.
Strum2TheBeat Guitar & Drum LessonsStrum2TheBeat Guitar & Drum Lessons
Megan I.
My daughter just started lessons and is loving her experience so far!
Traveling Music LessonsTraveling Music Lessons
Amanda T.
He is great!!!! Definitely see him. I will continue to have lessons with him
Strum2TheBeat Guitar & Drum LessonsStrum2TheBeat Guitar & Drum Lessons
Katie C.
Laura is an amazing piano teacher. My son looked forward to his lessons and has learned so much in just a few months. She makes the lesson very fun and engaging while teaching a solid foundation for piano playing. Highly recommend!
Laura's Piano LessonsLaura's Piano Lessons
Megan I.
Great experience for our first on-line lesson and we hope to have more soon!
Strum2TheBeat Guitar & Drum LessonsStrum2TheBeat Guitar & Drum Lessons
Corey G.
Haven't started my lessons yet but given how prompt she was with me I'm excited to start!
AAA Music StudioAAA Music Studio
Pam R.
Justin was Great. I really enjoyed the lesson. Also very complementary even though it’s been awhile for me. He told m he could tell I had experience and past vocal training. Was a Confidence booster! I look forward to my next lesson! Thanks
Dr. Justin BischofDr. Justin Bischof
Aimee R.
The lesson was so informative and helpful. She's a great instructor with obvious extensive music knowledge. Really awesome experience!
Dove Music LessonsDove Music Lessons
Hollie E.
Wonderful experience! I have never had professional lessons and she took the lead and helped to make me comfortable.
Melaina Mills Music StudioMelaina Mills Music Studio
Anthony W.
My son has just begun his lessons, but it seems like Ryan is a perfect balance of fun and proficiency at his craft.
Ryan Lee Reid Music StudioRyan Lee Reid Music Studio
Thumbtack Customer
Melody, from Lessons in Your Home, placed Arielle as a vocal teacher for our 8 year old. We have been very happy with the instruction and professionalism. We can see an improvement in our daughter's singing skills and a desire to perform and practice. It is very nice not to have to run out somewhere for lessons...Keyboard, books, etc, are brought to us.
Lessons In Your HomeLessons In Your Home
Taggarty L.
Very Knowledgeable and works at the clients pace. I would recommend this for any women who is looking for self defense lessons. Great class.
Dr. Ali JaffriDr. Ali Jaffri
John J.
From the initial reply to my email inquiry to Michael, I could tell that he actually understood my needs and goals and that he was the man to help me achieve them. Upon our first lesson, Michael was prompt (even though I was not), professional, patient and extremely helpful. Within the first few minutes, I knew that I found my teacher and I can't wait for the lessons to come. Go with Michael, you won't be disappointed.
Micheal SebulskyMicheal Sebulsky
Bill M.
First time ever using Thumbtack for online piano lesson for our 13yr old. Witchel was fantastic: very responsive, professional, and great positive interaction with our son. Highly recommended.
Creative Mind SocietyCreative Mind Society
Bill M.
Madeleine is not only tremendously talented, but also superb with kids, as well as a true professional. Our Zoom piano lessons have been a phenomenal experience for Gavin. Under Madeleine’s tutelage Gavin has not only made marked improvement in just three months, but he’s now hooked on learning the piano as a result of Madeline’s passion and positive demeanor. Already involved in school activities, soccer and spring track, learning piano over Zoom calls with Madeleine provides Gavin another avenue to focus his energy both during 1/2 hour lessons and during practice on his own. We’re happy to provide Madeleine our highest and unequivocal recommendation for anyone considering Zoom piano lessons! Bill & Steph Mahoney / Highlands Ranch, CO
Madeleine Rauch | Vocal & Piano Coach Los AngelesMadeleine Rauch | Vocal & Piano Coach Los Angeles
Amy C.
My 15-year old son had his first lesson with Kiera last week and his choir director at school can already notice a difference. She was energetic, gave specific, actionable feedback, and helped him define his goals.
Kiera MatthewsKiera Matthews
Ben M.
Natalia is a fantastic teacher and person! She customizes each lesson based on your own goals for spanish speaking. Plus, she is extremely personable, making it very easy to hold long conversations with her. She will make you feel like you are old friends almost immediately.
Thumbtack Customer
My husband and I hired Paul to teach our oldest son (13 years) guitar and we could not be happier with our decision. My son felt an instant connection and can't for his next lesson. :) He said, "Paul was patient and taught me what I wanted to know". Amazing!
Paul EdelmanPaul Edelman
Thumbtack Customer
Both our teen boys love Mary. She caters the music to interest them and is very patient with their learning styles. Bradley plays the guitar and Christopher the piano. Hearing her work with both boys during their first lesson, I quickly realized how proficient she was with both instruments. Highly recommend.
AAA Music StudioAAA Music Studio
Patrick C.
I am a 63 year old man who has never played a musical instrument in my life. I always wanted to learn so now that I am retired I wanted to learn how to play. I went to Thumbtack to find an instructor and found Jeff. What an incredible choice I made. Jeff drives quite a distance from to my house. He is always on time. His teaching methods are incredible. I’ve been working with Jeff for about two months now and this man really is a true professional teacher. He teaches great fundamentals and after the first lesson I had learned a song. Jeff uses a building block method that helps you learn in a friendly, comfortable environment. He shows you various techniques to help you learn quicker. I’ve had questions and have called him at home and he responds immediately. I would recommend Jeff to anyone of any age who wants to learn to play the quitar. He’s professional, passionate about is profession, fun to work with and has a great personality. Each lesson I learn a couple of things that build on previous work. You can’t go wrong with Jeff if you are looking for a truly dedicated professional to work with! I was very fortunate to find Jeff as my teacher and expect we will be working together for a long time. In my opinion you can not go wrong by hiring Jeff as your instructor. Patrick Clayton
JR GuitarJR Guitar
Austin C.
Learning from Amanda Dove was an absolute joy! I have been involved with music through choirs most of my life, and I've been around pianos the whole time. Unfortunately, I never took the opportunity to learn the instrument. Finally taking the plunge with her was a great choice, because she clearly paid attention to the knowledge I already had, and tailored her teaching to me. We talked a lot about music theory (filling in a lot of gaps in my knowledge) and she didn't feel the need to re-teach things I already knew about. She spent a lot of time working with me on technique, which made sure that my practice at home was worthwhile, and wasn't just doing the same thing over and over. Finally she provided me with plenty of lesson books and music, guiding me to what I needed to learn, but also ensuring I had a lot of choice in what I wanted to play. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a piano teacher!
Dove Music LessonsDove Music Lessons
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