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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Steps to Regular Lawn Care
  1. 1. Get analyzed

    Experts take the time to get to know your lawn before offering you a lawn care package. That’s because no two lawns are exactly alike, whether in soil composition, seed makeup, pH, or other elements.

  2. 2. Goodbye to pests

    Professional services cater to their customers’ preferences when it comes to pest control. If you're against chemicals, experts know how to work around that.

  3. 3. Give some breathing room

    Yearly soil aeration is essential for a healthy yard. After all the barbeques, parties, soccer matches and other activities, the soil gets compacted. Aeration allows water to reach the roots.

  4. 4. Year round care

    Lawn experts tailor your yard’s treatment schedule around the seasons. Fall fertilizing and raking, winter protection, and other seasonal services contribute to a luxurious lawn come springtime.

  5. 5. A twist of lime, please

    Balancing out your soil’s pH with lime is a great way to make it grow more abundantly. In the right pH conditions, grass thrives, while poor conditions are a huge obstacle.

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