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How much does it cost to install blinds?

Window blinds not only provide privacy for the home, but when closed, they can also block sunlight to help keep the home cool and save energy during the summer months. Blinds provide more lighting and privacy options than shades, which are solid and must be either fully raised or fully lowered; however, they are not easy to install. Window blind installation professionals can do the job faster than most homeowners. Cost factors include the type of blinds, whether they’re premade or custom-made, whether they are motorized, and the amount of labor required.

Type of blinds

Numerous types of blinds are available at different price levels. Traditional slat or Venetian blinds are horizontal and can be made of aluminum, vinyl, wood or faux wood. This type of blind features individual slats that can be adjusted and fit most typical windows. Vertical blinds are generally used for sliding doors because they can be pulled to the side for easy access to the door. Some vertical blinds are made of fabric. Roller blinds are similar to shades in that they don’t have adjustable slats; these usually come in fabric or bamboo. The most expensive type is the cordless blind, which is safer for pets and children because the risk of strangulation by the cord is eliminated. These blinds are often remote controlled with a device, although they can also be controlled manually.

Premade or custom

Customers who need blinds for standard window sizes have many options. The larger the window, the more expensive the blinds. Window blind companies can custom make blinds for windows that are unusual or nonstandard sizes. Custom blinds are more expensive than premade ones.


Some blinds can be automated via via remote control. The motor and associated labor to install this type of blind will cost extra.


Some installers charge by the hour for their service. Others charge flat fees. Level & Clean of Chantilly, Virginia, charges a base installation fee of $125 ($145 for locations farther than 50 miles away), with additional pricing based on the size of the blinds:

  • Up to 48 inches: $30 per treatment

  • 49 to 84 inches: $45

  • 85 to 120 inches: $65

For exceptionally high windows, the company charges $20 extra if the mount is 10 to 14 feet high and $40 if it’s over 14 feet high.


Installation materials such as brackets and screws are typically included in the cost and not a separate charge.

Cost-saving strategies

Many window blind installation companies offer discounts when customers buy multiple blinds at once. Some companies offer rebates on window blinds.

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