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How much will your hot tub and spa installation cost?

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How much does hot tub installation cost?

Whether you’ve already purchased a hot tub and just need help installing it at your residential or commercial property, or you need help in deciding the style that works best for your needs, a hot tub installation pro can handle the job.

There are hot tubs tailor-made for indoor or outdoor relaxation, in-ground or above-ground hot tubs, small tubs sweetly suited for two or big social tubs for commercial properties or large homes. Popular materials for hot tub construction include acrylic, fiberglass and wood; talk with a pro to determine which is best for your lifestyle and location. Hot tubs can be installed into a prepared site or at locations where electrical wiring has not yet been installed. Depending on what type of preparation work you need and whether the tub is already onsite, installation costs can range from under $100 to well into the thousands. Several factors influence the cost of installing a hot tub.


To install a hot tub, you need a solid and reliable foundation in place. The combined weight of the hot tub, the water and the people inside can damage the tub’s base or create instability and long-term problems if the tub is placed on an inadequately prepared surface.

One option for an above-ground spa is to purchase prefabricated spa pads, which start at approximately $500 and go up in price depending on size and brand. Another option is to install the tub on gravel that has been packed down and tested for proper drainage. Build a hot tub into your patio or deck with the help of a qualified contractor. A solid and lasting option is to install a concrete pad to place the hot tub on. Steve Rider of Hot Tub Rehab recommends concrete, explaining that the smooth surface will reveal any leaks or problems right away. Gravel or other porous bases allow leaks to drain away, so you won’t know there’s a problem until it becomes a major one. Here is one example of cost for pouring concrete:

  • Poured concrete: $9-$20 per square foot, depending on site accessibility, from CLC Contractors in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

    • For an 8-by-8-foot concrete pad, this could cost $576-$1,280 or more.

In-ground vs. above ground

If you’re installing an in-ground hot tub, you’ll have to factor excavation costs and ground preparation into your total price.

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Electrical wiring

Hot tubs require proper wiring to power the heat and user panels. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), also called a circuit breaker, is also a requirement to follow safety codes. Your hot tub is powered by 220 volts of electricity; a GFCI will prevent electrocution by cutting off the flow of electricity to the hot tub if anything goes haywire, explains Robert Coy of Hot Tub Services in Aurora, Illinois. To meet safety code, says Rider with Hot Tub Rehab, your GFCI needs to be at least 5 feet away from the tub and within eyesight. A licensed contractor who is not an electrician can hook up a hot tub if the basic wiring is already in place; if it is not, you’ll need to hire someone with an electrician’s license to handle the job.

Electrical wiring costs can vary, depending on the electrician’s company, their experience and regional labor rates. Here is one example of electrician costs:

Standard installation

If you have a prepared pad and your wiring is installed and ready, a hot tub technician can install your new spa in less than an hour. Costs vary based on the company. Here are two examples of cost:

  • Basic installation with no moving: $85 from Hot Tub Rehab.

  • Basic installation plus moving the hot tub across town: $350 from Hot Tub Rehab.

    • This cost also includes disconnection of the tub from an old site and a basic overview of how the tub works. Rider of Hot Tub Rehab offers Spa School as a paid program for owners who want more extensive training on the parts and operation of the hot tub.

Spa school

For new installations, many pros offer what Rider at Hot Tub Rehab calls Spa School. The pro provides education on the parts of the hot tub, basic maintenance and preventive care. Specific topics include the tub seals, the converters, the user panel, and which chemicals to use and which to avoid. Here is one example of the cost of an educational session:

  • Spa School: $85 from Hot Tub Rehab.

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