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May 22

Catherine was amazing! She brought such an amazing energy and creativity to our special…


  • Help writing vows will not be needed
  • Officiant will not be needed at the rehearsal

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May 20

I loved Rev. Jackie Grantt, he was amazing! He honored every request we asked of him. He…


  • Help writing vows will be needed
  • Officiant will not be needed at the rehearsal

quoted price

May 16

Carl responded on a moments’ notice, and in a short time got to know us, our two…


  • Help writing vows will not be needed
  • Officiant will not be needed at the rehearsal

quoted price

May 9

It was absolutely perfect. He is such a nice person and very flexible as well. He is very…


  • Help writing vows will not be needed
  • Officiant will not be needed at the rehearsal

quoted price

May 9

Rev Ruth Lenger was absolutely wonderful. I requested that she arrive at our home for a…


  • Help writing vows will be needed
  • Officiant will not be needed at the rehearsal

quoted price

May 6

Jim did an amazing job officiating my wedding. He was responsive, helped us write a…


  • Help writing vows will not be needed
  • Officiant will be needed at the rehearsal

quoted price

May 5

Rev Guy was sooo nice and understanding. He helped us throughout our entire journey and…


  • Help writing vows will not be needed
  • Officiant will not be needed at the rehearsal

How much does a wedding officiant cost?

The national average cost for a wedding officiant is $250 – $300. The type and length of ceremony, travel, and premarital counseling all affect the cost of a wedding officiant.

Whether you decide to blow it out with a big wedding or elope with just the two of you at city hall or the county courthouse, your nuptials should be one of the most special days of your life. Hiring the perfect wedding officiant will be the cherry on top of a cherished memory, so let’s break down exactly what you need to find the best match.

What’s in this cost guide?

Officiating a Wedding

Wedding officiants are ordained members of a religious organization or civil officiants authorized by the court or, increasingly, by an online source to legally marry a couple. Wedding officiants can be found from a wide range of backgrounds including Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, non-denominational, interfaith or nonreligious. Officiants perform the ceremony and ensure you and your partner are married under law. They take care of structuring the ceremony and assisting with rehearsals if requested.

What Affects the Cost of a Wedding Officiant?

The type and length of the ceremony, travel, guest count, wedding ceremony rehearsal, and add-ons can all affect wedding officiant cost. At its simplest, a wedding ceremony includes the signing of the marriage certificate as well as an exchange of vows. Many officiants refer to this as an elopement or a basic package.

Expanding the ceremony to include religious or symbolic rituals, readings or other elements may affect the cost of the service.

Type of ceremony

Costs vary greatly depending on the type of ceremony. A simpler event, such as an elopement, will cost less than a larger wedding ceremony. Officiants frequently perform these types of weddings:

  • Traditional wedding
  • Commitment ceremony
  • Vow renewal
  • Elopement

Premarital counseling

Many wedding officiants offer premarital counseling to couples and recommend it particularly when the couple being married is interfaith. This service adds to the overall costs, but it offers an opportunity to save when purchased from the person conducting the ceremony and bundled into one cost.

Wedding rehearsal

Attendance at the wedding rehearsal is not always included in the cost of the officiation fees. Ask the officiant whether their participation in the wedding rehearsal will incur additional charges.

Guest count

Larger weddings often mean higher fees. Smaller, more intimate weddings or an elopement may reduce the cost of the officiant’s services.

Customized ceremony

Customization can increase costs. Many officiants offer a standard ceremony template. At the pre-wedding meeting, the officiant will ask whether the couple plans to write their own vows and how much input they have about the rest of the wording and flow of the ceremony. Additional planning meetings and extra communication can add up to a higher overall cost.


Travel to and from rehearsal and ceremony sites may affect the cost of the service. Finding an officiant in the same city or town may eliminate any applicable travel costs.

Length of ceremony

Ceremonies can be short and sweet or expansive and all-encompassing. Typically, the longer the ceremony, the higher the officiant fee.


Sound systems, wireless microphones, and videography services are add-ons that some officiants offer. If you want these extras, it will also increase the overall cost.

How to Hire a Wedding Officiant

Before hiring a professional wedding officiant, there are a few things you should do to ensure you find the right fit for your wedding ceremony.

  • Decide what type of ceremony: Do you and your future spouse want a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony? Will you be writing your own wedding vows? Will you have a wedding party? Knowing what kind of ceremony you want will help you find the right officiant for the job.
  • Schedule a meet-and-greet: It’s important that you get to know your wedding officiant. Schedule a meeting before hiring them to see if you click – and to ensure that the officiant is available on your wedding date!
  • Agree upon a price: Some religious ceremonies require a donation only, while civil ceremony officiants charge a flat fee. Be sure to agree upon a price with your officiant to ensure that they fit into your wedding budget!
  • Ensure the paperwork is in order: A wedding officiant will be in charge of signing and submitting your marriage license paperwork to the proper authorities. Ensuring that your officiant is clear on this role will prevent any future logistical snags.

How to Save Money on Hiring a Wedding Officiant

Weddings are expensive, so here are a couple of options to save money on the wedding officiant fees!

  • Donations: Look for a wedding officiant who will accept donations to their church instead of charging a flat fee. Typically, you can write those fees off of your end-of-year taxes as a charitable donation.
  • Ask a friend or family member: If a friend or family member is ordained, save some money by having them perform the ceremony. Just be sure that you are upfront with your expectations from them prior to the ceremony so there are no miscommunications on the day-of!

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Officiant

There are a number of advantages to hiring a professional officiant. Besides bringing the necessary knowledge and experience, they have the skill to help you create a meaningful ceremony and deliver it with grace. If you wouldn’t trust your friend to photograph your wedding or to DJ your reception, then why would you trust them to officiate the most important piece of the day?

Of course, the number one reason to hire a professional officiant is their experience. Performing a wedding ceremony isn’t as simple as just reading a piece of paper, and many amateur wedding officiants get thrown off by distractions such as crying children, guests muttering, and the like. A professional officiant has a level of comfort in front of a crowd that comes only from experience; they can maintain a state of focus and calm despite changing or unforeseen circumstances. This leads to a better day-of experience for you and your partner, your families, and your guests! You can relax and enjoy your ceremony, knowing that you’re in the capable hands of someone who knows exactly what to do.

Additionally, a professional wedding officiant can offer advice on the proper length for your ceremony, different options for wedding traditions to incorporate into the ceremony, and the answers to many questions you hadn’t even though to ask. Ultimately, this is your wedding ceremony and a professional wedding officiant is going to understand and respect that and work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want on your big day.

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