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Wedding florists provide flower arrangements for the ceremony, bridal party and reception. Floral requests often include bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, aisle decorations, gazebo decorations, altar arrangements, cocktail-hour decor, sweetheart table arrangements, sign-in table decor, buffet arrangements and cake table decor. Many factors affect the cost of wedding flowers.


Geographic location affects the cost of wedding florist services. Wedding florists typically have higher rates in large cities such as Los Angeles or New York than in smaller towns and areas with lower costs of living. In Salt Lake City, Utah, Garden Gate Vintage Flowers and Events lists the average cost for wedding flowers as: $3,000, which includes bridal party flowers and table decor with a minimal variety of floral selections.


The more variety requested in the floral arrangements, the higher the overall cost. If a florist does not own a flower shop or have direct access to a flower market, it costs less for the florist to buy just one or two types of flowers in bulk than to buy a small number each of a diverse range of flowers.

Type of flowers

Exotic flowers, high-demand flowers and flowers with a short blooming season cost much more even at wholesale markets than flowers that are easier to access. To save money, couples should consider flowers that are in season or growing locally. For example, according to Garden Gate Vintage Flowers and Events in Salt Lake City, Utah, peonies are incredibly popular but have a very short growing season and a high price. David Austin roses are another popular but pricey wedding choice. High wholesale prices to the florist translate to higher wedding flower costs to the couple. Here are some examples of wholesale flower costs from Garden Gate Vintage Flowers and Events:

  • A single peony flower: $12

  • A dozen David Austin roses: $35

In comparison, Garden Gate Vintage Flowers and Events customers can opt to fill out bouquets with budding carnations, which look similar to rose buds bit with a dramatically different wholesale cost:

  • A small carnation stem: 60 cents

Bridal party flowers

Bridal party flowers include the bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids, boutonnieres of the groom and groomsmen, corsages for the mothers and more. It is typically most cost effective to have the same florist do the decor. The price of bridal party flowers is affected by the type of flower, the number of arrangements and the diversity of flowers used in each arrangement. Here’s what Garden Gate Vintage Flowers and Events charges—prices include the cost of flowers, florist’s labor, and wrapped and ribboned final products:

  • Boutonniere: $15–$25 each (average cost $18)

  • Corsage: $35

  • Bridesmaid bouquet: $40–$60 each (simple floral arrangements of only one or two types of flowers)

  • Simple bridal bouquet: $150 (big and beautiful but featuring only one or two types of roses and one or two greens)

  • Elaborate bridal bouquet: $350–$500 (expensive flowers such as peonies or a range of different flowers and greens).

Floral decor

Weddings often feature floral decor for the ceremony and the reception. Decor can include both flowers and decorative greens. Costs will always be higher when desired flowers are out of season or are pricier than others, such as peonies. Here are examples of average costs for simple arrangements from Garden Gate Vintage Flowers and Events:

  • Simple table arrangement: $20

  • Table runner made of greens: $300–$400 each for a six-foot table (currently popular, these wire-woven natural table runners are typically priced by the foot and greenery usually drapes down the ends of the table)

  • Greens running up and down a ceremony arch: $300–$400

  • Altar bouquets: $500 (large sprays of flowers placed on either side of the altar or fixed to the ceremony arch)


The season also affects the cost of flowers. Choosing flowers in season can help reduce costs. For example, roses and tulips are available year round, while flowers such as peonies have a short season in late spring and early summer and will cost much more off-season.

Cost-saving strategies

Ask your wedding florist for less expensive floral alternatives. Reuse ceremony flowers, such as those from the altar or aisle, at the reception. Keep flower variety to a minimum.

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