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How much does an open bar cost?

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The average cost for a bartender is $170. You are likely to spend between $100 and $285 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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An open bar means the party host pays for all the alcohol their guests drink. Open bars are common at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and other celebrations. The price of an open bar for a party or wedding reception can range anywhere from $200 to $15,000. According to Mia with Mia’s Martini in Los Angeles, California, "An open bar is like buying a car. It’s totally based on budget. To determine how much your open bar will be, ask yourself whether you’re looking for a Hyundai or a Ferrari." Costs depend on a variety of factors.

Who provides the alcohol?

The party host can buy the alcohol or the bar catering company can purchase the alcohol and roll the cost into the total tab. When the host purchases the alcohol, he or she can buy in bulk from warehouses to save money. Bar catering companies typically charge per person for alcohol, says Mia of Mia’s Martini, and the starting price is usually in the low thousands. The average starting rate per guest for an open bar in Los Angeles is $20–$30.

Number of guests

The more guests at an event, the higher the open bar cost will be. Regardless of whether the host or the bar catering company pruchases the alcohol, the more guests of drinking age invited to the party, the higher the overall bar tab.


If the bartending company is required to pay a liquor license fee for the venue, it may pass that fee onto you. Fees vary by state, city and county. Ask the venue and bartender if any fees apply for your event.

Type of liquor

Expensive liquor increases the overall costs of an open bar. It seems like a no-brainer, but here is where the Hyundai and Ferrari analogy comes in. "If you want a floater of $100 scotch on top of each cocktail served, your price will increase," says Mia of Mia’s Martini. To save money, choose the $20 bottle of tequila, not the $120 bottle of tequila.

Beer and wine is not cheaper

"A lot of couples tend to think that limiting a bar to beer and wine only will make it cheaper, but it’s actually pretty costly," says Mia of Mia’s Martini. When you consider that a $10 bottle of wine pours four drinks and a $20 bottle (1.75 liters) of vodka pours up to 40 drinks, you see how serving liquor can actually save you money.

Bartender rates

Open bars need trained and licensed bartenders to safely serve guests. Rates vary based on region of the country, cost of living and competition in the area. In addition, high-end or celebrity bartenders can command higher rates than a catering company. Here are two examples of hourly rates for bartenders:

  • Mia’s Martini: $40 per hour, plus tip—although the company does work with clients who have limited budgets and will negotiate at times to provide special discounts to Thumbtack customers.

  • Dr. Mix-A-Lot in Bethesda, Maryland: $40 per hour, including tip

    • $130 flat rate for parties lasting three hours or less

Open bar costs

An open bar can be very fancy or scaled back. Mia’s Martini provided the two wedding reception open bar services below, and both had the same bar budget. The first client offered a pared-down menu and served nearly twice as many people, with two more bartenders and two bar setups. The second client hosted bigger drinkers (so know your audience when planning an open bar) and also spared no expense on liquor brands and mixers, offering a variety of high-end drinks.

Wedding Reception 1: $3,000

  • 300 guests

  • Two bar setups (tables, tools, ice bins) provided by company

  • Four staff working an eight-hour day (32 total work hours)

  • Two liquors total with two featured cocktails—each made using simple mixers

  • Two craft beer options

  • Champagne toast

  • Two high-end wine choices (average $15–$20 per bottle)

  • Coffee station and hydration station

Wedding Reception 2: $3,000

  • 160 guests

  • Two staff working an eight-hour day

  • No bar provided by staff (provided by the venue)

  • Champagne toast

  • Two craft beer options.

  • Three upscale wine choices

  • Six to eight liquors with every type of mixer available—essentially a full bar with upscale alcohols such as Glenfiddich scotch

  • Coffee station and hydration station

"You can have a nice open bar for $1,000," says Mia of Mia’s Martini. “You don’t have to pay a lot of money to have high quality if you shop smart and work with the bar caterer to create some options.”


Unless the venue provides a bar, party hosts will need to provide tables or bars or rent them from the bar catering company. Here are examples of additional costs associated with hosting a bar.

Dr. Mix-A-Lot:

  • Ice: $0.40 per pound

    • Pros recommend 2 lbs per each guest
  • Garnishes such as lemons, limes and oranges: $15

  • Two six-foot folding tables with linens: $20

Mia’s Martini:

  • Custom-built bars, including speed rack, ice bins, built-in cutting boards and back shelving for liquor display with LED lighting: $100–$250

  • Standard folding tables with linens are included in packages at no extra charge

Pro tip:

  • Always clarify whether your venue requires specific licenses, says Mia of Mia’s Martini. Let the prospective bar companies know if they’ll need a catering license or liquor catering license for the venue.

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Sharon was wonderful to work with! She really wanted to get everything just how we liked it. We probably exchanged 30 emails in the months prior to the event. She also arrived nice and early to get everything setup and didn't forget any of the details we discussed. Our guests commented about how friendly the bartenders were and the cocktails were mixed correctly. My one complaint is that she kept asking for more money throughout the process. These increases were justified (no tip jar, a long drive, need for an assistant), and her price was still very reasonable and well worth the cost. It just would have been nice to get a more accurate initial quote, but perhaps this is a relic of the thumbtack system? A second comment to those purchasing their own alcohol and hoping to return extras - please let Sharon know and I'm sure she'd be accommodating. She is great to work with! This was one detail I forgot to mention and it cost us several opened-but-unused bottles of wine and alcohol (likely since her priority was quick, efficient service to our guests). This was our failure to communicate since my impression is that Sharon will do anything to make your day go smoothly!

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