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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

Are bathroom remodels worth it?

Remodeling your bathroom can lead to high personal satisfaction, as perhaps even a return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home. When you replace old and worn out surfaces with high-quality materials, it is almost guaranteed to improve the look and functionality of that space. A bathroom renovation can also improve your home’s curb appeal to future buyers and boost its overall value. 

To determine if this project is worth the cost, start by getting free estimates from the best bathroom remodelers near you. And if you plan on selling your home, consult with your real estate expert to identify which remodeling projects you should prioritize.

What should I ask a bathroom remodeler before hiring?

It’s important to ensure that you and the contractor are on the same page before any work begins, so don’t be afraid to ask potential bathroom remodelers plenty of questions.

Start by reading the contractor’s reviews online. Ask to see examples of their past work — specifically, work that is similar to yours. If you need the bathroom remodel done by a certain date, ask the contractor if they will be able to complete the work by your deadline. And you should always ask how they handle payments. 

Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

  • What materials do you recommend for my budget and overall vision?
  • How much are the materials and labor? What will my final cost be?
  • Do you have the proper license and insurance? 
  • Can I see photos of past bathroom remodels you’ve worked on?
  • How long will it take to complete the remodel?
  • How do you handle payments?

Do I need a general contractor for a bathroom remodel?

For a small bathroom remodel, you may not need a general contractor. For example, if you simply need some plumbing or electrical work done in your bathroom, hiring a plumber or electrician should be sufficient. 

However, if you’re tackling a large-scale remodel, a general contractor can coordinate a team of designers, painters and other specialty contractors to get the job done. Typically, the rule of thumb is that you should hire a general contractor if your project is large enough to require a building permit. 

Reach out the best bathroom remodelers near you to start planning your project, assemble a team and get cost estimates.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

Nationally, the average cost of bathroom remodeling is $14,000. Bathroom remodels can vary widely, from standard makeovers to luxurious master bathroom revamps. The factors that affect your bathroom remodeling cost are the finishes you choose (marble tiles can cost 20 times as much as standard subway tiles), the square footage of the project, regional labor rates in your area and the scope of work. Changing the layout or size of the bathroom will also raise costs. Moving electrical wiring and plumbing lines will also dramatically increase costs, as you’ll need to hire plumbers and electricians to handle the work. What’s happening behind your walls and under your floor will also affect bathroom remodeling cost: Rot, damage or mold can lead to additional work and charges. Overall, bathroom remodeling may offer great return on investment and also improve your daily life. Here are some examples of average bathroom remodeling costs:

  • 6-foot by 6-foot bathroom remodel: $3,500, including labor and materials.
  • Standard renovation: $6,500-$10,000. Price includes labor and materials the customer has purchased. Labor may include taking out the shower and shower pan, installing new shower pan and shower, and installing new door, new vanity, new mirror, new bathroom fan, and all new fixtures.
    • Price variation depends on the quality of the finishes.
  • 10-foot by 6-foot bathroom remodel: $7,200, including labor and materials.
  • Mid-range renovation: $12,000-$15,000. Price includes labor and materials the customer has purchased.
  • Upscale renovation: $35,000 and up. Price includes labor and materials. Items might include digital displays for fixtures, multiple shower heads and custom showers.

For more on how to remodel a bathroom, what it costs to remodel a bathroom, what bathroom brands to consider and more check out The Complete Thumbtack Bathroom Remodel Guide.

How do I remodel my bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling is made up of three general phases. The first phase is the planning and permitting phase, in which you determine exactly what you want, what materials and finishes will be used, and what the end product will look like. If you’re competent with design you can handle the planning yourself, or you may hire an interior designer to guide you. During this phase you’ll also hire a general contractor who can help execute your remodel vision, coordinating and overseeing all the subcontractors required to do the bathroom remodeling (plumbers, flooring pros, etc.). When your plan is finalized, your contractor should obtain permits for the work you want done. During this time you’ll work together to order all the materials so they’ll be ready and waiting when it’s time to start construction.

The second phase is construction. Bathroom remodeling typically starts with demolition, removing the old floors, shower and vanity to make way for the new. Delays in delivery of materials, or changing your mind and ordering different materials halfway into the project, will mean that construction has to pause until the new materials arrive. Each subcontractor is dependent on the next to do their work, and the general contractor should keep things moving along at the proper timeline, ensuring that the right materials are available and dealing promptly with any unexpected repairs, such as damage discovered behind the walls or under the floor. The general contractor will also coordinate inspections from the necessary officials if you’ve moved load-bearing walls or done electrical or plumbing work. After construction is complete, the final phase of bathroom remodeling is addressing your punch list. These are all the items that need to be corrected before final payment is handed over to the contractor.

For more on how to remodel a bathroom check out The Complete Thumbtack Bathroom Remodel Guide.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a general contractor during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To set up a consultation or appointment with a general contractor during the COVID-19 pandemic, start by performing an online search for local professionals near you.

Message the contractor, and see if they are willing to set up a video consultation call instead of an in-person site visit. With video chat, the contractor may be able to assess the scale of the project, give you better information on what needs to be done and perhaps provide an estimate. Be sure to discuss virtual payments, as well as general strategies for staying safe.

Can I use digital payments to pay for general contractor services?

Currently, many general contractors are using common digital payment services like PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, Zelle, Google Pay and more. And more will likely adopt these and similar platforms as coronavirus continues to force companies to take on digital capabilities.

Contact general contractors beforehand to discuss whether they accept digital payments, and take all necessary measures to meet social distancing recommendations. You can also compare general contractors side-by-side online to see which ones accept digital payments.

Do general contractors offer remote or virtual services?

General contractors perform manual work and typically need to be present to complete their projects. However, if you come across a profile that states the contractor is offering remote services, ask what those services include. You can also ask if they can perform a consultation via video call and if they can do the job while following guidelines from the CDC and local agencies.

How do I plan a bathroom remodeling project?

If you’re stumped on how to plan a bathroom remodeling project, it pays to hire a designer. This is especially important if you’re changing your bathroom layout in any way. Designers create contractor-friendly drawings indicating exactly where each tile and fixture will be installed, down to the light switches. This investment might cost you $300-$500 but save you significant frustration and miscommunication, while ensuring you get precisely what you want.

If you’re going to do your own design, planning a bathroom remodeling project means being organized and planning ahead. Create a general outline of what you want and the budget you have. Identify the specific fixtures, tiles, paint and vanity you prefer. Get all this organized before requesting quotes from two to three reputable general contractors. Once you find the right pro, get a written contract outlining scope of work, materials that will be used, timeframe and payment schedule. Communicate clearly about when to order your materials so they are ready and waiting by the time the contractor gets the permits. Your job from here is to communicate clearly, pay the contractor as the work progresses, and enjoy your remodel when it’s done.

For more on where to start when remodeling a bathroom check out The Complete Thumbtack Bathroom Remodel Guide.

Reviews for Pearland bathroom remodelers
Chris L.
Chad presented us a competitive, thoroughly detailed, itemized contract for a bathroom remodel. His bid for our remodeling job came in the middle price range for what we were expecting. It was obvious this wasn’t his first rodeo. I found Chad to be a consummate professional; creatively brilliant, not simply taking orders but pushing back when our decisions weren’t sound. I really appreciated this the most. Additionally, his team was efficient, clean and communicative. The warranty on the work and materials was reasonable as well. Copain Group does great work and I’d highly recommend them when it comes to contemporary residential remodeling.
The Copain GroupThe Copain Group
Thumbtack Customer
I hired Billy Belknap to redo my guest bathroom - remove and replace tub, tile walls, and replace the vanity. His quote was the best over 2 other alternatives, and the quality of work was outstanding. He accompanied his crew along each step of the way, and they even finished a day early. I would not hesitate to hire Belknap Builders again for a bathroom remodel or any other contractor need. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Belknap BuildersBelknap Builders
Stephen R.
Billy and his crew did an outstanding job on our master bathroom remodel. He started on the date we had agreed upon several months prior, told me it would take two weeks, and he delivered on that promise. He and/or his crew show up on time every day, work through the day, and then clean up every day before they leave. He’seasy to work with on the creative side, a huge plus considering we were doing some innovative things from a design standpoint. His prices are highly competitive. I highly recommend Belknap Builders for any remodeling job.
Belknap BuildersBelknap Builders
Thumbtack Customer
Very quick and polite response. Billy gave us the best estimate with the most flexibility in plan design and material choices. We chose to replace all of the old toilets in our home along with new floor tiling and fresh grout for the tub surround in the guest bathroom. Billy's guys had all of our work done in two days and made sure to leave the rooms clean enough for immediate use. We fully intend to have Billy head up the remodel on our master bathroom in a few months. His quote was the best and after the quality work they put into my guest bath I couldn't imagine hiring anyone else. Thank you for helping our project dreams become reality!
Belknap BuildersBelknap Builders
Thumbtack Customer
I hired Houston Flooring and Remodeling on 7/10/2016 to remodel my guest bathroom. Before hiring this company, I went over my exact expectations for tiling job and other details. I even showed the contractor how I want my tile done using my master bathroom example. Katrina promised me that she can do an even better job than the master bath work. She assured me that her tilers are very experienced and they are able to lay the tile perfectly, with even spacings, even with one another, and without any imperfections. We also discussed that walls may not be straight (as nothing is perfectly straight in any houses) and she promised that she knows how to work with this. The scope of the work includes removing old vanity, removing old toilet, removing old floor and wall tiles, installing new backer board, waterproof ping the wall, installing new toilet, installing new vanity, installing shower faucets, installing new rough in valve, painting the walls. All materials, except backer board and thin set were provided by us. We signed a contract to complete the remodeling for $3,000. Paid 50% down payment of $1,500. All demo work has been completed without issues. Backer board installation and waterproofing work look appropriate. Soap dish insert was protruding out of the wall, so there is no way they could've laid the tile straight on that wall. However, tile work is unacceptable. The worker only laid 10 tiles and none of them are installed professionally. None of them look like what we discussed prior to starting the job. They were crooked, with uneven gaps, not flushed to the wall, etc. I wish I could post pictures on this website to provide proof of poor job. I expressed my concerns about the tile to Katrina and instead of living up to her promises of delivering perfect work, she quit the job. She blamed it on me saying that I was micromanaging the project and expecting perfection. Well excuse, me for caring about my house and my money. I had to do her job for her since she didn't catch all of the imperfections. The job was only 10% or less completed when she quit. When we hired new contractor, we had to rip all of the tile out which damaged the backer wall. She refunded $500 back, leaving us with a total of $1000 bill (30%) out of total $3000 estimate. I don't believe I should pay 30% of total estimate of $3000 for the work that needs to be completely redone. They should've either completed the job as they promised or give us a full refund. The only work that we can keep is their rough in valve installation which was itemized to $150. I think this is all that we should owe them, not $1000. They also scratched and damaged my bathtub, so I had to purchase a new one. Katrina did not reimburse for it at all. Please don't believe any positive reviews and don't fall into her trap like we did. She doesn't have the experience she claims to have. If you want your tile work to look like a DIY project, then you can hire her. Otherwise, stay clear!
Thumbtack Customer
We had a pretty terrible experience with Billy Belknap. He was in charge of remodeling our master bathroom. The scope of work included removing old tub and installing a shower in its place, tiling the shower and the bathroom floors, replacing the toilet, replacing the vanity including sinks and faucets, painting walls and ceilings, and adding a new cabinet in the bathroom. We provided all of those materials. Billy is a very nice guy and treated us very well (at least at the beginning). When I talked to him before hiring, he seemed very knowledgable, stated to be a contractor for 30 years and provided good references. I think those references and the reviews I've read about him are fake. The experience with him was nothing like people described. He also claimed to have employees that have worked for him for over 12 years. Sounded like a great contractor, so we hired him. First, he said it would take about 2 weeks to complete the job. Well, it took 42 days. It wouldn't be a big deal since we are not in a rush and also understand that there can be discoveries in the project that can cause delays. However, all of the delay was due to his incompetent workers and his inability to manage them. The problems started when tile work began. We were out of town during it and when we returned 3 days later, we checked the "finished" tile work and it was a disaster. They were crooked (cut job was horrible), unevenly placed, raw/unbullnosed edges were sticking out. I could've done a better job than this. I called Billy to let him know about the issue and he was blaming that the tile was not straight. Are you kidding me?! Even if it was true, why would you continue with the job if you know that the final job won't look professional. I don't think he even bothered coming to check on the work and was arguing without even seeing the work. When he came over, he eventually agreed that the tile needed to be ripped out and redone. The tile worker was replaced by another one. Billy also admitted that he has never hired previous guy before. I thought all his employees have been with him for 12 years....... So we had to purchase a second set of tiles. The second worker wasn't any better. He didn't know how to cut the tile properly. Wasted more than a half of it. Still placed it on the wall crooked and unevenly. He blamed Billy for not having a new built wall straight. Billy blamed tiler, etc. So this tiler quit right in front of us! And Billy just left our house without saying anything, without apologizing, nothing. How professional... We had to rip this tile out too and purchase a third set. Luckily Billy reimbursed us for all extra tile. Thanks Billy! The third tile guy was very good. He did an excellent job. He bullnosed the edges of the tiles correctly and finished the job properly. Of course, Billy did give him some ridiculous instructions and did make some of the edges unbullnosed and added baseboards instead. Doesn't look horrible but it's not what we wanted and he didn't consult us. Next Billy decided to squeeze the vanity into its place. The walls weren't painted yet but he still wanted to install the vanity. The vanity has legs and bare backs, so one can see that walls aren't painted. I told him to get the vanity out and paint the walls first as one should. It's the same thing as me not cleaning below the refrigerator because nobody will see it. Well, I will see it and it's not a work of a professional. As they were reinstalling the vanity, they broke our marble backsplash. Billy didn't tell us anything about it; we noticed it and called him. How unprofessional. No communication to his clients. Luckily he found a similar backsplash to replace the broken one. Shower glass installation didn't go any better. The sealant was smudged all over the edges. Again, I could've done a better job. But I decided to pay the professional... He said he'll fixed it and never did. I called and texted him and never heard back from him. I guess if we have any other issues with his work (any leaks or breaks, etc), there's no warranty on his work. Once you pay him, you won't hear back from him. Floor tile is all scratched up because they installed it first and then dragged all other equipment through it. No fix was offered. Marble vanity counter was scratched. They didn't cover it as they continued other work. No fix was offered. I really could go on and on about things Billy did wrong. But this review is already long and I hope everyone who reads it gets a pretty clear picture about his work. There's no way he's been doing this job for more than a year. I think we were his first clients, at least for the work that he signed up for at our house. He may have done other remodeling projects but not bathroom. He really had no clue what steps needed to be completed prior to going to next steps. We aren't contractors but we knew that tile was installed incorrectly, we knew that walls need to be painted before installing any fixtures, etc. He had no attention to detail whatsoever. He never corrected any issues until we brought it up. A true project manager would have checked the work of his employees and fixed the issues before his clients saw them. He never apologized for all of the messups and kept saying that it wasn't his fault. Is it our fault? I know it's his employees who messed up and not him physically but he's responsible for their work. Therefore, it is his fault for everything that went wrong. We originally signed up for him to also remodel our guest bathroom. However, after everything we went through, we told him we didn't need his services and we couldn't go through his messups anymore.
Belknap BuildersBelknap Builders
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