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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

Is it worth it to hire a lawn service?

Hiring a lawn care professional can save you time and money on your lawn. Professionals know exactly which products to use to solve your lawn’s issues, such as removing crabgrass or controlling pests. Many lawn care companies are results-oriented, meaning that they come with a guarantee to provide results. 

If you’re DIY-ing it, you may save some money on costs. But you also might spend lots of money at the store that goes straight down the drain. 

Contact the best lawn care services near you and get free estimates from several professionals before DIY-ing your lawn.

Is it worth it to hire a professional to mow your lawn?

Although hiring a lawn care company is more expensive than doing it yourself, it can be well worth the money. For starters, it saves you time and equipment maintenance, which may be justifiable financially. It also creates a more professional appearance. Plus, a pro can spot problems before they occur. This can save you money on expensive reseeding, aeration and other types of lawn repair down the road.

Contact the best lawn mowing professionals near you to start getting free estimates.

How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed?

Regular lawn maintenance can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Professional lawn care prices will vary based on the regional cost to do business and regional cost of labor, the size of your lawn, and any additional services you may desire such as edging or mulching. The national average for lawn mowing costs is $30-$50. Pros may charge an hourly rate, a flat rate or by the square foot (an acre contains 43,560 square feet). Square footage rates factor in the professional’s time, the use of their equipment, and the gas to operate the mower. Distance may also affect cost: If you live outside the company’s standard service range, you may pay an additional travel fee. Here are some examples of average prices for mowing and lawn maintenance:

  • Up to 8,000-square-foot property: $30 per week/$120 per month.
    • Bimonthly: $40 per service/$80 per month.
    • One time only: $45 per service.
      • Prices include mowing all turf grass areas; trimming grass away from fences, structures, trees, and lawn edges; and clearing or blowing all grass trimmings from driveways, sidewalks, curbs, etc.
  • Hourly rate: $25 per hour (including travel, equipment costs and labor).
  • Lot size:
    • Smaller lots in subdivisions: $35.
    • Half-acre lot: $50.
    • One-acre lot: $100.

Do landscapers or lawn care professionals offer remote or virtual services?

Landscapers and lawn care professionals generally do not offer remote or virtual services. But if you come across a profile that states the landscaper is offering remote services, it’s best to contact them to see what type of remote work is offered. 

Typically, lawn care and landscaping professionals can perform many of their duties without coming into physical contact with clients. Message local lawn mowing, landscaping, tree trimming, and lawn care companies near you to schedule a video call and inquire about remote services.

How often should you cut your grass?

In general, weekly mowing is the golden rule. However, different lawns and conditions may require different mowing frequencies. For instance, if your grass is growing slowly due to dry conditions or a lack of sun, don’t cut it simply because a week has passed. And don’t cut more than a third of the length of the grass blade at any time. Also, ease up on mowing if the weather is going to be hot and dry, as the longer blades provide shade and can keep water from evaporating so quickly.

If you're unable to mow your lawn, consider hiring one of the best lawn care professionals near you.

What should I do to my lawn in the spring?

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about lawn care. The ground is recovering from a long, cold winter, plants are starting to grow, and the earth is ready to receive new seeds. When the weather starts to warm, the first step in your lawn care strategy is deciding what you would like to achieve and what you need to do to make it happen. Your next step is to start cleaning up. Rake your lawn free of decomposing leaves, trim back shrubs and branches, and clear out all the weeds. Once your lawn is cleared of debris, tend to your irrigation system. Test your system and decide whether any repairs are necessary. Now it’s time to nourish the lawn. If you opt to aerate your lawn in spring, the national average cost is $70-$100. Consult with your lawn care pro, as some regions benefit from only aerating in fall. If you have bare spots, you can overseed the lawn to encourage new growth. Next you’ll want to fertilize the lawn to ensure it grows in rich and lush. Professional fertilization services may range from under $50 to over $200, depending on your lawn size. If you have a bad weed problem, you (or your lawn care pro) can apply pre-emergent herbicide to prevent a weed outbreak. Make sure the irrigation system is routinely watering your lawn, and then enjoy watching the grass grow.

How do you look after your lawn?

Having a beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen by magic. A multi-pronged approach to lawn care will result in a healthy lawn that will have your neighbors green with envy. The national average price for multi-service lawn care ranges from $40 to $50. Whether you tackle the project yourself or hire a lawn care professional, looking after your lawn requires consistent work. A baseline of lawn care is keeping your grass mowed and your irrigation system working properly. Fertilizing plants and grasses, as well as trimming and pruning foliage, may promote the health of your plants and lawn. Many lawn care pros offer different packages with varying monthly fees depending on your lawn size and the services you desire. Here are a few examples of average lawn care prices:

  • 1,000- to 2,500-square-foot lawn: $60-$90 per month
  • 5,000-square-foot lawn or larger: $110-$150 per month.
    • Includes lawn maintenance, cleanups and irrigation repairs. The company trims shrubs, pulls weeds, blows out yard waste, fertilizes and does minor irrigation repairs.
  • Up to 8,000-square-foot property: $30 per week/$120 per month.
  • 8,001- to 15,000-square-foot property: $35 per week/$140 per month.
  • 15,001- to 20,000-square-foot property: $40 per week/$160 per month.
    • Includes mowing all turf grass areas; trimming grass away from fences, structures, trees, and lawn edges; and clearing or blowing all grass trimmings from driveways, sidewalks, curbs, etc.

What is included in lawn service?

Full-service lawn care companies typically offer a wide range of lawn care services, including mowing, mulching, landscaping, leaf removal, tree and shrub care, and more. 

Companies may offer additional specialty services, depending on your location and the type of business. For example, a company may provide seasonal maintenance services such as aeration, hedge trimming and weeding, while another offers pest control, seeding services and grub control. 

Contact the best lawn care services near you to see what kinds of services they provide.

How much is lawn care service?

Ensuring a lush, green lawn is so much more than simply mowing and watering the grass; it’s also pulling existing weeds and preventing future ones, fertilizing with the right nutrients, and coaxing new grass to grow in patchy spots. For many homeowners, a full-service lawn care company is the best way to maintain a beautiful lawn. The cost for professional lawn care depends on the size of the lawn and the services the homeowner chooses, as well as the location. For the typical suburban residence, the national average cost of full-service lawn care maintenance is $40-$50 per hour. Depending on the size of your lawn, that can cost you just $100 per month or more than $1,000 per month, but the average is about $350 per month. Most monthly services include a weekly cut, especially in the spring, as well as edging, weeding, and blowing the driveway, sidewalks and porches.

What's the best way to maintain your lawn?

Keeping a lawn lush and green requires consistent mowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing and more. If your lawn is particularly large, it may make sense to hire a full-service lawn care provider. Whether you take a DIY approach or bring in the experts, maintaining your lawn requires a range of tasks.

Plan to mow the lawn often, allowing it stay longer than may seem convenient — longer grass is healthier grass. The general rule is to cut off no more than a third of the grass blade. This helps prevent damage to the lawn as well as keeping weeds from taking root. It’s also important to remove any weeds, then prevent new ones from growing. In spring, consider spraying a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn to prevent crabgrass and other types of weeds from sprouting from seed. During other seasons, broadleaf weeds like dandelions can be pulled by hand or sprayed with weed killers. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning, allowing the sun to help dry the grass. Make sure to thoroughly soak the lawn so that the water penetrates several inches into the ground.

Lawn care also requires feeding; look for a mixture of fast- and slow-release fertilizers that include nitrogen. Some lawns also benefit from aeration, which creates small holes to let air, water and nutrients penetrate the grass roots. Although most homeowners can manage these tasks on their own, a full-service lawn care company can handle them on a regular schedule, taking the guesswork out of maintaining a beautiful lawn.

Reviews for University Park lawn care professionals
Scott M.
Showed up on short notice and took care of my overgrown lawn. Very satisfied.
MLT Landscaping & MaintenanceMLT Landscaping & Maintenance
Great work by the lawn care professional! I’m very pleased with the edging and mowing service provided.
Lawn Love Lawn CareLawn Love Lawn Care
Debra A.
Great Guy! honest, shows up and provides good lawn care. Steve and Debra Smith
Less IrvinLess Irvin
Cody B.
I’d recommend Lalo, I signed up for regular lawn care from his company.
Lalo's Lawn MaintenanceLalo's Lawn Maintenance
Cornelis P.
I found Lawn Love through Thumbtack more than a year ago, and they have been taking care of my lawn and hedges since. I am very happy with the service they provide.
Lawn Love Lawn CareLawn Love Lawn Care
Shell W.
Fast response, great lawn care and friendly service! I will definitely use again in the future! 😀
4Less Lawn Care4Less Lawn Care
Rosalind C.
Very impressed with Gomez Lawn Care!! Especially my backyard, it’s a jungle back there and he definitely tamed it!
Gomez Lawn CareGomez Lawn Care
Preston S.
Isaiah’s great! He listens and seeks to understand my lawn care needs. He keeps my yard looking good.
Isaiahs Lawn Care & LandscapingIsaiahs Lawn Care & Landscaping
Tu T.
Ivan was able to come next day, give me a good estimate for lawn care and finish work all in a span of 30 mins.
Springview LandscapeSpringview Landscape
Jacqueline S.
They did a fantastic job! My prior lawn guy stopped coming and my lawn was quickly turning into the un-groomed neighborhood chia pet 🥴. I found Vasquez Lawn Care and Marco messaged me within minutes. He was responsive and he and his crew came out first thing the next day! They did a wonderful job and my lawn looks lovely! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Vazquez Lawn CareVazquez Lawn Care
I needed a couple of properties taken care of ASAP. I received same-day service. Very happy with this company. I would highly recommend them to anyone for lawn care service. Thank you.
Just CutJust Cut
Mark L.
Uriel was/is great to work with - his team has been our lawn care group for our warehouse facility moving forward. Highly Recommend.
Texas Finest ScapesTexas Finest Scapes
Danny V.
I needed a quick cut with some edging before I put our home on the market. Vasquez Lawn Care showed up on time, gave me a great price and had the lawn looking phenomenal after 30 minutes. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area.
Vazquez Lawn CareVazquez Lawn Care
Walter W.
He is very kind and nice. He does great work. And works with a person. I would very much recommend Less Irvin for your lawn care.
Less IrvinLess Irvin
Josh H.
Great experience! Needed help with leaves and grooming my lawn and Constantine came out and took care of it all. Great price and fantastic quality. Will definitely use his service again!
Constantine LAWNSConstantine LAWNS
Eric W.
HWS did great work and my yard looks amazing! Shawn is great about making sure the job is done with high standards. I highly recommend this company for lawn care.
HWS Lawn Care LLCHWS Lawn Care LLC
Tisha W.
Ivan did an excellent job on my property today and I am so pleased and impressed with the quality of work. I look forward to him taking over my landscaping/lawn care.
Springview LandscapeSpringview Landscape
Isabel H.
Uriel responded to me quickly and was very accommodating with availability. He was very efficient, professional, and he educated me on lawn care which I appreciated. I highly recommend Texas Finest Scapes!
Texas Finest ScapesTexas Finest Scapes
Brianna P.
Uriel and his team did an amazing job on my lawn. It was very overgrown with weeds and now as you can see it looks perfect! Texas Finest Scapes will be taking care of my yard from now own 👍🏿
Texas Finest ScapesTexas Finest Scapes
Nisha J.
We hired Nayel for weekly lawn mowing services with some added extra maintenance type items in the yard. I am very impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. They are a knowledgeable and polite father/son team that are just starting to build their business and with what my husband and I noticed, they will be successful. We have had 4 different lawn care providers over the past year and they were all sub-par doing the exact minimum amount of work (just lawn mowing) but Nayel and his father went above and beyond that to make sure other obvious items were also taken care of to make sure our yard looked great when they left. They are very responsive with calls, texts, and email and we will be referring Nayel to all of our family and friends in Dallas.
Nayel's Lawn and Landscaping ServicesNayel's Lawn and Landscaping Services
Pebbles M.
This was my first time using Isaiah’s Lawn Care Service, however, he was very knowledgeable and wanted to customize my experience - which I truly appreciate. I’m looking forward to working with him and getting my yard together again.
Isaiahs Lawn Care & LandscapingIsaiahs Lawn Care & Landscaping
Thumbtack Customer
The rep who came out from R&J did an excellent job, well over what I expected. I have only received 1 lawn care service so far, but I am pleased with the work done.
R & J LawnsR & J Lawns
Thumbtack Customer
Couldn't be happier with my yard service. Love how I got a text reminder the day before my scheduled service. Also received a text with a picture of my yard after service completed. Angel's landscape and lawn care service ROCKS!
ADC Landscaping Co.ADC Landscaping Co.
Tami N.
Lalo did an excellent job on the make-over of our lawn (mowing/trimming). I totally agree with his 5-star reviews, everything said about him is correct. He's the type that I think cares about his customer service (it's not easy to find that nowadays). We are very happy with the way our lawn turned out. We recommend him to our tenant and he's coming back to mow the lawn every two weeks now. We will definitely recommend him to friends, family, and co-workers. I'm sure everyone who knows his work will recommend him also. I'm glad I found Lalo. We gave him a tip for his amazing work! Thank you, Lalo!
Lalo's Lawn MaintenanceLalo's Lawn Maintenance
Charyse C.
I contacted We Grass one day, and they were on the job the next morning. I wanted new flower beds installed and bushes pruned. I trusted We Grass with what low maintenance plants to use. I am beyond impressed with the work and my neighbors are too!! I would recommend We Grass for your lawn care needs. The professionalism and communication was top notch.
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