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Find a tile installer near Los Angeles, CA

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Find a tile installer near Los Angeles, CA

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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a tiler during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To set up an appointment or consultation with a tiler during the COVID-19 pandemic, start by conducting an online search for tilers in your area. Ask if the tiler can conduct a consultation through a video call instead of a traditional site visit to limit exposure. It’s also wise to confer about the current state of the pandemic and ensure that it’s safe to complete the project now. If not, discuss postponing for another time. 

Which is better: porcelain or ceramic tile?

Porcelain tiles are more durable and have a longer lifespan than ceramic tile. If you're installing flooring in an area with high traffic or lots of heavy furniture, porcelain tiles will look better for longer. They’re also very easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain is also very water-resistant and can hold up in places like bathrooms and rooms with jacuzzis, hot tubs, or swimming pools. 

But if the cost is your top priority, ceramic tiles are often more affordable. Ceramic tile prices start as low as $0.45 or $0.50 per square foot, and porcelain tile starts at $3 per square foot.

Does tile flooring increase home value?

Having a tile floor may increase your home’s value, but it might depend on the type of tile you install and the trends in the real estate market.

Chat with your realtor or a real estate expert to figure out what types of home repairs and remodeling projects you should tackle before you put your home on the market. It might make sense to add new tiles when renovating your kitchen or bathroom, for example. 

If you decide to include new tiling in your home remodeling project, contact the best tile installation pros near you to get free estimates.

Can you tile over drywall?

Yes, it is possible to lay tile over drywall. If you’re looking to lay a tile backsplash in your kitchen, you can certainly do it yourself — but hiring a professional may save time. 

Before you tile over your drywall, make sure the wall has a smooth surface with no bumps or cracks. Start by using a compound to seal up any crevices, then sand the drywall and clean up the dust. Then, lay a coat of primer on the drywall to get it ready for your tile. 

How long does it take to lay tile?

Depending on the pro’s expertise, the size of the project and its complexity, the time it takes to lay the tile will vary. For some projects, it may take a few hours to lay tile while others will require several days of work. 

When planning a tiling project for your home, get free estimates from the best tile contractors near you and ask them how long it would take them to complete your job.  

Can you tile over tile floors?

Yes, you can lay tile over existing tile floors (or a backsplash). Although it’s generally best to pull up your old flooring, you can simply place tiles on top if your existing floor is in good condition.

Before you start, examine your tiles carefully for mold, cracks or unevenness. Provided none of these is an issue, you can begin laying your new tiles. 

But if this is your first time laying tile — or if you want to ensure that the job is done right — save time by hiring a tiling professional near you

What do you need to lay tile?

If you’re laying a new tile floor, you’ll likely need an assortment of tools and supplies, including (but not limited to):

  • Tile
  • Tile adhesive
  • Tile trim
  • Tile spacers
  • Underlayment
  • Sealer
  • Caulk
  • Level
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Trowel
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Grout
  • Sponge
  • Tape measure
  • Etc.

If you don’t have all of the tools, equipment and skills necessary to lay tile in your home, consider hiring one of the best tile contractors in your area.

What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?

Ceramic and porcelain are some of the more popular types of tile, but there are a few differences: 

Porcelain Tile

Ceramic Tile

More durable, have a longer lifespan

Cheaper, easier to install

Better for high-traffic areas

Recommended for interior floors, walls

Slightly more water-resistant

Softer, easier to cut

Consult with a top tile contractor near you and get free estimates on how much installing tile will cost you. 

What is the best tile?

There are many different types of tile to choose from, and they all have unique benefits when it comes to aesthetics, longevity, durability and safety.

Porcelain and ceramic tile are often popular in kitchens and bathrooms because they are water-resistant, making them a go-to choice for floors and backsplashes. Marble tile is also a great choice for kitchen and bathroom floors, and granite tiles are popular for countertops. 

Consult with a tile installation professional to figure out what type of tile you should install in your home.

How can I find out if a tiler is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

To identify essential service providers during the pandemic, visit your city or state’s government website to find a list of recommendations.

A list of national recommendations can be found at CISA’s Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19 webpage. This service lists 16 different types of essential infrastructure sectors that are approved to continue operation during the pandemic. But note not all jurisdictions follow CISA’s definitions of critical infrastructure. 

Reviews for Los Angeles tile installers
Karolyn N.
Giovanni was able to correct several mistakes made by our previous installer and transformed the bathroom into a dream come true. He is a perfectionist and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him. The kitchen is next and he already is our choice to install all the tile!
Art Italia Tile and StoneArt Italia Tile and Stone
Dèsireé G.
Very pleased with my experience with A2Z build. I hired these guys to install a very intricate, very difficult backsplash. They provided above and beyond service and craftsmanship for installing, cutting and fitting the tiles. Robert responded immediately provided a very reasonable quote and his crew was able to begin the job as soon as the tiles arrived. I would absolutely recommend their services and hire them for any future jobs I might have. Very happy!
A2Z buildA2Z build
Mark C.
A2Z sent Pedro to install and grout tile for a small bathroom. He was hardworking, quick, did great quality work, and left the site clean when he was finished each day.
A2Z buildA2Z build
Anaik L.
I initially hired A2Z Build for a tile installation and they did such a great job that I asked them to paint the room as well. Bob estimate was reasonable and his team very conscientious.
A2Z buildA2Z build
Indy F.
This contractor’s estimates are extortionate. He quoted $2950 for installing 60sf of cheap porcelain tile on fresh drywall and pretended this price was fair. His pricing was multiple times higher than other contractor quotes. Shameful attempt to rip off a new customer for one day’s work.
Universal Marble Granite & TileUniversal Marble Granite & Tile
Haylee V.
Giovanni form Art Italia is THE BEST! Seriously, the best. If you are reading this because you are in search of a tile professional, HIRE HIM RIGHT AWAY. You will NOT find anyone better. We love him, and will always hire him for our tile work, for several reasons: 1.) He's always on time. Which, believe it or not, is very rare in the construction business. 2.) He's so friendly and wonderful to work with. We are happy our bathroom is finished, but we miss having him around! And our puppies do, too. That's another bonus - if you have pets, he will make them feel at ease :) 3.) His prices are extremely competitive. I met with 3 contractors and another tile installer, and Giovanni had the best price for the level of service. I could tell that some of the contractors didn't know what they were talking about, so it was a no-brainer to hire Giovanni because he is an expert with a very fair price. 4.) He's very collaborative and gives great advice. He helped us choose our grout colors, and even advised us on the tile size - we were going to go with 3x6 subway tile, but Giovanni suggested we upgrade to 4x12, because it is more modern. We were also going to go with a bullnose finish, but he advised that we go with a black metal trim. We are SO glad we listened to him because everything looks sharp. 5.) Lastly, and most importantly, **his work is impeccable**. Our bathroom looks beautiful, and everyone comments on how "perfect" the tile is. I had a handyman at the house (for electrical & plumbing) at the same time Giovanni was working, and he even commented on the tile: "Wow, that is the best tile job I've ever seen." If you need a full renovation, or small tile repair, do exactly what his shirts say ... KEEP CALM AND CALL GIOVANNI! You won't be disappointed.
Art Italia Tile and StoneArt Italia Tile and Stone
Thumbtack Customer
We decided to call them because of the good reviews. We needed someone to install the tiles in our 2 bathrooms: we are remodeling our home. They convinced us that they could do everything, patching the drywall after the electrician had finished his job, installing insulation and noise reducing material, painting, installing the wood floor, assembling and mounting the bathroom cabinets, etc... They seemed at first to be working well and fast, but soon enough we started to notice lots of errors in the details that were not being taken care of. We pointed them out, yet there was always a reason to delay the solution to the many errors. The two owners, father and son both named Juan Carlos, the most expert guys, the ones we talked to, started grabbing other jobs, and after a while not coming anymore, they brought other workers in the morning and they came back just to pick them up in the afternoon. We where starting to be a little bit nervous watching that nothing seemed to be finished well, many details where wrong: the paste was not sanded properly and the painted wall is now filled with lines and little holes; the switches and plugs holes are too wide and in certain parts they show holes on the sides of the covers; the engineered wood floor was laid improperly and all along the walls missing floor shows next to the wood sidings that cover the length of the wall; the very expensive wide tiles we installed in the kitchen have a wavy 3d design that needs to be followed when installing the pieces, well they messed up 6 pieces that ruin the overall effect; the tiles in the bathrooms have unevenly applied grout and silicon therefore water will eventually got through the cracks; the sliding doors we installed in the walk in closets are wound too tight therefore they now have deep scratches along the face of the doors provoked every time the doors slide. Our bathroom vanities’ structure and granite were installed by the manufacturer two months ago. They agreed to assemble and install the drawers; well, they did, but instead of using the provided right screws, they used the ones for installing the dry wall (because it was easier and they would chop them if too long – they argued after the fact) the result… all of our vanities are ruined and filled with holes. Since they didn’t follow instruction manual and couldn’t get the drawers to get into position they bent with pliers all what was in their way on the drawer’s tracks, destroying the tracks themselves, obviously. When our plumber had to install the modern wall hanging toilets, the tiles cracked under pressure. Therefore he agreed to pay for the repairs: buying and installing new tiles and since he worried about the pressure the toilet would make on the tiles and the drywall, he requested a cement wall behind it. This much we instructed Juan Carlos to do, then they put the tiles above the cement. Although it seems too absurd to be believed, Juan Carlos well knowing the problem, he didn’t put a full covering of thin set to stick the tiles on the wall, instead he put six patties of it to enable him an easier install. The problem is that the space between the tiles and the cement is mostly empty and there is a half inch gap between the back of the tiles and the cement. Guess what happened when the toilet was installed a second time? When we told them about what they did and all of the other errors, pointing out that certain amongst their crew were not competent to do certain jobs, instead of taking their responsibilities and trying to fix the problems they created was, they got offended, took their tools and by the way also some of our equipment and left the home in a chaos. My husband and I spent the week end ordering and cleaning and to our dismay we uncovered cigarette butts, food remnants everywhere, cans and bottles and salsa splattered on our white tables, covered by plastic mind you, but underneath on the actual table salsa smears!! I guess they wanted to eat properly so they took confortable seating in our Knoll table and seats by taking out the plastic and then covering it again. We wrote to them the next day complaining, and they agreed to show up on the following Monday, 3 days later. There was a long explanation on both parts, they agreed that they would buy new cabinets and new granite if needed, that they would take care of everything and pay for it where necessary. The next day they showed up, they brought the same “destroyer” to take care of the drawers, although we had specifically said we did not want him in our house; Other workers: our plumber, our electrician were witnesses to how I let them work until he started hammering again the cabinets because he couldn’t figure it out, then I calmly explained to him how it should be done. At that point Juan Carlos stormed in again, said he couldn’t stand this crazy woman telling them what to do and that I should occupy myself with cooking and ironing, which are proper women activities! Then he grabbed again his equipment, stormed out with his workers and have never heard from him again. He owes us money for services not rendered, but for which he got an advance deposit. He owes us money for the damages they have done. He owes us money for the deposit for the glass shower panels we ordered through him and he never delivered. They couldn’t stand that a woman could tell them what to do, they are macho latinos that don’t really know how to do things the right way, they improvise. By the way, both my husband and I are latinos, of Mexican origins. Now there is a liking in our kitchen, the master bathroom is on top of it, we took away the hard board and we found out that the shower drain pipe is all burned! They burned it when they did the hot mop! Now we have to re do all the shower again! Brake all the tiles, re do the hot mop all the plumbing and put new tiles all over again! This happen just today, they don’t even know what we are going through now and probably they don’t care. I wouldn’t recommend them, never. We can’t really understand the great reviews they have, maybe their friends wrote them. Believe me it will be your worst nightmare.
JConstruction companyJConstruction company
Logan T.
Work was quick to complete. However, since the project has been completed Ernesto and his team have been un-reachable. Tile that was installed is bubbling up in some areas and baseboards are falling off. We have made over 50 attempts to reach Ernesto and have had no success. If he is unwilling to stand behind his work/and or return a phone call I would stand far away from this contractor. In fact we have offered him work on another large project and have heard nothing in return.
Seven Stone SF Inc.Seven Stone SF Inc.
Kisun K.
Speechlessly great. His work ethic, collaboration process, and output were just outstanding. There were a few things that differentiated him from the other 5 tile installers I have interviewed fir my two bathroom projects: First, he showed up on time for a very first meeting. Three of them were not. Second, he is the only one who called me next day willing to negotiate the offer to work within my budget without compromising my design vision. Third, he knows what he is talking about and suggested more suitable material finishes and grout color and brand to me, which turned out great. And when I saw his finished tile work after delivering a newborn, I was just blown away with my decision to go with him! In fact, among all of hires for my new home renovation, he was the only one I truly liked to work with not just due to the work quality but his personality! Very collaborative and focused. If you want a sophisticated pattern work like herringbone and hexagon mosaics, this is the guy! :)
Art Italia Tile and StoneArt Italia Tile and Stone
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