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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Steps to Tile Installation
  1. 1. Mix your materials thoroughly

    Grout should sit for around 10 minutes. Allowing the mixture to sit gives any dry bits time to absorb water before you mix it again. A pro may add more water if the mixture is still a bit dry.

  2. 2. Keep the floor even

    A competent tile installer uses a self-leveling compound, like thin-set, to create a flat surface before laying any tile on the floor. Some floors are not level, so check them with a straightedge.

  3. 3. Protect the wall

    Your pro should remove the baseboards from your floors before laying tile. When the baseboards are removed, the tiles do not need to be quite as precise, so he or she can work quickly.

  4. 4. Use guide boards

    Some installers use chalk lines to guide their tile placement, but these can be difficult to see, and tiles can move. Guide boards hold tiles in place and are much more obvious than chalk.

  5. 5. Maintain cleanliness

    Check that your pro has cleaned any excess thin-set from joints and on the tiles as soon as possible. He or she should remove the excess with a tile spacer or utility knife before it hardens.

  6. 6. Use materials wisely

    Your pro should moisten the concrete of the bare floor with a sponge and add latex additive to the thin-set, rather than water, when mixing it. This slows the drying process, which is helpful.

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