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Full-service plumbing companies, plumbing contractors or handy people with plumbing experience all can install a sink and faucet in a home or business bathroom or kitchen. Costs depend on whether the water supply and drain lines already exist, what type of sink is needed and in what room, and whether the customer provides the fixtures or buys them through the contractor. Nationwide, the cost to install a sink and faucet runs from $75 to $210, not including the cost of the sink, fixtures and other necessary supplies. Most plumbers charge flat fees that range widely to cover the cost of materials and labor for the most basic to more elaborate setups. Some projects cost several hundred dollars—or even thousands—when they involve dual sinks or high-end fixtures.


When replacing a sink with a similar new model and the supply and drain lines are already in place, the cost can range from about $150 to $400 for installation. John Cooper of Do Right Rooter & Plumbing Experts and Joe Clark of Pierce County Plumbing both explain that the range is wide because of all the possible options. Plumbers can’t know what the actual cost will be until they see the plumbing setup and what the job will require.

Sink and fixtures

Full-service plumbing companies sell new sinks and faucets in addition to installing them. Basic models start at $300.

Kitchen or bath

In general, kitchen sinks cost more to install because they are larger and often need to be connected to additional fixtures, such as a garbage disposal or faucet with a flexible spray nozzle. Installation can cost anywhere from $150 to a few thousand dollars. Some kitchens allow for a dual sink option, which adds to the price. In bathrooms, adding a dual vanity increases the price because the plumber must install two sinks where there was previously only one.

Sink type

The cost of installation is affected by the sink type or design and whether or not special mounting or plumbing techniques are required. In bathrooms, sink options include vessel, pedestal, undermount, drop-in, wall-mounted, vanity, single-bowl and double-bowl. Kitchen sinks can be undermount or drop-in, and if changes to the cabinets or countertop are required, that will add to the cost.

Surrounding area

If a new sink installation requires new or patches to the existing flooring, walls or backsplash tile, costs will be higher to cover the cost of materials and labor, which are roughly $50–$100 per hour, depending on the location.

Cost-saving strategies

Buying your own sink and faucet will almost always save money unless you purchase something that won’t fit in the space the old sink occupied or can’t easily connect to your existing plumbing lines.

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