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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

What do interior designers do?

Interior designers do much more than pick complementary paint colors and choose matching furniture — although those tasks are important parts of the job. Unlike decorators, interior designers usually have an associate of science degree or certificate of achievement in interior design from an accredited program. They’re trained in drafting, lighting and computer aided design (CAD), and are experts in room-specific design and residential space planning. Interior designers use these skills to plan and design safe, highly functional and beautiful interior spaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to family rooms and bedrooms. They determine space requirements, work within building codes and inspection regulations, and meet accessibility standards. An interior designer’s day-to-day job includes creative and technical tasks, both of which often require great communication skills:

  • Creating model rooms and visuals using design software.
  • Researching different textiles, materials, finishes, lighting and furniture.
  • Hiring suppliers, vendors, and contractors.
  • Estimating costs and making bids on potential jobs.

What’s the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Interior designers operate more on the architectural side of building projects. In conjunction with architects, they work on the design of a building or home to best suit the needs of the users or residents. Interior designers are generally experienced in construction and understand how architectural planning works, according to NewSchool of Architecture & Design. And some interior designers will perform the duties of an interior decorator.

Interior decorators, on the other hand, work with fabrics, accessories, furniture, art, colors, textures and materials to make the inside look fashionable and pleasant.

How do you find a good interior designer?

For many homeowners, the difference between a good interior designer and a bad one is simply a matter of taste — but all good designers have similar skill sets. Interior designers usually have a degree or certificate in interior design, with training in design principles and lighting, drafting, and computer aided design (CAD) software. Good interior designers have strong color balancing skills and understand how different colors influence spatial perception and moods. They know the building and electrical codes in the areas where they practice, and they make sure that any contractors they hire also work to those codes. They are knowledgeable about different upholstery fabrics and draperies, stay ahead of residential design trends, and maintain their own individual creativity. Also, good interior designers have excellent space designing skills, so they can arrange a space efficiently and with ideal traffic flow. Ultimately, hiring a good interior designer means pinpointing one whose signature style is complementary to your personal style — so checking out many designers’ portfolios is a must — and whose communication methods match yours.

How much do interior designers charge?

You can hire an interior design for a job as basic as a one-room consultation or as complex as supervising the design of an entire new home, helping with space planning, choosing color palettes, and shopping for furniture, flooring and artwork. The size and scope of the job will determine how much an interior designer charges; the average national cost for an interior designer ranges from $75 to $100 or more per hour. Other cost factors include the person’s reputation — interior designers to the stars are usually more expensive — and region. Most interior designers charge an average of $100-$225 for an initial consultation, but some will charge an hourly rate, usually starting at an average of $50, for larger projects that require extensive consultations. Hourly rates may be available for smaller projects, such as redecorating a living room or staging a home for sale; for instance, shopping and consulting can cost an average of $75 to $100 per hour, while staging costs and average $95 per hour. For many homeowners, a percentage of an interior designer’s cost is recouped through the professional discounts they receive from their vendors.

How do you choose an interior designer?

Choosing an interior designer is all about finding one whose signature style fits well with your tastes and who can work within your budget. To choose the right professional for your interior design project, ask yourself these five questions:

  • What is your signature style? Good interior designers can both describe their personal aesthetic and demonstrate their signature style through their portfolios. Make sure it appeals to you.
  • How will you make sure the design fits my lifestyle? Good designers understand that the interior design must improve a homeowner’s experience in their home and fit into their lifestyle; for example, a white suede sofa is a poor choice for a family with large dogs and small children.
  • How much do you charge? Depending on the project, an interior designer may charge an hourly rate, a flat fee or a percentage of the project’s total cost.
  • How will you stick to my budget? An interior designer should have a plan for staying within your budget, which includes full transparency of costs and flexibility when choosing materials and furnishings.  

Because an interior design project is highly collaborative and based on hard-to-define personal preferences, it’s most important to choose a designer who communicates clearly and listens closely to you.

Reviews for Scottsdale interior designers
Thumbtack Customer
Highly recommend Cristi for interior design. I needed to update a Pediatric dental office I recently purchased in Scottsdale. Cristi helped guide my vision from design to colors to layout to furniture and art. She was easy to work with, flexible and easy to reach. She was prompt and quickly responded when needed. She also followed up to keep me on track with my goals and deadline. She gave several options in design with an innovative perspective. I receive compliments everyday about the updated clinic. Extremely happy to have worked with CrIsti.
Cristi Valimaki InteriorsCristi Valimaki Interiors
Rochelle M.
My wife and I live in Portland, Oregon and bought a home in Scottsdale, Arizona. We searched for interior designers and narrowed it down to 3. We choose Tamara and Torri because of their great reviews and our belief that two experts are better than one. We made a very smart choice. While still in Portland, we gave the ladies access to our Scottsdale home and they went to work. By time we arrived a month later, the walls were freshly painted, carpet was put in a couple bedrooms, furniture was ordered, new lighting was installed and more. These ladies work exceptionally well as a team, know their craft, have great communication skills and work ethics. They truly put their hearts into everything they do. They have also assembled a solid team of contractors who are also exceptional at their craft. My wife and I could not be more pleased. We hit a home run with both Tamara and Torri and give them our highest recommendation.
The Design GroupThe Design Group
Marje K.
Stacy Polich, who responded in a timely manner, separated herself from the rest of the applicants by showing her passion for the project! Although the property is not yet in escrow, visiting the property personally became important to Stacy! So without any prompting from me, Stacy decided to make an appointment to see the home in order to get a better grasp of not only possibilities, but budget as well! Some might call this insanity, since as her client, I live in California, and our project is in her state of Arizona! But Stacy immediately knew the importance of getting details of the property together so final decisions could be made by both buyer and seller! It is a huge decision to move from one state to another, and now I feel more confident about my buying decision! It is my opinion that if you are buying a serious piece of property out of state, a professional interior designer can make the difference in not only your ultimate decision, but can actually help facilitate all the final decisions! With Stacy's help, I will not be purchasing the property "blind" but will know exactly what has to be done to make this my dream property! So in my view, I found a firm who obviously is not afraid to "think outside the box!" What a wonderful find! I can count on Stacy's professional opinions to help me make that final "big purchase!" I don't see how I could do it without her!! So thank you, Stacy!!
Creative ResourcesCreative Resources
Lisa L.
The "design," aka email with a few links to items, was horrible and super slow. Weeks have gone by without anything being done. They do not have 3D models to show you of your room and they just expect you order things that look horrible without seeing the full design first. I cancelled the project because it’s been almost 4 weeks and I have received nothing. The items she sent were so far off from what I want that it will require multiple revisions/more time, all while I am sitting here working in an office without basic amenities like chairs because there’s no sense of urgency on their part. My office looks exactly as it did the day I moved in 4 weeks ago and nothing has been ordered. They’re going on vacation next week, so we won’t even get to revisions until April (and I started this process with them in Feb). The whole process was pretty disorganized and you have to have a really unique style to like any of their designs. I cancelled the project because the Luxe service on the Modsy app was much better than my experience with Het Hout (and it only cost $499). Het Hout sent me a bill for $1,700 for absolutely nada this morning. I’m happy to pay top dollar for nice things but there was nothing nice about this experience. Chad seems like a good guy, and I feel bad that this didn’t work out. But they didn’t even try to resolve anything with me and just sent a bill for $1,700 when they delivered nothing. I also own a business that provides services to people and I would feel like I am stealing from a client by charging them when I delivered nothing. Beware. Use the Luxe option on Modsy for $499 before paying Het Hout thousands of dollars. The experience will be better quality, more efficient, and significantly less. Higher cost does not mean better service. **Update in respond to Amy's list of "inaccuracies" with photos: 1. I reached out to Het Hout on Thursday, February 24th. I told them that I would be moving into a new office on March 1st, and that I would be seeing patients without basic amenities like chairs for the waiting room due to upgrading to a much larger commercial office. I said that I was on a time crunch and would need basic amenities like chairs ASAP. They said they understood and could provide these things quickly. 2. On 3/17, after a few texts and emails, she asked for my price range and I said that the waiting room furniture is just going to get used frequently by the public. I don't need anything high end for seats because it will be hard to keep them in good shape. I said that I'm willing to spend more on the design/décor but the furniture itself should not be too high end because it will be used frequently and for short amounts of time by many different people. What does she do? She sends me a link to white Pottery Barn chairs that were $1,000 EACH and OUT OF STOCK until September lmao. What part of "used frequently, will get dirty, many different people/the public coming in and out and using for a short time, need ASAP" didn't she understand? 2. In addition to the white Pottery Barn chairs she sent on 3/17, Amy sent an email with links to a few furniture options. They were literally all items that popped up first thing on Google if you searched "waiting room chairs" or "zen."It was nothing original and I could have Googled this myself. I do not need to pay her $5,000 to send me links to furniture that pop up first thing in Google Shopping. She picked things that were not even close to what I asked for in terms of price, shipping speed, design inspo I sent, etc. It was so far from the mark and we were already 3 weeks in. 3. After telling her I thought the items she selected from Google Shopping were so far off the mark and that I'd need revisions, she said, "We're going on vacation and won't be able to do anything more until April." That's the point at which I decided to discontinue our relationship. She did not notify me from the start that she would be gone for 2 weeks almost immediately after we began the project. I would have picked someone else if I knew this because I was on a time crunch. They assured me from the start that they would be able to provide the items I needed quickly, but never delivered. 4. I have no idea why Amy wrote in her response that I said I "did not want them to focus on finding chairs for me." That's literally all I wanted from February 24th. Chairs and storage were IMMEDIATELY NECESSARY. Design could come later but I needed seats for my patients. I would love her to provide some sort of written documentation where I ever said I no longer needed waiting room chairs?? Once a week, I sent a text or an email to nudge her (see photos below) but still, nothing was getting done. 5. If she would not be able to get around to revisions until the 1st or 2nd week of April, that would put us at 6-7 weeks into this project without basic, functional amenities or any viable designs. Nothing would even be ordered by 7 weeks in, and we all know what shipping is like currently. I could not risk wasting anymore weeks without having a place for patients to sit, cabinets for my supplies (that have been on the ground in boxes the last month) and no design whatsoever. 7. Sending a customer links to Google Shopping items in an email does not constitute interior design. She seemed to procrastinate on the project until a day before she left for vacation, at which point she just threw some links together and emailed it in hopes that I would be satisfied. What she sent me reminded me of high school or college projects where I waited way too long to start and then just had to throw some things together the night before to try to pass. It was complete garbage. Nothing was ever ordered on my behalf. Nothing was done except a single email with approximately 10 links to out of stock items that were not even close to what I asked for. They ordered nothing. They delivered nothing. I have no idea how Amy thinks that sending 1 email with 10 links = $1,700. 6. I have learned a lot from this experience. I learned that simply charging more does not make a design service "high end" as Amy calls it. I've had wonderful, fast, and great results using Modsy twice now and spent 10% of what Amy wanted me to pay her ($500 versus $5,000). As soon as Amy told me we wouldn't get to revisions until April, I went ahead and signed up for another plan with Modsy. Happy to say that I received the design a week later and all of my furniture has shipped. The window behind the reception desk has been removed and covered up by my contractors and an accent wall with my logo is now in its place. The designer on Modsy took care to choose items that were all currently in stock instead of picking things that wouldn't arrive until September. She stayed in my price range, it was fast, efficient, I got to see a 3D model of my space before buying anything, and I couldn't be happier. My only regret was not going to Modsy on February 24th. I wouldn't have had to waste so many stressful weeks without furniture or storage in my new office. This move has been horrible, stressful, and March was the worst month I have had in a long time. This was due in large part to Amy and her slow, disorganized process without any sense of urgency and a huge lack of communication about how long she would be gone/not working on this/leaving me with nothing. I'm just glad it's behind me now and things can start to calm down. I am so relieved to see movement and things getting done around here! Just think -- if I would have stayed with Het Hout, they would have just returned from vacation and my office would still be sitting in the same state it was in Feb. Nothing would have even been shipped yet. I'm so glad I made the switch and just wish I would have done it from the beginning. 7. Yes, I refused to pay $1,700 for an email with 10 links in it that were not even close to what I asked for and were out of stock until September. I told Amy that if a judge decides she's entitled to $1,700 for wasting my time and providing nothing, then I will pay it. But if not, I have no reason to send her anything because she did nothing for me.
Het Hout InteriorsHet Hout Interiors
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