Homeowners are tackling these spring projects to get ready for summer. 


As we head into the summer season, backyard barbecues and family parties are just around the corner and homeowners are starting to prep for the hosting season. From a cost-effective yet transformative paint job to a larger project like finishing a basement, at Thumbtack, we partner to help make your home goals a reality. 

Homes require continuous care whether you are looking to stay in your home for a few years, want to create a forever dream home, or are uncertain of what the future holds given market conditions. We understand that knowing what to do, who to hire, and when to tackle a project can be challenging, which is why we’re here to help make the process easier. 

This year, nearly half of homeowners (48%) told us they plan to spend $10,000 or more on home projects. And they’re sticking to that promise as the weather gets warmer by hitting “go” on routine maintenance, unexpected repairs, and larger home improvements. 

To reveal the top home improvement trends happening right now across the country, we dug into our database of the millions of home projects that get completed every year across more than 500 categories. Here’s what we found.

Boosting curb appeal and creating outdoor havens.

backyard deckHomeowners are ready for an upgrade. Last fall, 32% told us they planned to make a substantial investment in their outdoor spaces in 2023. And now homeowners are making it happen by investing in curb appeal in a major way, with more than a third (36%) refreshing their homes’ exteriors with new paint jobs and focusing on redesigning their front and back yards. Of those investing in outdoor projects, more than half are undertaking a complete renovation (i.e. hardscaping, xeriscaping) or taking on larger projects such as adding/removing trees and installing sprinklers. 

Last fall, 1 in 10 consumers told us they were dreaming of adding pools or hot tubs in 2023. We’re now seeing these projects come to life just in time for summer, with above-ground pools spiking by 108% year-over-year and hot tub installations up 71% year-over-year. A whopping 88% of above ground swimming pool installations this spring have been “cowboy pools,” referring to a decked above ground pool, typically hard-sided, that gives off a cleaner and more elevated aesthetic than past models — at a fraction of the cost compared to an in-ground pool. What’s more, this trend extends to hot tubs as well: homeowners are opting for above-ground hot tubs (80%) with a majority preferring larger hot tubs that are able to fit 5-6 people (57%). 

The top exterior improvement projects homeowners are tackling ahead of summer are: 

  1. Landscaping and design: $1,034-$5,720 on average
  2. Tree trimming and removal: $400-$2,839 on average
  3. Fence and gate installations: $5,206-$7,000 on average
  4. Concrete installations: $3-$10 per square foot on average
  5. Exterior painting: $3,014-$8,117 (for a 2,500 square foot home) on average
  6. Gardening $50-65 per hour on average
  7. Deck and porch remodel or addition: $2,925-$15,329 on average
  8. Gazebo installations and construction: $202-$1,500 on average
  9. Sod installations: $1,568-$2,409 (for 2,500 square feet) on average
  10. Play equipment construction and assembly: $350-850 on average

The desire to get outside means homeowners are prioritizing creating intentional outdoor spaces that make them feel connected to nature. We’ve seen a 64% year-over-year spike in gardening projects with 26% of homeowners opting to replace their existing garden or create an entirely new garden from scratch. Additionally, gazebo installations are up 72% year-over-year and patio additions or remodels are up 34% year-over-year to create extra square footage for gathering and entertaining.

Adding a personal touch through renovations.

contractor working on flooring inside homeIndoors, homeowners are focused on breathing new life into their existing spaces with remodels and redesigns. This means home improvements are spiking this spring, room remodels are up 94% year-over-year while closet remodels are up 93% year-over-year. To make an impact, consumers have been primarily focused on remodeling bedrooms (44%), living rooms (33%) and dining rooms (10%). 

On the planning side, engineering and technical design services have seen a 70% year-over-year increase, with most homeowners requesting design and documentation services (32%). Construction services are up 65% year-over-year, with homeowners primarily requesting construction estimates (28%).

The top interior improvement projects homeowners are undertaking ahead of summer are: 

  1. Interior painting$5,401-$24,282 (for 1,400-2,800 square feet) on average
  2. Floor installations: $1,583-$7,101 on average
  3. Switch and outlet installations: $175-$260 on average
  4. Lighting installations: $150-$225 on average
  5. Door installations: $250-$350 on average
  6. Tile installations: $750-$4,000 on average
  7. Bathroom remodels: $9,809-$18,640 (40 square foot full bath) on average
  8. Appliance installations: $120-$150 on average
  9. Home remodeling services: $2,500-$30,500 (depending on scope) on average
  10. Wallpaper installations: $350-$1,250 on average

As homeowners look to refresh their homes this spring, those looking to paint are primarily painting three or more rooms (48%). Faux finishing and painting projects are up 60% year-over-year, with marbleizing (30%) and venetian plaster (25%) as the most popular options. Homeowners are also installing new floors to best fit their desired aesthetic (and knowing hardwood floors can increase a home’s resale makes it a smart choice).

Making modifications to facilitate aging in place.

elderly couple cooking in kitchenWith high mortgage rates and low inventory, older Americans who were considering downsizing are putting their plans on hold and instead modifying their current homes to allow for aging in place. In fact, we’re seeing a continued spike in home modifications for accessibility — which are up 238% year-over-year and have been consistently trending upward for the past three months. Entrances and exits tend to need the most adjustments (50%) with bathrooms a close second (35%), followed by staircases (18%) and kitchens (6%).

As for the exact projects underway: 38% are adding a ramp, 19% are adding a shower grab bar, 14% are widening doorways, 14% are adding handrails, 5% are changing their countertop or cabinet height, 5% are relocating light switches and outlets, and 5% are adding toilet grab bars. 

Battling climate change and making green improvements.

solar panels on roofAs climate change continues to affect our day to day living, we’re seeing consumers shift their behavior from reactive to proactive. Last fall, 63% of homeowners told us that the possibility of climate challenges or natural disasters has impacted where they choose to live and the types of home improvement projects they undergo. This April, we saw a striking 867% increase in snow plowing, compared to the same time last year — part of record breaking weather patterns experienced across the country. Water damage cleanup and restoration projects were up 37% year-over-year, while generator installations spiked 43% year-over-year and water treatment system installations spiked by 70% year-over-year as consumers look to prepare for emergency power outages and the effects of extreme weather. 

Homeowners are also looking to lower their carbon footprint. In a recent survey with Rewiring America, 71% of Americans told us sustainability is a priority for their home projects this year. And with up to $2,500 in yearly energy bill savings on the table, it’s no surprise that solar panel installations are up 55% year-over-year and insulation upgrades and installations are up 38% year-over-year as homeowners look to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

Signs of momentum in the housing market.

couple sitting in front of house and looking at front doorWhile the housing market remains cool, we’re seeing some upward trends with home inspections increasing across various categories.

Swimming pool inspections are up 93% year-over-year with 57% of those being explicitly for buying or selling, roof inspections are up 63% year-over-year with 21% for the purpose of buying or selling the home, and plumbing inspections are up 54% year-over-year with 13% for the purpose of buying or selling the home. What’s more, real estate appraisals are up 40% year-over-year with 51% for a general assessment of a home and 13% for a loan application. Real estate appraisals are currently primarily focused on homes built from 1940-1980 (41%), followed by homes built from 1980 to present (39%), and only 14% for homes built before 1940.

Getting a jump on pre-summer maintenance.

backyard deckThis summer, homeowners aren’t just tackling one-off projects; they’re setting up recurring appointments for warm weather projects. We know plenty of projects aren’t just one-and-done, so we make it easy in the Thumbtack app to put together spring and summer home care plans and book pros to get them done. 

To get on top of outdoor maintenance, savvy homeowners are scheduling lawn mowing and trimming every two weeks, scheduling a routine pressure washing of their home’s exterior, preparing to open their pools for summer, and getting pest control services on the calendar. Indoors, homeowners are focused on cleaning their homes — from carpets to vents and ducts to getting rid of old junk and re-organizing.

These are the home maintenance projects being booked right now:

  1. House cleaning: $164-$200 on average
  2. Lawn mowing and trimming: $55-$70 per hour on average
  3. Junk removal: $200-$600 on average
  4. Pressure washing: $281-850 on average
  5. Carpet cleaning: $175-$400 on average
  6. Pest control services: $125-$300 on average
  7. Swimming pool maintenance: $80-$200 per month on average
  8. Home organizing: $150-$500 on average
  9. Gutter cleaning and maintenance: $200-$500 on average
  10. Duct and vent cleaning: $200-$860 on average

The one thing we know for sure: regular maintenance will avoid costly emergency repairs while preserving and increasing your resale value, no matter when you ultimately plan to sell. We’re here to help homeowners make smart decisions, care for their most important asset, and maximize enjoyment of their homes — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

If you’re ready to get started on your summer projects, download the Thumbtack app or visit www.thumbtack.com.

Project Data Methodology: All data year-over-year comparison data is based on findings from April 2022 — April 2023. All pricing data is based on national average cost estimates using data provided by Thumbtack pros and additional research, real prices may vary based on city and supply.

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