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Find a Triathalon Trainer near San Antonio, TX

Find a Triathalon Trainer near San Antonio, TX

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Find a Triathalon Trainer near San Antonio, TX

37 near you

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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

What is a boot camp class?

Fitness boot camps are a heart-pounding way to boost your fitness level. Boot camps are led by a fitness instructor and are based on the concept of military boot camps — intensive workout programs to get new recruits into shape, quickly. Fitness boot camps encourage camaraderie, and the group momentum helps participants get through fast-paced intervals of cardio, isometric training, strength training and endurance drills. Classes may range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and usually meet multiple days per week. Boot camps often run a specific duration of time, say four to six weeks, which creates a team-like environment for class members. Other boot camps run year-round and students purchase package pricing for classes, similar to subscriptions that allow them a set amount of classes per week or per month.

Boot camps can be held indoors at a gym, outdoors in a park or on a beach, in a backyard — anywhere there’s room for running, jumping and sweating. Some instructors also provide DVD and online boot camps. You can also find boot camps tailored to your heart’s desire, such as bikini boot camp, or boot camps for new mothers. Boot camps offer an intense workout and are usually led by energetic instructors pushing you to do your best, but unlike military boot camp drill sergeants, fitness boot camp instructors typically don’t use intimidation or punishment to spur you on. Check with your doctor before starting a boot camp if you have health concerns, and always let your instructor know ahead of time if you have injuries.

How much is a boot camp?

The cost of fitness boot camps depends on how often you go, the package you are purchasing (or if you are paying a drop-in fee), the location of the bootcamp, the equipment the instructors provide, and the background and reputation of the instructor. Smaller towns and areas with a lower cost of living typically have lower rates for boot camp services than big cities and regions with a higher cost of living. If you’re paying per class on a drop-in basis, expect to pay anywhere from $12 to $25 or more, depending on the region and the instructor. When you purchase a package of classes, typically the more you buy at one time, the cheaper each class is. The same boot camp class might be $20 for a drop-in student, $15 for a student who pays for 10 classes per month, and $10 for a student who pays for 30 classes a month. Studio space can also affect costs, so if your boot camp takes place in a high-end gym with top-of-the-line equipment, the prices will likely be higher than a class that meets in an outdoor space with limited or no equipment. Shop around to find the right type of boot camp class and the right instructor for you.

Reviews for San Antonio triathalon trainers
Thumbtack Customer
Outstanding personal trainer!!!! Very professional and knowledgable. Very happy I found him on this site. I give my highest recommendation to anyone who is trying to enhance their physical fitness goals.
Techniques to PhysiquesTechniques to Physiques
Juan H.
We were very worried initially when we decided to hire a trainer because of some bad experiences in the past. He was patient while we were searching and never tried pressuring to choose him. Sessions are unbelievable and will continue looking forward to them. If you are searching for a trainer - stop. This is your guy.
I.M.D. Fitness, LLC( Impact.Momentum.Destiny )I.M.D. Fitness, LLC( Impact.Momentum.Destiny )
Thumbtack Customer
Absolutely AMAZING! Very organized, very personable and customizes the workout for the individual person and the goals he/she is trying to reach. Never imagined finding a trainer that would have me looking forward to working out.
Perfect Fitness 4UPerfect Fitness 4U
Timothy S.
A true wonderful personal trainer! She is awesome. Great motivator, friendly and gets the job done. Very well worth it and highly recommend her if you want to get in shape. Have tried other PT's but she is the best! Thank you Wichaya!
Wichaya personal trainingWichaya personal training
Michelle B.
I searched for a trainer after trying CrossFit, HIT, and Beachbody Videos. I'm glad I found De'von. He was able to assess my needs and developed a workout plan for me. The workouts were hard (in a good way). I saw more definition in my body working out with him for just 2 months than I saw doing all the type of exercises listed above. Also, I didn't get hurt like I did in CrossFit. His pricing is reasonable and he will work with your schedule. I highly recommend him as a trainer.
I.M.D. Fitness, LLC( Impact.Momentum.Destiny )I.M.D. Fitness, LLC( Impact.Momentum.Destiny )
Angela O.
He really listened to my goals and was able to help me with every question, taking time out of his day to write lengthy paragraphs to make sure I understood. He made the workouts challenging and precise, and even helped me with the diet portion of trying to get into shape. I would highly recommend Germain to anyone looking for a Personal trainer in san antonio!
Exalted Vigour AthleticsExalted Vigour Athletics
Lori D.
Lauren is also a registered nurse, so she knows the body, nutrition and safe ways to get the results that you are looking for. I am in the Army and i’m trying to get prepared for the new PT test. She is a former soldier, so she understands the expectations. I am very fortunate to have her as a personal trainer and I am confident that I will get the results that I am looking for!
Power Hour With LaurenPower Hour With Lauren
Thumbtack Customer
The worst experience, My trainer was great but patty the owner took days to get some recipes to me after I kept asking and asking. Then after 4 weeks of me working hard and not seeing results my Trainer and I realized the patty did not send me the meal plan only sent recipes. I paid for 8 weeks and only went for 4 weeks. Now she refuses to refuses to refund the 4 weeks I did not attend. Patty took advantage knowing I am a Disabled Vet just trying to in better health. She did not make sure I got the plan I was supposed to and just kept all the money.
WellFIT Group of TexasWellFIT Group of Texas
Vatsal P.
I tried with Patti for 6 months and with one of her hired trainers Nic for 2 months. Patti was outstanding. She helped me get in shape and rehab my right thigh and lower extremity with proper squatting technique. I have had two ACL tear and reconstruction in right knee with subsequent loss of muscle mass in right thigh. Patti helped build muscle definition. And she helped me go up on bench press from bar to 260 lbs max. Her trainer Nic is very good as well. He is into boxing and trains with that well. I recently left her gym because I wanted to make swimming and biking part and parcel of my active lifestyle and for these, I needed a gym with a pool and a biking partner none of which I would have found at Patti's studio. Once I am well established with these, I may plan to return to her gym. I highly recommend Patti's gym. She is amazing. Nic is amazing to train with as well. He is very generous with his time and effort and quite selfless.
WellFIT Group of TexasWellFIT Group of Texas
Thumbtack Customer
I originally spoke to Patty, but when I showed up for my first assessment workout, I was told I'd be working with Chris. I didn't really want to work with a man, but I went along with it. He's been AMAZING! I have several injuries and he is perfectly on board with understanding my needs and helping me meet my goals. He is super motivating and really knows his stuff. WellFit is a small, personal, intimate space. Even when there are several people there, it still feels very comfortable. Everyone there is working with a trainer at all times, so it's not like a public gym, where you're feeling judged and trying to figure out which exercise to do next. I really wish they would get at least one more treadmill, though there really isn't room for it. It doesn't inhibit my workouts though, so that's just a personal observation. I also wish it was a little less expensive, but for the individual guidance I'm getting from my trainer, the personal attention, dedication, and time, it's not unreasonable. I'm just cheap.
WellFIT Group of TexasWellFIT Group of Texas
Kanaan M.
I moved to San Antonio June 2017, and have been trying to accomplish my fitness goals on my own. Needless to say it was not working. I stumbled upon this website and started to search personal trainers. There was many different types. I first met with Jesse because he was reasonably priced. I have come to find out that he goes above and beyond the normally personal training relationship. We had the first meeting and I explained my fitness goals that I would like to achieve. I also explained that with my job (working in the oil field) I had very little time and my schedule is very hectic. He has worked with me ever sense. He is very flexible, and easy to set up appointments and understands when things come up. He has helped me with my eating habits and will also text me when I am out on location (the oil rig) to hold me accountable. He has come up with work outs I can do at home or when I am traveling for work. He makes sure to motivate me and to push me towards my goals. I would recommend him to anyone. If you are looking for personal training or even on the fence about it, I would meet with Jesse and do a couple of sessions. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.
Jesse IturraldeJesse Iturralde
Cassie H.
I’ve been wanting to healthier & fit for a while, & during the pandemic, while everything was shut down, I thought that would be a great opportunity to take advantage of & be able to fully submerge myself into my goals & have the capability of dedicating all of my energy towards building strength, since I was otherwise locked down at home.. however, I have an autoimmune disorder that had an agenda completely opposite of what I’ve wanted for a while. Jen was really great. She was patient & understood I had lupus & overly precautious & nervous about pushing or straining myself too much & inducing a painful flare... I only got to meet with her twice, the first time was still a full workout for me, even though it was just her assessment process. I returned for my first actual session about a week later & it was great. She was great. We stopped a few minutes early bc I felt nauseous, but I very much enjoyed her vast knowledge of different techniques & methods for each area of focus.. The changing of technique while still working out the same area, did more than provide a broader & more thorough strength training (of squats or whatever our focal point was). It afforded me the inability to become bored or realize I was tired. The semi rapid change ups allowed me to learn different ways of working an area out & it was also a mini confidence booster bc each change made me want to begin fully dedicated & channel my strength & focus, & try my best to maintain decent form. I knew I was struggling by the end of each set, but I felt more confident in myself weak self to try harder with each change.. I enjoyed Jen very much. Her training style was perfect for me, even though I only had the opportunity to train once. She’s very positive, doesn’t micromanage, but does reinforce. & I liked the changing of routine frequently. It kept me fully invested & unable to disengage or give up. I could feel the muscle burning towards the end, but my mind wasn’t unfocused long enough to realize I was tired & I think, especially for a beginner, that’s a really positive reinforcement, bc I was stimulated & engaged mentally & that prevented me from being able want to give up. I was genuinely impressed & certainly was looking forward & excited to train more than once. I can’t accurately express how disappointed I am that of all moments this could’ve occurred, it just had to be just as I found a trainer I loved & was excited & looked forward to the sessions, as much as I do want it & I recommend you 100% to everyone, I lack the ability to control my body & it is severely weakened & fragile at this time. I had hoped I’d be well enough to start fresh by June, but those were false hopes & wishful thinking that I was told to write down, set on fire, & watch the ash fade into the oblivion & to have vacated any hope by the time the last ash floated away.. I suppose I was in denial, but I am doing much worse than I anticipated. Having said all of that, i am at the mercy of lupus, & at this time I am too weak, I am losing weight too rapidly, experiencing hypoglycemic episodes, & one of my kidneys is not functioning fully. So I give you 5 stars for the time I had with you & you are awesome. I do hope I can return & meet my girls at some point, but at this moment, I can’t say if I’ll ever be able to see you or train at all again. I could recover within weeks or it may be months, but it nail my kidney is within a safe range, I cannot do anything that involves leaving the bed. Also, sorry, I know, every message I prepare is the length of a novel. I am overly descriptive & detailed. I don’t even mean to do it, the words just flow. I’ve never been able to send a simple message/review. I do wish you the best & just maybe after a few months I will be back to normal. But rn I must be realistic & not be saddened with false hopes that cannot be permitted in this condition. I do thank you for everything & the positive experience.
JH FitnessJH Fitness
Corey S.
She is incredible. I’ve never had a trainer before and was not an exercise kind of guy, but she made me feel comfortable, eased me into a good routine. She’s punctual, very good with communication, changes up the exercises and the routine to target different areas. She pushes you hard to maximize the benefit of the workout, but is very positively motivating. I went from 2 days a week to 3, and now 4 days a week. The value can’t be beaten. She’s comes to you and has all the necessary equipment you’ll need. She’s a delight to talk with. An all-around great person. She sends out recipes to try new, healthy meals and if I used the MyFitnessPal app like I’m supposed to, shell comment and help direct eating habits. In about 6 months, I’ve gained 20 pounds and it’s all muscle mass, I’m noticeably stronger, feel healthier, more stamina, and my lower back couldn’t appreciate her more. Would recommend in a heartbeat. There’s a good reason she’s so well reviewed on her, she’s really that good!!!
Victoria MataVictoria Mata
Thumbtack Customer
I started trying to work with Jason Wylie at the beginning of September. We set up a meeting for 1 week after I posted on Thumbtack. We were going to be doing pool work, and I told him after 4 weeks of pool work I wanted to do 4 weeks of inside work in my apt's fitness center. The time for our first pool session rolled around and it had rained that morning. I texted him to let him know, and that it was overcast but there was no rain in the weather forecast for the rest of the day. He stated that he was across town, and the weather was bad, so maybe we should cancel. I asked him to call me and he did. I expressed concern that it was slated to be a rainy month, and that maybe things weren't going to work out. I explained that as a diabetic if I was going to work out I needed to plan my breakfast and insulin before a workout accordingly, so last minute cancelations were a bit of a problem. Jason assured me we could work things out and asked to reschedule. We settled on the following Monday as I had a busy schedule, which I let him know about. He told me not to overdo things during the weekend. I had plans, but I took it a bit easier than I would have otherwise. Sunday (20 days after initial contact), I texted him to make sure that we were still a go. His response was, in short "I'm going to mail you your $. Please provide me your mailing address and I'll put a check in the mail." No explanation (until I asked for one), and no real apology. Just a "No hard feelings or nothing personal but based on our phone conversation I feel it's best for us both." He did, at least, mail me the check as promised in a prompt manner. But he also ended up wasting 20 days of my time. By this point it's pretty much too late to get training in an outdoor pool as the water is getting too cold. The worst part is, as I'd already stated that I was also interested in indoor training, if weather were an issue we could have just gone inside and done something there!
Thumbtack Customer
This review has been a long time in the making, but I wanted to give the fullest, most honest review I could. I joined Wellfit in February of 2015. Back then, I was a 220 lb. pile of skinny-fat mess that had never worked out before in his life. I was tired of the way I looked and felt and sought Wellfit to help me with my fitness goals. Initially, I trained a couple of times with Patty, who set me up with a meal plan with some good tips on what foods, shakes, and supplements I needed to be buying. I then transferred over to my current trainer, Chris. Chris and I are both avid metal heads. We would shoot the shit about some album we heard in between sets, while I recovered from getting my ass kicked by whatever work out he was having me do at the time. Having that connection made getting through those first few sessions a little bit easier. That's the thing about Wellfit: Chris, Patty, and the entire team there are all excellent motivators. These guys genuinely want you to succeed in your fitness goals. They don't condescend to you when you fail, but rather they keep trying to build you up and get you through your next session. I can't even begin to describe how important this was for me to make sure that I kept going and stayed committed to my goals. Eventually, I got to a point where I was looking forward to each of my sessions. Chris would push me a little bit harder each time, and within a couple of months I found myself doing exercises and lifts that I never thought I'd be capable of doing in my entire life. Chris also wrote up an extremely detailed and awesome home work out plan which has helped me immensely. Today, I weigh about 192 lbs. I went from a 40 inch waist to a 34 inch waist. I fit into clothes that actually look good on me. I have more strength, stamina, confidence, and self-esteem than I've ever had before. My personal and professional lives have changed for the better since joining Wellfit, and I'll never be able to thank Chris, Patty, and the whole team there enough for what they have done for me so far. Wellfit is absolutely worth the investment. The team there are professionals who genuinely care about you and will bend over backwards to help you achieve your fitness goals. I will be a member for the long haul, and I can't wait for my next session.
WellFIT Group of TexasWellFIT Group of Texas
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