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How much does CPR training cost?

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The average cost for a CPR trainer is $50. You are likely to spend between $40 and $70 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a manual technique that pumps oxygenated blood back into a body’s organs if a person’s heart or breathing stops. CPR trainings can be informational sessions, for personal preparedness, as a school or nonhealthcare worker requirement, as a healthcare worker requirement, to skills check or for recertification. Other trainings commonly taken in conjunction with CPR include basic life support (BLS) and—for healthcare professionals—advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS). Certifying agencies such as the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute and the National Safety Council can help people who need to satisfy a work requirement. Several factors affect the cost of CPR training.

Individual trainings

Individuals can take a CPR training to learn emergency response skills, and healthcare providers can take a training to renew their certification. Most CPR certifications are relevant for two years. Community members do not have to be licensed healthcare providers to enroll in CPR training. Prices for classes vary based on the class length and content. Texas OnSite CPR offers AHA BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Training and Certification for $45. Online or hard copy manuals cost an additional $15.

Online trainings

Online CPR trainings may cost less. Student are still required to meet a CPR trainer in person to receive their final certification, however. Texas OnSite CPR charges $40 for its online ASHI Blended First-Aid course. "Blended" means that students take the cognitive portion of the class online and then must meet with an instructor for a skills test.

Worksite trainings

Schools, employers and other organizations may offer CPR training to staff for emergency training and preparedness or to meet OSHA safety requirements. Prices for group trainings vary depending on the specific content and materials used. Typically instructors charge by the person for group trainings, with a minimum number of people required. The more people in the group, the higher the cost usually. Setting a minimum number of students helps cover the instructor’s time and labor, as well as the materials needed for the course. More in-depth training cost more. Here’s per-person tiered pricing from Texas OnSite CPR:

  • Basic, two-hour ASHI CPR AED training course, focusing on CPR: $35 per person

    • $280 minimum fee required or at least 8 students
  • Four-hour ASHI First Aid CPR AED training course, including response strategies for most emergencies: $45 per person

    • $360 minimum fee or at least 8 students or minimum fee).

Class extensions

Individuals or groups can add specialized training onto a standard program for an additional fee. Texas OnSite CPR offers the following add-ons to its ASHI First Aid AED CPR training course:

  • Infant CPR training: $5 per student

  • Oxygen administration training (add 30 minutes): $15 per student

  • Bloodborne pathogen training (add 30 minutes): $15 per student


CPR training courses may provide takeaway information or online manuals for students. Hard copies of manuals, additional resources and masks typically cost extra. Texas OnSite CPR charges $15 per hard copy of the class manual for its First Aid AED CPR group trainings. The manual is also available online.

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