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Best Personal Trainers in Los Angeles, CA

Personal Trainers Ready to Help

  • Certified Personal Trainer Services

    North Hollywood, CA · Zip Zap Fit

    Find personal trainers who are able to provide effective and quality fitness training services. Choose Zip Zap Fit. They have efficient fitness instructor who pride in handling personal training jobs.

    5/5 stars 33 reviews · 7 credentials

  • Personal Training

    Northridge, CA · Jab Fitness/S.W.A.T. Boot Camp/Destination Workouts

    Judy Barnow is a female personal trainer who specializes in one-on-one training with clients that overcrowded gyms cannot give. She also offers a variety of workout programs that show results.

    5/5 stars 36 reviews · 4 credentials

  • Certified Physical Trainer

    Glendale, CA · Hey Ronnie Personal Training & Group Fitness

    Ronnie is among the top trainers who specialize in helping aging adults and elderly people on how to stay fit. Check out her fitness classes for sports performance, strength conditioning and more.

    5/5 stars 28 reviews · 2 credentials

  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    Pasadena, CA · Braveheart Athletics

    Trenton Jordan is one of the best personal trainers who specializes in strength and conditioning for sports and functional fitness. He also specializes in weight loss, competition preparation and more.

    5/5 stars 30 reviews · 1 credential

  • Personal Trainers

    Torrance, CA · Mitchell Fitness Systems, Inc.

    The personal trainers of this fitness club provide long-term and safe weight loss program services. They also offer corrective exercise programs. Check out their personal trainer cost.

    5/5 stars 24 reviews · 7 credentials

  • Personal Training Studio

    North Hollywood, CA · Sandy's Fitness 4 Life Training

    This company has a personal training studio and fitness center who provides some of the best bodybuilding trainers, handling personal training jobs with style. Check out their bootcamps today.

    5/5 stars 19 reviews · 7 credentials

  • Affordable and Experienced Personal Training

    Los Angeles, CA · The Fit Connection

    Paul Harvey is a personal trainer licensed and experienced in creating a fitness program customized for all workout needs. His pro coaching services cover core training, cardio, weight loss and more.

    5/5 stars 22 reviews · 5 credentials

  • Personal Trainer

    Glendale, CA · JP Fitness

    Jeff Paquet is one of the top personal trainers who have been in the industry for over 5 years. This professional offer functional and polymetric training services and more.

    5/5 stars 16 reviews · 5 credentials

  • Fitness Personal Training Services

    Glendale, CA · ART ARVIZU

    This business has a group of expert personal fitness trainers who offer Zumba cardio dance and boxing sessions for distinct individuals. They also provide circuit drills and cardio hip-hop programs.

    5/5 stars 9 reviews · 7 credentials

  • Personal Training Services

    Los Angeles, CA · Lamar Gordon Fitness

    Lamar Gordon is a certified personal trainer who provides nutritional advice and measuring body composition. He also offers exercise prescription, and mental alertness, and more.

    5/5 stars 13 reviews · 6 credentials

  • Mobile Personal Training

    Sherman Oaks, CA · Tomm Voss

    Tomm Voss is a mobile personal trainer who is highly trusted for helping clients lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. He has been providing muscle building and toning workout for 18 years.

    5/5 stars 15 reviews · 3 credentials · Licensed in CA

  • Private Trainer Services

    Los Angeles, CA · TK Fitness LA

    This company provides their top personal trainers for a variety of services that fit your goal. They offer weight loss programs, strength training, and more.

    5/5 stars 12 reviews · 2 credentials

  • Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches

    Santa Monica, CA · High Performance Personal Training with Mr. America

    In need of private personal training? This business is one of the best personal training companies. They have weight loss trainers that offer results. They also handle online personal trainer jobs.

    5/5 stars 7 reviews · 5 credentials

  • Private Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · LA-Trainer

    Hire personal trainer Victoria Pal if you want one of the best trainers to help you achieve elite fitness. She helps clients lose weight, do functional fitness and sports training, and more.

    5/5 stars 12 reviews · 3 credentials

  • One on One Training

    Los Angeles, CA · Jake Tiesler Personal Training

    Try Jake Tiesler if you need personal trainers who have over 10 years of experience. He is among the best fitness trainers who offer strength conditioning, nutrition counseling and more.

    5/5 stars 9 reviews · 8 credentials

  • Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · Spartan Muscle

    Check out Joe Chavanu who provides one on one personalized workouts in 3-5 sessions per week. His training center offers fat loss, strength training and more. See his fitness reviews.

    5/5 stars 12 reviews · 1 credential

  • Cross Fit Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · Mikes Body Sculpting

    Michael Burns is among the bodybuilding personal trainers who offer cross fit and weight loss workout services to people of all ages. Hire him and improve your strength and agility.

    5/5 stars 11 reviews · 3 credentials

  • Fitness Gym & Home Personal Training

    Los Angeles, CA · SWEDEFIT

    SWEDEFIT offers fitness gym and home personal training services with nutritionist and health coaching, crossfit and agility training. They also offer anytime fitness work out and weight training.

    5/5 stars 9 reviews · 4 credentials

  • Mobile Personal Training

    Los Angeles, CA · Aiko Spa

    Achieve a healthier you with the help of Aiko Spa's mobile spa and fitness training service. They offer personal training, kickboxing and yoga, followed by a myofascial release session.

    5 credentials

  • Fitness Training & Nutritional Counseling Services

    Tarzana, CA · Leslie Maltz Fitness & Nutrition

    Expert gym trainers from Topham Street Gym provides workout and wellness coaching that is designed to integrate multiple muscle groups, metabolic and cardiovascular conditioning and more.

    5/5 stars 3 reviews · 4 credentials

  • Personal Training & Body Sculpting

    Culver City, CA · Sculpted

    This professional personal trainer provides personal training services and resistance training including free weights. He works with his clients to develop an exercise program that suits their needs.

    5/5 stars 5 reviews · 2 credentials

  • Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · DeLane Vaughn

    Delane Vaughn is one of the top trainers who offer customized fitness programs fit to your specific needs. He works with or without weights. He also choreographs various music styles and genres.

    5/5 stars 7 reviews · 2 credentials

  • Personal Training & More

    Canoga Park, CA · Carter Fitness

    Carter Fitness offers personal training services through their certified personal trainer who helps their clients get toned, drop fat and completely transform their bodies.

    5/5 stars 2 reviews · 8 credentials

  • Fitness & Nutrition Consultant

    West Hollywood, CA · EJFitness

    Eric Jorgensen is a professional personal trainer who has worked with celebrities like Patrick Dempsey and Selma Hayek. He does pro coaching for pre and post natal clients, cardio workouts and more.

    5/5 stars 7 reviews · 2 credentials

  • Precision Training & Nutrition Coaching

    Los Angeles, CA · Nick's Personal Training

    Nicholas Zimmerman is a professional personal trainer who will help you lose weight and gain muscle strength. He also provides customized programs and nutritional recommendations that fit your body.

    5/5 stars 4 reviews · 4 credentials

  • Physical Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · Function 5 Fitness

    Roxy Richardson is among the top personal trainers who have been offering fitness services since 2005. He provides functional training, muay Thai kickboxing, and kettlebell, with free consultations.

    4 credentials

  • Personal Fitness Training

    Tarzana, CA · Gym Spot: Personal Fitness Training

    Gym Spot: Personal Fitness Training provides a fitness instructor to perform customized workout for kids and adults that suits their fitness needs.

    3 credentials

  • Superlative Personal Training Space

    Los Angeles, CA · The Changing Room

    Hire personal trainers from The Changing Room to get some of the best training services in a unique gym. They specialize in providing challenging but supportive workouts.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 3 credentials

  • Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness & Personal Training

    Calabasas, CA · Nicky's Pro Karate - The Training Zone

    Get the benefits of personal training and self defense at Nicky's Pro Karate - The Training Zone. They offer children's karate, adult mixed martial arts, max kick cardio, grappling and more.

    2/5 stars 3 reviews · 1 credential

  • Dedicated Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · EPC Fitness

    Eric Casaccio started in the personal trainer business with the development of an exercise program. He is now an ACE-certified fitness specialist. He specializes in weight loss, toning and more.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 4 credentials

  • Home Personal Training

    Los Angeles, CA · CCFitness

    Christopher Chandler is an affordable personal trainer who will come to you and help you get the body you want. You will not need any weights or workout equipment.

    4 credentials

  • Private Fitness Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · Phil Good Fitness

    Find personal trainer Phillip Doche if you want to find your inner superhero through fitness. He helps clients get into their best shape by instilling discipline in their lifestyle.

    1 credential

  • Low-Price Personal Trainer Service

    Los Angeles, CA · Shaka Trackhorse McNeal

    Get in touch with Shaka McNeal if you need affordable personal training. He specializes in providing resistance band workouts, running exercises and bodyweight training.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 3 credentials

  • Weight Loss Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · LGXFitness

    Kenneth Han is among the top rated personal trainers who can help you become physically healthy. He provides boxing, weight loss transformation, strength training and conditioning, and more.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 1 credential

  • Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · Orlando Fitness Club

    Alexsandro Orlando is private personal trainer and a group fitness instructor, who provides a specialized series of core development, performance enhancement and strength training and conditioning.

    2 credentials

  • Fitness Training

    Pasadena, CA · Pro Fitness Network

    Pro Fitness Network is a group of private coaching specialists, who provide Kettlebell and personal training and Pilates. They also offer massages, acupuncture, facials and weight loss programs.

    5/5 stars 2 reviews · 1 credential

  • Personal Trainer

    Beverly Hills, CA · krystal

    Get in shape with Kristy Doumani's fitness exercises and workout programs. Schedule an appointment with this personal trainer specialist who helps her clients attain their goals.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 1 credential

  • Personal Training Services

    Encino, CA · Arena Fitness Training Center

    This exercise fitness training center specializes in semi-private training including ballet booty, kickboxing, mat concepts, and cross training. Their workouts focus on strength and conditioning.

    2 credentials

  • Personal Training

    El Segundo, CA · BodyWorks Lifestyle

    BodyWorks Lifestyle is a group of professional personal trainers, who provide weight loss programs, bodybuilding workouts, nutrition tips and more.

    1 credential

  • Personal Fitness Trainers & Nutritionists

    Woodland Hills, CA · The LB Fitness

    The LB Fitness provides personal training, role-specific body modification, one-on-one training, boot camp and family group training. They also offer a special fitness program for brides-to-be.

    0 credentials

  • Boxing Training

    Los Angeles, CA · Strong Beach Boxing Fitness

    Accelerate your path to weight loss through the fitness classes of Strong Beach Boxing Fitness. They provide fitness personal training programs that are used elite amateurs and professional boxers.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 1 credential

  • Certified Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

    Long Beach, CA · Total Body

    Total Body's personal training services include a weight loss program and workouts like stretching and cardio, free weights and circuit training.

    2 credentials

  • Mobile Private Personal Training

    Los Angeles, CA · Tony Victory Mobile Personal Training

    Tony Victory is one of the best fitness trainers in the area who provide work out at your convenience. He offers mobile strength training, fitness workout, and more. He has 8 years of experience.

    5/5 stars 1 review · 1 credential

  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    Santa Monica, CA · Kylie Delre

    Kylie Delre is a certified and insured mobile personal trainer, with over 25 years of experience, who provides workouts for women and men of all sizes and fitness levels. Her first session is free.

    2 credentials

  • Health and Fitness Lifestyle Manager

    Santa Monica, CA · Dogtown Fitness

    Get in touch with The Westside Trainer if you need assistance in improving your lifestyle. They specialize in providing nutrition tips and personal training.

    2 credentials

  • Los Angeles Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · Orlando Fitness Club

    This fitness instructor offers personalized personal training and workout programs. Enjoy private coaching or group sessions that fuse plyometrics, free weights, and custom boxing.

    1 credential

  • Personal Fitness Gym

    Los Angeles, CA · UCKA Dojo Royce Gracie Los Angeles

    Hire the best trainers if you need certified professionals who have been offering effective lessons since 1997. They specialize in Muay Thai kickboxing, traditional Kenpo, Martial Arts and more.

    1 credential

  • Certified Personal Trainer

    Los Alamitos, CA · Gym Mommy

    Get ready for a fitness makeover and enroll in Kristine Shuffler's weight loss program. She has been a certified personal trainer for 15 years specializing in women, teen and sports-specific workout.

    2 credentials

  • Personal Trainer

    West Hollywood, CA · Fitness by Cristian Mariuta

    Whether you want to drop body fat or improve your overall conditioning, count on fitness instructor Cristian Mariuta to provide workout programs customized to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

    2 credentials

  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    Whittier, CA · Bodi Envi

    Jonathan DeLeon is a professional personal trainer who provides workout programs that can help improve your daily activities, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and much more.

    1 credential

  • Experienced Fitness Coach

    Pasadena, CA · JH Fitness

    Jason Hoggatt is an experienced fitness instructor who offers one-on-one personal training, duo fitness exercises, small group workout programs, and in-home coaching services.

    1 credential

  • Personal Trainer

    Los Angeles, CA · A Gym Buddy 4 U

    If you need customized personal training, get in touch with Angie. She is an experienced fitness instructor who specializes in providing boot camps, weight training and custom boxing workouts.

    1 credential

  • Professional Wrestling Academy & Birthday Parties

    Sun Valley, CA · KnokX Pro Entertainment LLC.

    KnokX Pro Entertainment is a professional wrestling academy that offers character development, manager and referee training, and personal training. They also do private and corporate event.

    1 credential

  • Complete Food & Fitness Training Online

    Marina Del Rey, CA · Complete Food and Fitness Training Online

    Koya Webb is a professional personal trainer with reasonable prices. She provides fitness programs, nutrition tips and plans, bodybuilding and more.

    1 credential

  • Private Fitness Studio

    Pasadena, CA · Club Sportif and Spa

    Try the 101 kick boxing workout and kids hip-hop classes of Club Sportif and Spa. Their fitness consultants specialize in weight loss training, pre-natal exercises, pilates, group classes and more.

    1 credential

  • Personal Fitness Trainer, Coach & Motivator

    Sherman Oaks, CA · Body USA Fitness and Shakeology

    Jerry Meyerson is a professional personal trainer who does rehabilitation work, stretching and motivational coaching. He can also be your nutrition expert and life coach.

    1 credential

  • Fitness Trainer, Physical Therapy Aide, Massage Therapy

    Tarzana, CA · Emily Fitness/Massage Co

    Don't want to pay a fortune in personal trainer fees? Emily Nalbandian offers affordable training which involves a weight loss program that is customized to help you attain all your fitness goals.

    1 credential

  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    Malibu, CA · Natural Physique

    Gary Liss is a certified personal trainer who has been featured in several fitness publications. He specializes in body sculpting and weight loss training, as well as sport specific workout programs.

    1 credential

  • Personal Trainer

    North Hollywood, CA · Trenerf

    Need a top personal trainer? Trenerf offers an array of personal fitness coaching such as bodybuilding, endurance and muscle strength improvement, nutrition consulting and more.

    1 credential

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Thumbtack Spotlight

Certified Personal Trainer

Provided by: Sandy's Fitness 4 Life Training

On Helping Others Motivate Themselves

Most of my clients typically want the same thing: weight loss, build muscle and be healthy. Since that is my area of expertise, they are definitely satisfied with my services since results occur when they follow my plan...

After working back and forth in various gyms and health clubs, ACE-certified personal trainer Sandy Balat made a critical decision of having her own business. Her working experience has greatly exposed her to many potential clients who are looking for a less intrusive, yet equally efficient personal training.

When asked what is her most effective strategy in keeping her clients happy and satisfied, here is what she has to say:

Listening to them. Most (personal trainers) have a hard time listening. But if you actually listen to what they need, you can give them something that will actually work for them and their limitations...

Sandy recalls one of her most remarkable clients who lost around 30 pounds with her guidance and later became a successful Zumba instructor. She felt really proud that she was able to motivate the client to the point of her being able to educate and motivate others as well.

I am honest and real about what I do. I do not sugar coat anything. I am confident in my product, and I know people will benefit from it. I use humor to motivate my clients, and it allows them to build self-confidence within themselves. And that is a great tool for people to allow them to reach their goals with ease...

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